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Anxiety Disorders Counselling

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Anxiety Counselling 

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Anxiety is the reaction to stress that you face every day. It is the feeling of facing intense fear or worry. For example the feeling before going for an interview. Facing anxiety is very normal but if it becomes frequent and starts affecting your physical health and day-to-day activities then it is worth considering. But what are the causes of anxiety? Let's look at

Causes of Anxiety

  • Environmental factors 
  • Genetic factors 
  • Brain chemistry 
  • Medical factors 
  • Certain medications
  • Withdrawal from alcohol or drugs 
  • Stressors

Anxiety is a normal reaction and everyone faces it. Moreover, it can develop into certain phobias, panic attacks, chronic illness, social withdrawal, avoiding certain situations, and many more. Anxiety is not difficult to recognize however many times anxiety is not so serious. Let's now learn about different signs of anxiety.

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Signs of Anxiety

Anxiety can be recognized easily. If the signs are not recognized and left ignored it can lead to severe issues like chronic illness, anxiety attacks, deteriorating mental and physical health, and many more. The symptoms usually develop slowly and later take the form of a bigger issue. Here are some of the signs of anxiety -

  • We may encounter panic attacks. 
  • An increase in a heartbeat is another symptom.
  • Insomnia or disturbed sleep also hint at anxiety.
  • Hesitating in joining social gatherings.
  • Feeling of intense fear.
  • Focusing on unimportant matters and worrying over them.
  • Always in stress and overthinking.

Do you have the above-mentioned Signs?

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Treatment for Anxiety

Prolonged anxiety can lead to anxiety attacks, hence you must treat anxiety as a serious issue working towards treating it. Here are some of the ways by which you can cope with anxiety.

1. Counseling -

Counselling can help you a lot to overcome anxiety. It helps you find triggers that lead you to develop anxiety. It helps in overcoming those triggers and is one of the suitable option for anxiety treatment online and offline both.

2. Medications -

Medications also help in overcoming anxiety. If you face anxiety frequently then many doctors and therapists prescribe medicines that help in controlling it.

3. Exercises -

Yoga, meditation, and exercises also help a lot in reducing anxiety. It keeps your body and soul calm and hence reduces stress which is a major reason for anxiety.

4. Deep breathing -

Deep breathing is another way by which you can control anxiety and overcome it. It helps you in controlling stress and also relaxing the body and mind.

5. Recognizing triggers -

One of the best ways to overcome anxiety is to recognize triggers and find solutions to overcome them. You can seek the help of a therapist.

Can online counseling help you deal with anxiety? Do you need counselling sessions to deal with anxiety? 

Online counselling has been very effective these days. It is received just the way walk-in counsellings are received. Online counselling is getting more and more popular these days. Since lockdown came in, online counselling was the only way people can approach mental peace and people started reaching out for online anxiety help. Online counselling provides similar treatment as any other conventional counselling would provide. 

  • Online counselling provides you with safety and security. The Identity of the client is kept anonymous.
  • You can attend a counselling session from anywhere you are comfortable. 
  • You can contact your therapist from any mood you want to or according to your comfortability be it over call, message, or video conferencing.

Anxiety may be normal for people and you may suffer anxiety frequently but if the signs or symptoms are becoming worse and you always stay in anxiety then it is a hint that you must seek the help of a counsellor. Prolonging the signs and symptoms of anxiety and ignoring it can lead to the development of anxiety attacks. Hence, you should take therapy or talk to a therapist so that you can treat anxiety on time and help yourself from developing any other chronic illness or health issues.

How can My Fit Brain help you overcome Anxiety? 

Overcome Anxiety with My Fit Brain!

My Fit Brain is an online counselling platform that provides counselling sessions for various mental health issues and other problems faced by an individual, couples, children, or parents. It also provides counselling sessions for psychological issues. Moreover, My Fit Brain provides the best therapist and quality services that can help you overcome anxiety. My fit brain helps you by guiding you through the path which leads you to a peaceful and calm soul and provide you the the desidered online anxiety help.

  • It helps you in finding triggers that initiate anxiety in you.
  • Our therapists help you find solutions to the issues which trigger anxiety.
  • They help you find ways by which you can copy anxiety.
  • It lets you keep your stress level low and hence helps you cope with anxiety. 
  • You can openly share your feelings and emotions and find what causes your anxiety.

We at My Fit Brain believe in curing mental issues of the roots and helping the clients live a fine and peaceful life with a calm soul.

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Find out how we work

My Fit Brain follows simple contact and booking methods. We believe that our clients should not face any difficulty or issues. You just have to: 

  • Fill some questionnaire 
  • Pick a therapist from the given list.
  • Book the session and start therapy.

We at My Fit Brain Work on helping you find the triggers and finding solutions to coping with the triggers and anxiety.

Look for your therapist! 

Find the best therapist at My Fit Brain.

Here are the best therapists for anxiety counselling you can choose from. 

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Anxiety is common but still worth considering.

Anxiety is faced by all. Many triggers lead to the development of anxiety. If you are in constant anxiety and don't feel good you should visit a counsellor and find out ways to cope with it and move to better and peaceful living. My Fit Brain helps you to express your feelings and come up with the best possible solutions you can adopt to fight anxiety. 

FAQs on Anxiety Counselling 

1. What is anxiety?

Anxiety is the body’s natural response to stress. we can say it is a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come. Having feelings of anxiety is normal but if your feelings of anxiety are at an extreme level or lasting for longer than six months, and are interfering with your life, then you are maybe suffering from an anxiety disorder. You can get your anxiety disorder resolved either by taking Online Anxiety help by having Online therapy For anxiety on websites like My fit brain or by having - personal therapy sessions.

2. What is anxiety counselling?

Anxiety counselling is a type of counselling where a counsellor helps you in many ways, like helping you to understand what may be the cause behind your anxiety, and making you learn how to cope in such situations. There are so many types of talking therapies available but the most commonly prescribed and mostly preferred therapy for anxiety counselling is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). And those who are suffering from anxiety should get access to a support group and self-help information recommendations by their doctor. An anxiety counsellor may be able to help you out identifying, managing, and alleviating your symptoms.

3. How can I find good anxiety counselling near me? 

Well, finding good anxiety counselling near you is not that complicated task. you can easily find a good anxiety counsellor near me by taking suggestions from your family doctor or talking to your friends, family members, colleagues or someone you trust. Research in your locality about good anxiety counselling. And one thing you should always keep in mind while searching for any anxiety therapist near me or counsellor is that the counsellor you are going to consent to should be certified and experienced as it is very necessary to have effective results.

4. How can I get my anxiety counselling treatment done online? 

Because of technology now you can enjoy your therapy sessions just by sitting at your home and take anxiety treatment online. For getting your anxiety counselling treatment done firstly you need to visit an online network offering licensed, certified, and experienced therapists who are offering anxiety counselling treatment according to your affordability, convenience, needs, etc. And then after selecting a good anxiety counsellor you can start taking your therapy sessions. And one thing you should always make sure of while taking your counselling treatment is to attend your sessions regularly so that it helps you go get all your can anxiety issues are cured timely.

5. Is online anxiety counselling effective? 

According to the various studies it was being observed that online anxiety counselling offers you a level of effectiveness when compared to in-person therapy in many cases. Many people find it convenient to have online therapy. They also find that it saves their time since they don’t have to commute to any appointments as they can attend therapy sessions according to their availability and there's also no need for them to change their schedules. And there are so many online counselling networks offering counselling services just like My fit brain where you can easily get certified and experienced online anxiety counsellors.

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