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Benefits of Online Counseling

  • SAFE Online platforms are encrypted – keeping your session confidential
  • Multi-Device You can use any digital device to connect.
  • Effective Find the leading experts for your issue.
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My Fit Brain is providing the leading online psychologist services through the medium of calls, chat rooms and video conference. We have years of experience in the field of giving online therapy to the people for depression, stress, anxiety, relationship problems, marriage abuse, addiction and much more. With our online therapy session, you can get counseling without visiting the clinics and also it will cost you less than your average traditional therapy. The psychologist who will provide you online sessions are experienced and have completed their master in psychology. We understand the problem you face in day to day life and likewise work on them in the privacy. Also, the therapist won't judge you for all the challenges you are facing in your life, because with us you are not alone.

Online therapy is similar to the traditional therapy where instead of seeing your psychologist face to face, you can interact over the web. We use various methods like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, solution-focused therapy, which are advantageous for your treatment. Our trained psychologists have the ability to understand the problems you are going through and help you to make some good changes in your life. You are free to talk any time of the day and week to our counselor for assessment and consultation. With us, you don’t have to wait for the for the week’s appointment, just pick your phone and send your therapist a message. The conversation can be easily carried over across the internet on various devices are kept strictly confidential and safe.

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Get Consultation From Anywhere In The World, No Need To Travel And Visit.

We are among best psychologist online in India, who offers you our comprehensive services where you can share your private and inner thought in a safe environment. Our therapist will listen to your problems intently, try to understand why you feel in a certain way, help you identify reasons for your negative thoughts and replace them with positiveness. With our online counseling, we can address your mental health through various sessions and help you discover an effective coping mechanism. Whatever people think about a psychologist, you aren’t crazy when you decide to talk to a psychologist. You should delay your counseling session procrastinating in regards to your mental illness. With our licensed therapist address different dilemma of your life through our various types of therapy for disorder treatment, depression anxiety, health issues, and much more. Every individual who needs to talk and share his/her feeling can do with us in a safe environment.



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At My Fit Brain, Our Online Experts For Emotional Health Are Available To Take Online Sessions For Emotional Counseling.

How Online Therapy Works On My Fit Brain?

Step 1: First step will involve choosing an Expert who will be working with you every time. Our Expert will ask various questions about the issues you are facing and the reason for your opting for the online counseling sessions.

Step 2: By working with you on multiple online sessions, we will provide you with an insight into the various problems that are bothering you and are a hindrance to your happiness.

Step 3: In this step, our online therapist will advise you about some therapy and techniques to combat your daily problems and lead a healthy and normal life.

Step 3: We will provide you with customer supports whenever you need and address all your essential issues in life.

Feel yourself free, because you have landed on the best online counseling services provider where you can explore our various interactive exercises formulated by our psychologist. With us, you can get external help in coping with anxiety, stress, communication problems, and achieve an excellent work-life balance.

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