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Searching "Psychologist Near Me"? Get the best online psychological counselling services at My Fit Brain. Talk with best clinical psychologist, therapist online via chat/voice/video. Browse the list of online therapists!

  • Active

    Suraj Biswas

    Consultant Psychologist

    Location: Delhi

    Language: English, Hindi

    Consultation starts from

    Rs. 1,000.00/30min*

  • Active

    Ridhima Jain


    Location: Ludhiana, India

    Language: English, Hindi, Punjabi

    Consultation starts from

    Rs. 450.00/30min*

  • Active

    Eshaa Pitty

    Mental Health Professional

    Location: Hyderabad, India

    Language: English, Hindi

    Consultation starts from

    Rs. 700.00/30min*

  • Active

    Anusha Singh

    Relationship Counselor

    Location: Belgaum

    Language: English, Hindi

    Consultation starts from

    Rs. -/-*

Best Online Counselling Services

Best Counselors in India

My Fit Brain is the best online therapy platform that helps individuals to unleash the potential within them, get over any trauma, or improve their lives and solve issues. We at My Fit Brain worry about our mental health, hence we provide online counselling to help you deal with anxiety, stress, breakups, work stress, marriage issues, relationship issues, depression and many more. You can message, call, or video call us at any time of the day and find us ready to serve you with our assistance and counselling sessions.

Benefits of Counselling

For some, counselling may not be necessary but having a healthy mind is as important as having a healthy body.There are many benefits one can gain from counselling. In counselling, you can give voice to all your feelings, emotions, share your difficulties and any other thing with a professional. A therapist can provide you with new ways by which you can cope up or deal with different challenges. Apart from this, a therapist helps you deal with deteriorating mental health. Here we are listing some of the benefits one can gain from a therapist:

Having a therapist or consulting a therapist also helps you see the future. Our therapist makes sure that you live a healthy and happy life.

Why My Fit Brain

  • We keep your sessions private & confidential.
  • Anonymous discussions option
  • 24x7 Real-Time Support
  • Choose therapy at your convenience
  • Best specialists from all over India
  • friendly and supportive therapists

Benefits of Online Psychologist Consultation

Online counselling is a great way to access therapy sessions these days. With people being so busy these days they hardly can take out time to meet a therapist. Hence, in such conditions, online therapy proves to be a boon. There are many ways by which online therapy can help you. We are listing some of them here:

Here’s How it works


Make Appointment

Just make the booking using our platform that is designed to help you choose the best for you.

Start Session

Get converted to the Selected Therapist via Online & Offline Mode


Implement Therapy

Our Therapist will guide you with Right Therapy Approach to bring you out from problems

Enjoy Life

Take control of your emotions & lead a happy life. Be sure to follow up with your therapist

Start Now

My Fit Brain is the Best Online Counselling Center

Among the many online therapy India,My Fit Brain is one of the best platforms that works with the mission of providing you with a healthy and happy lifestyle. We provide different services that help you deal with several life problems and other challenges. Here are some benefits you gain by using My Fit Brain counselling services. The list is here:

Best Counselling Services in India



Want to give your employees the best remote Counseling Sessions, Just get in touch with our team and provide your employee with the care they need today.

Online Clinical Psychologists at My Fit Brain

My Fit Brain strives to make changes in the mental health care sector by providing constant support and help to Indians. Our individual counselling services or therapy counselling services are effective, affordable and accessible. Our mission is to see every individual live a happy and meaningful life. Here are some reasons why you should consider contacting My Fit Brain services.


Who is having psycological issues help him out in getting much needed treatment from best psycologists in India


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How to choose Psychologist near you ?

Maybe it's taboo in society to seek help from a counselling doctor but you should remember suppressing emotions is not courage but speaking about it is! When you seek help you not only work on helping yourself but your family members who get devastated after seeing you suffer. Hence, seeing a therapist is a good thing you do to yourself and the ones who love you. We at My Fit Brain encourage everyone to speak about their mental health. We understand the need of sharing emotions and hence we implement it by providing you with a famous psychologist in India to help you seek ways to solve your problems. You can look for a psychologist nearby to nourish yourself. It takes courage to take a step forward to love your mind, soul and body equally and take care of all of them. So, we are already very proud of you for taking this step and working on loving yourself a little more.

How we work

We prefer work procedures that are easy to follow so that you don't have to face any difficulty while contacting us. Our work procedure is:

Talk to a therapist !

We, My Fit Brain are India's top counselling service. We provide you with the best online therapy services and consultations. We have a team of best psychologists who work hard on helping you live a peaceful and happy life.


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