Rousing Quotes for Girls to Ensure Freedom and Independence!

Best Quotes for Girls

Caught amid real or imagined problems, many girls suffer. It is not the end of the world. Better days will come. Growing up in conventional social systems that limit the abilities and potential of girls may be a hurdle. ‘You can’t do this’ and ‘You can’t do that’ are statements often made. Some traditional societies still hide girls behind a curtain and shield them from prying eyes. Yet, living in the advanced 21st century with many biases broken down, one would think that girls are doing well. Quotes for Girls inspire and remind to break out of the shells and make a grand entry into the spotlight.


Are Kiran Majumdar-Shaw and Priyanka Chopra often dominating the news media? In a business-driven world in India, Kumud Srinivasan and Naina Lal Kidwai, Roshni Nadir Malhotra and Nisaba Godrej are some leading lights. In the show business world of transient fame, Rani Mukherji and Karisma Kapoor have achieved much. Art and culture, sports and politics, there is no dearth of women achievers within India, Asia, and the world to inspire and lead.


Follow personal dreams to success.

When Amelia Earhart wished to become a pilot and Sally Ride dreamed of becoming an astronaut, discouragement came because only boys did such things. They succeeded all right.

Patience and perseverance, strength and commitment, courage and determination matter. Education and training, upbringing and the earliest influences of parents and teachers are everything. The frail-looking pretty angels may have sugar and spice looks but possess so much more. Ruling the home, enduring childbirth and attending to numerous challenges of bringing up kids are the skills girls have in their genes through history.


The ‘independent, fearless girl’ that Taylor Swift talks of is nowadays pretty common despite pent up frustrations at a world that denies an equal status with men. Audrey Hepburn equates being happy with being pretty.

The Girl Child and International Women’s Day

Though it may be hard to believe that 66 million girls are left out of schooling, is it rational? Why are new-born girls put to death or aborted in India? Economic reasons are to blame. The society does not allow women to work and earn on an equal basis. The truth is that the girl is not to blame but the system and the stigma. However, laws prohibit what has happened for generations and life is slowly changing. Minds are opening up under the onslaught of globalization through television and the internet.

Everybody wakes up at least during those special occasions annually in honour of womanhood. Mother’s Day similarly attracts tremendous attention.

Pursuing definite, realistic goals

Coco Chanel believes that girls can be who and what she decides. Malala Yousafzai thinks that it cannot be partial development, but all the sisters worldwide must unite to realize innate potential. Maya Angelou wishes that girls get away from being ‘normal’ and become ‘amazing.’ Quotes for Girls do highlight the encouraging truth that so much can get done.

Agreed that girls are not as strong as boys, yet opportunities are opening up. Women serve in the armed forces and police. They hold leadership positions like Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand Prime Minister and Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. Don’t they inspire millions of strong girls to follow in their super footsteps?

Yet, probably such exceptional careers are denied to the majority of girls! Most icons and celebrities are still men who come first to mind. In numbers, high achievers among girls are fewer though increasing. Considering the images of parliaments in Google, one still sees rows and rows of ageing men rather than women.

Conquering limiting beliefs and inner hesitations

Not only in remote villages but in teeming cities too, most girls grow up with the home and family duties in mind. Families train them from an early age to carry out family roles and be subservient to men. They lack the opportunity. Many are denied primary education at least in India and elsewhere in Asia and Africa. Such ingrained attitudes and perceptions remain lifelong. Ruling the home like a sweet princess, she is exposed to the evil eye even amidst the family walls.

The light of education and exposure to the world

Schooling can achieve so much! The world opens up with books and blackboards, teachers and classrooms. Some issues dealt within this article are taught in lessons. Social reformers helped improve a lot of women. Even in the advanced western countries, women did not traditionally work in large numbers until quite recently. Yet, prejudices remain, and assaults against womenfolk are common.

Amidst such a dismal scenario, how is it many women rose to the top of the profession? Like the business sensations? Interests and opportunities, skills and knowledge, motivation, and an inner urge to excel do all matter. Somebody to guide like the parents and teachers initially make the difference. How can a girl be independent so early in life? A growing up stage and an awareness of the world and the industries and jobs take many years to develop.

A level opportunity base now exists.

Though naysayers will abound, the truth is that many more chances are developing for girls to succeed at study and work. An illiterate girl with no professional ambition is vulnerable and soon exploited, perhaps forever in inferior work or as sex slaves. The problem is to find the right opportunity, and social service organizations and NGOs, employment exchanges and women’s organizations play a significant role.

Among the most significant factors is the online world that opens a sea of avenues, lighting the darkness and connecting remoteness with the world. Services and products are the industries that can take in large numbers of workers. Developing interests is essential and breaking away from home and family domination. One little dream or childhood hobby could grow into a full-blown career to last a lifetime.

Working and succeeding within boundaries

Perhaps the sexes will never be equal in terms of payments and physical abilities. Yet, changing with the times, optimistic visions and changing government and global policies and expectations will bring improvements. Many evils like slavery and diseases have been eradicated. The bias and taint against women are also weakening, and a new world is happening. Don’t ever give up even if disappointments occur. Regrets happen with everybody. Keep going and let Quotes for Girls show the path to success.

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