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18 Jan 2021

These are some questions every partner thinks and struggles for answers. In this blog we will talk about the ways by whi...Continue reading

Why India Need Psychologists?

29 Jan 2021

There are a number of problems which you need to face in your life like stress, anxiety and many others which relates to...Continue reading

How to Convince Parents for Love Marriage? My Fit Brain

10 Jun 2021

Convince Parents for love marriage in 2021 by the tips given by expert Psychologist...Continue reading

Sex and Marriage remain intimately linked, without a doubt!

03 Apr 2021

Sex and Marriage are certainly not incompatible though some starting and maintenance problems may exist amidst all the l...Continue reading

What is your role model decides the person you are

25 Nov 2020

If you are searching about how to choose role model or know about your role model then you must read this full article....Continue reading

The pursuit of happiness - the key to a gratifying lifestyle

25 Nov 2020

While definitions of the term 'happiness' may differ, it is generally understood as the satisfaction of human needs and ...Continue reading

What is premarital counseling? Get the mysterious answers!

25 Nov 2020

Nowadays, marriage related problems are very common. Explore the answers to What is premarital counseling....Continue reading

What is career counseling and how career couselors work

04 Feb 2021

Choosing correct career is a crucial thing and needs to take care of. Lets know what is career counseling?...Continue reading


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