My Girl Best Friend and the Voice from the Clouds

Girl Best Friend

As we realize from common sense and experience, a trusted partner is required to face life successfully. My Girl Best Friend helped me cope with the numerous headaches.

Right through education and into the working life, there never comes a pause! By rushing around with duties, assignments, journeys and exams, the nonsense never ends. It seems if the world is round since you seem to be spinning all the time like a top. Is it asking for too much to experience personal and emotional support? I finally did find what was necessarily needed long ago, an anchor and a shoulder for support during dark the days. I finally found My Girl Best Friend!


Problems that never seem to end

Sometimes, you need to halt and ask yourself which way you are going. Have you lost the way? Will you choose the beaten track or the road less travelled? Occasionally, the small things begin to pinch. Should I attend a picnic? Which suit should I wear? Choice of a gift for an upcoming birthday is a horror story even though the party is going to be lots of fun.

Agreed that many of these doubts have common sense answers, but I had not developed the confidence to think independently. Like a slave to racing thoughts and anxieties, I always needed a crutch to guide my vision. During those days before I explored mindfulness, everything seemed to lack focus.

I came across Maya casually, as if drifting together, thrown mutually into each other by the forces of karma. It happened rather long ago, in a college campus where more of gossip existed and excursions rather than dedicated study. Outings to restaurants and cinema halls, rock concerts and partying at discotheques occurred with great regularity. I knew in a moment as soon as eyes met that it was a moment of destiny. Taking to each other like birds launching into thin air, we exchanged notes about family backgrounds.

Relationships never stop bothering you.

Life is one long story of relationships with parents and family, study friends and works colleagues along with romantic attachments inside or outside marriage. Expectations and attachments, competition and work pressures keep troubling you all the time. I often felt that rats are gnawing away at my entrails.

I began to settle down, confidently in my groove after that encounter. Just like the river follows a fixed path, and the bird flies in a particular direction, human life is blessed with a specific trajectory. I knew that a rock had arrived. I would be able to attach myself safely along the shore of the distant sea of life like the television anchors.

Sturdy and bloated with a newfound thrust, I was all set to conquer! My spirits rose as I instinctively felt that I had emotional support, and no panic bothered me hence. Perhaps for the first time, I could speak my mind. My boyish fantasies found expression earlier with an old man, Ram, who guarded the building where I lived. I had now outgrown those schooling days, felt adolescence and experienced wet dreams. Now a female in whom I could confide is what I needed. My Girl Best Friend answered my thoughts, ideally like a mirror.

Revealing your secrets to somebody

Just like prayers and confessions that represent a form of divine communication, everybody needs somebody to tell those little secrets that come and go. I fondly remembered Ram, who was instrumental in feeding my childish appetite for pets as if I was a Gerald Durrell in search of exotic bird and animal species. Some years later in life, I surrendered to pleasant thoughts of sweet girls and professional ambitions. Did those pretty girls have a link with my dreams of money and power? First came the challenge of completing the college course successfully!

It seemed as if keeping the room and house organized had something to do with the successful management of relationships. Everything seemed so complicated, this business of rising in life and qualifying for degrees, finding jobs, marrying and settling down to serve the community. Maya had all the answers as if she knew the mysterious heart of life itself. Little kids sometimes surprise you with wise observations. I think they are simple and appear smart because everybody else is lost in elaborate fantasies.

Getting out of tight spots

While the advantages of a female best friend are numerous, mix-ups do occur. Umpteen times, the adorable twosome is that we made people think that it is a romantic relationship. For that matter, when you see such images on Facebook and Twitter, aren’t you lost for a moment? How does one tell which is the sister and which is the brother, wife or hubby? Facial resemblances and skin shades do not always match. And then came the occasions when I had not one but three girls in the group, her best friends too. Rather cute and dainty, all of them. Everybody wanted to watch the latest Bollywood hit. Gully Boy.

What you need is a female best friend!

While being aware of the close feelings between siblings like brothers that may last a lifetime, girls have more sensitive powers. Men are capable of rebellion too, like father-son conflicts among the Mughal rulers. Man’s best friend is no well-bred dog but a gentle, emotionally docile girl. The Alsatian may guard the house, but the girl best friend cares for the soul. Similar in a sense to mothers that men hold so dear, she represents that ancestral spirit in her absence. When mothers are no longer on the earthly realm, the girl best friend substitutes for her.

Live the prosperous life of your dreams!

The bitterly competitive rat race that we call life, filled with jealousies and hatreds, intrigues and spite, requires a see-saw like a respite. We need to find moments of calm amidst the turbulent sea of emotions. My Girl Best Friend represents the oasis of a green island that maintains the balance in a seemingly crazy world.


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