Is Suicide a Solution to Problems

Is Suicide a Solution to entire problems which you face in your life. Actually you can proudly face all these problems a...Continue reading

05 Jan 2021

How to Find Marriage Counseling Experts

Therapists at MY FIT BRAIN, works to make a relationship viable by deleting the negatives in both sides and building a h...Continue reading

25 Nov 2020


Myths and misconception about counseling are frequently prevailing in our society. These misconceptions are making a sca...Continue reading

05 Jan 2021

Online Mental Health Treatment | My Fit Brain

Online mental health treatment is easily accessible to all those who wish to use it. For example, individuals residing i...Continue reading

25 Nov 2020

Need Services of The Best Online Psychiatrist | My Fit Brain

As you know, the lifestyle of people is changing very quickly and everyone is facing the issues like anxiety, depression...Continue reading

25 Nov 2020

Make Your Life Beautiful Successful & Peaceful with Online Counselling Therapy

Everyone has a dream to live a successful, beautiful and peaceful life with family. You also want to get the desired suc...Continue reading

05 Jan 2021

Fed Up Your Mood Swings

Mood fluctuation is common for normal people. This psychological problem is called as bipolar effective disorder or mani...Continue reading

25 Nov 2020

Online Psychological Counseling Providers | My Fit Brain

MY FIT BRAIN INDIA, a leading platform providing online psychological counseling services with the team of 40+ therapist...Continue reading

25 Nov 2020


These are some questions every partner thinks and struggles for answers. In this blog we will talk about the ways by whi...Continue reading

18 Jan 2021

Mental Health Workshop
by Dr. Neha Metha

Register for out next mental health workshop on 22/08/2020 and get deeper insights about keeping a “Fit Brain”

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