Yogendra Singh Rathore


 Every experience gives you a better lesson whether bad or good, you should always grab those acquaintances which will never let you down or move towards the wrong path these all are your better-halfs that frames your next levels of your life. Indeed, these are best. But acquisitions dont let you to dwell as free, you are so obsessed and craved for this untill unless you don't wana let them go out. Yes at the present time, when you have a fancy for doing something new these acquisitions would enact you to think over the past or all the memories that you had faced with some embarrassed moments and you are feeling apprehension that it may be gonna happen again with us. But fortunately this is a past that is a history nd history itself a non-representative part which would never encounter in the present. Since childhood, we all had constructed a story in our mind we had encountered and perceived many things in our life on the account of these we had created a story that this is the better way to perform from anything else. Do you knw whats the origin of arousing problems in our life, that past experiences when our mind announces label that this is good or this is bad at that point we sustain with so many problms, but eventually  these experiences are distinct from one another and every one behave in a divergent ways and these ways spell out in the sake of our non-oblivious thoughts that is awareness of our mind. We need to understand that we are only the presence at a point of time. We should only cling to the veracity of the moment. If we want to live a happier life not a prefect, then we can only and only live in the present ✌

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