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Saying it simply, counseling is consulting with a therapist who is an objective, non-judgmental and professionally trained person, with whom you can share your innermost thoughts and feelings. This helps you to understand yourself better and helps you to address your emotional difficulties in a more adaptive fashion. These difficulties could be something you are facing in day to day life, a situation you are unable to deal with, a decision you find difficult to make, a relationship you find difficult to handle, a past you are unable to get over or emotions and feelings you find difficult to accept and deal with. Counseling involves a relationship with the therapist, based on trust and honesty from both sides. All interactions you have with the therapist are extremely confidential and in no way will be revealed to anyone, however close to you, unless you explicitly request the therapist for the same. It is obligatory for the therapist to be absolutely honest with you too.

Any emotional problem or difficulty has its roots in our inner nature. Our feelings depend on how we think about ourselves, others and our situations. Often we think in ways that are not rational or we think about situations mistakenly. This is not because we are “foolish” or “wrong” in any way but because we have learnt to think of certain things only in certain ways. Being professionally trained to be unbiased and objective, a therapist is able to help you look at the negative or irrational patterns of thinking, which provides you with some clarity of perspective and helps you, deal with the problem more effectively. In addition, the psychotherapist is able to provide you with tools and techniques to work on those difficulties. When you expect a magical or a quick fix solution from counselling, there is space for disillusionment. It is a slow process where you first accept that some changes are required within you and you progressively work at making those changes. Expecting the therapist to make your decisions or solve your problems will lead to your disappointment. She does not make your decisions, but helps you make and accept your own decisions and trust in them. She is a support system for you. In your worst moments, your therapist will stand by you without judging you for your mistakes; however, she will also point out when there are mistakes.

The therapist is your friend. She has your concern the closest to her heart. However, she is a professional and like every profession, being a therapist too comes with a code of dos and don’ts. Hence you pay for her time with you. Most of the time involved in therapy is focused on dealing with your emotional difficulties. However you can occasionally talk to her about your and her hobbies, passions and interests, provided they are not a means of keeping the primary issue at bay. If and when she feels that is happening, she would be sure to let you know. Also if you wish to call her when you are unable to deal with some feeling or situation and if it is a brief talk, you may. If it requires some length of time for discussion you would need to request for a sooner appointment.

On the contrary! Therapy aims at making you independent and helps you to believe in your own decisions and accept their consequences. During the initial stages of psychotherapy, however, you may feel like seeing your therapist often. You may feel uneasy if she is not available as per your requirements. That is primarily because you have started to look at your difficulties in a different light, which is making you uneasy and confused and you need her for reassurance. It is also because you are glad to have that new found support and you feel less lonely with her around. This is however only initial and will wear off in a few months as your belief in yourself increases and as you feel more comfortable being yourself in front of others. Remember, counseling is not a crutch for weak people. People who choose it are those who have set out to make a difference to their lives by initiating change rather than passively waiting for situations to change.

I'm 22 years old male, basically from a middle-class family. I am a student of B.Com final year and am an average student. For last six month my life is not running smooth. It has changed suddenly. I had a girlfriend. I really loved her a lot even still now I love her. But six months before I have caught her in a movie Hall with another one guy. Then I came in front of her in the parking area and found she was behaving differently with me. That boy also abused me, I loosed my temper and slapped and have slapped her as well. Before this incident, I haven't loose my mind like this, but I'm not feeling any guilt by slapping both of them at that time. That day after the fight she has accepted that that boy is her boyfriend and also threaten me by saying that the boy has some political connection so I should keep distance. I loose my mind again as it directly hit on my ego and again mess up with that boy. But I was alone in front of his gang of five boys; so beaten up badly and was hospitalised after a good fight. I couldn't reveal my original incident to my parents; I lied to my parents. But I'm trying to control myself, not able to forget her. Out of my control I have called my ex-girlfriend many times but she gave me a very cold reply. I miss her a lot, I miss her love and care towards me. I want to be happy again in my life but don't know how?? I feel cheated, rejected, lonely. Tried to divert my mind from the thoughts of my ex but I couldn't. I have changed my routine, changed my target, have started preparing for civil services but still not able to concentrate. Her thoughts are coming into my mind again and over again. Help me, please. ?

Hello dear!! I can understand the pain you are going through. Your love hasn't weakend you mentally even physically too . First of All, I m happy to that you we're loyal in this relationship but tell Me, can you force anyone to love you??? I know it's easy for me to say you the same, because I'm not at your place( Bolna asaan h ) But brother, going after a thing who doenst belong to you, will only make you weak Sometimes,leaving things to destiny is a better option. Issues mentioned by you: 1. Not able to forget her( her love and care) 2. Unable to concentrate on work and divertion 3.want to be happy again. 4. Feeling of rejected, lonely and tired. 5. Thoughts of past. Let's understand the reality first dear 1. You loved her (your wish ) - she cheated you ( her conscious) - you slapped them( reacting extremely , not able to control emotion)- physically beaten ( his boyfriend's response) - she's not replying ( her wish/ guilt) - you still miss her ( because you need time). In this whole process, nothing happened that you can conclude,(you are wrong person,you don't know how to love someone) So, let your thoughts positive The whole process was response to response. So my suggestion for you are: 1. Accept what happened: It's common in this age, time will heal everything, I know it won't heal your sore, but give you power to bear. 2. Express: if you feel , you can't share with your parents,share with your sibling, cousin , friends , don't apply face of I'M OK!!! cry, shout , take help!!!! Or you can write it on paper and flush it ( jab we met types) It sounds stupid but it works.😊 3. Don't loose confidence, Self talk with sentences like, I can overcome easily, I have to study first, I have to move on. Either let me tell you an exercise,make a paper and list all positive things about your life, keep on reading them when you feel bad. 4. Cut off communication with her,don't text and call her, control by deleting her from everywhere( photos,gifts,cards)don't stalk her on social media , moreover save your friends no,talk to her. 5. Move on ( FORGIVE AND FORGET),try to find a companion,may be someone better is waiting for you Everything happened for good. Thank your life, for giving you the experience in life and chance to be strong. 6. Don't jump to destructive decision: Pls Don't!!! Alcohol, smoking, poisoning, they will not make you strong either make your body weak. 7.keep yourself busy : Join some new hobby,coaching classes and free library , reading novels , morning walk with friend, Don't exercise and strain yourself more. Understand It's only to keep your busy. can catch up with your friend and fun too,party , get together.moreovr,Go and visit your parents,spend time there. 9. You can start tuition class to small kids,kids love is so pure ,it works better than time . 10. Study issues: I know it's not difficult to concentrate on civil exam now, A. Set small target. B. Relaxed scehdule. C. Frequent breaks And understand, you will take some time to get back to normal concentration,don't judge yourself more,Go with flow. 11. In case you need help,you can visit counsellor and opt for CBT THERAPY.. LASTLY, dance out and sing out and music therapy will help you too. Be strong. Not because I'm saying So,because you need to and U CAN !!! I Know you will be better soon!!

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