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My Fit Brain is an online Counseling Platform where we connect you to the very kind and compassionate Online Therapist.

In today's busy world, no one has the time to listen to the needs and worries of other people. This is when our online counseling website comes into play to offer you an emotional support in the times of need.

Our mission

My Fit Brain is established to help you reach out for help when life offers you a challenging environment and your brain seeks out for help from someone who is an expert at handling similar situations. No matter what you are going through, My Fit Brain is the safest online portal for emotional counseling. You can reveal your fears or share your darkest secrets with us whenever you want. You can even vent out your feelings or problems to the online therapists and get instant solutions. We seek to keep you and your brain emotionally fit. This is why we have created this online counseling website for Depression Treatment, Anxiety Treatment, Post-Divorce Recovery, Happiness Counseling, Behavior Problems in Children and Adults, Post Partum Depression, Child Counseling, Relationship Counseling, Marriage/ Marital Problems Counseling and many more.

How it works

Many of the experts on the team have been through a really tough stuff in their lives and yet they have come out strongly to face the world in a better way. So we understand more than you may realize! We're listening to you and taking you seriously - because we care about you. When you contact us we encourage you to honestly share as much about your situation. This will help us to understand you better. To get an appointment, call us today and we will match you with the best therapist available. So get an instant support at the safest place where you can share your worries or concerns with us. We promise 100% confidentiality on this personal counseling website. You can also get help anonymously and one-on- one just as and when you feel comfortable.

Remember we are here because we care for you. We're here to listen and respond in the best possible manner. Come and be assured that someone is listening to your heart. Let us serve you to keep your brain fit. What are you waiting for ?


With advancement in technology you can connect to the various therapist online to get counselling services. As we grew up, we face man emotional and mental challenges but how you chose to deal with them defines who you are. At My Fit Brain, we are here to help you to build your confidence back and provide you with effective coping mechanism to tackle the challenges you are facing head-on.

Our mission is to provide professional counselors through the medium of the web which are affordable and accessible to any individual suffering from depression and other mental issues. Anyone who is struggling with his/her life and looking for help can contact us, anytime, anywhere and we will guide you to the various terrains of life problems. We offer you access to licensed, trained and accredited psychologists, marriage counselor, group therapy, depression counseling and much more for various mental health issues.

If you are in any crisis, don’t hesitant, which give us a call for immediate help. Our online counselling services in India will enable you to connect with a qualified counsellor to explore the various problems you are facing in a secure environment. With online counselling, you can attain your counselling session from online chats, video conference, and phones call. You can now say goodbye to the awkward feeling you getting while sitting at your traditional counsellor office. Also, this type of therapy cost less than the treatment in the conventional setting. People who are uncomfortable in talking about various aspects of life-giving troubles can opt for our online services.

With our psychologist, no issue is silly or less significant to talk about if it's affecting your life’s happiness. You don’t have to opt for face to face therapy, which is a significant advantage of online therapy. We are experts in addressing various mental illness like depression, stress, anxiety, PTSD, mood disorder and so on.


Are you feeling depressed, suicidal or loss of happiness? It is the feeling of sadness, loss of interest or losing pleasure in life, but persist for an extended period of time then it can be harmful to your health. Depression is the most common mental disorder that people face today that negatively affects how you feel. It can lead to various health problems like insomnia, eating disorder, reduce the ability to function and much more.

The good news is you can find a therapist for the treatment of depression. For such issues, online counselling can be your life saviour where you can heal yourself. You can talk about the things bothering you with our licensed therapist who can provide assistance to patients and treat clinical conditions like depression, stress, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. Depression is a type of mood disorder which has taken a lot of the young generation and affected an estimate of one out of 15 adults in a year.

You can avail for our online depression counselling that helps in removing social stigma attached to talking to a therapist. You are also offering free online counselling chat session.


Our experts at My Fit Brain understand the needs of the online marriage counselling to save marriages who are on the verge of the divide. With this notion in mind, we are providing with best online advice for the married couple and people in a relationship to help them cope up with various issues so that they can lead a happy life. Online couples counselling can be useful for married couples going through a hard time in their relationship. We aim to help you to relieve all of your stress, regardless of the severity of the problems. With relationship counselling services you can improve your communication with your partner and revitalise your lost connection.

If you think your relationship is not as strong as it used to be, you can opt for our counselling sessions to mend your relationship that is otherwise on the verge of separation. We can help you to negotiate the term of your married life with your partner for a healthy relationship. Since the sessions are conducted over the net, there will be no chance of other people like family and friends knowing about your ongoing problems. Our talking therapy is really helpful for couples to resolve any conflict faced by the couples.

Let’s talk

We cover all the Psychological related therapies and have trained therapists for every one of them. Just search for your need below and start now!

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