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Atypical Depression: Signs, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment in 2021

Atypical Depression Signs
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Atypical depression is more or less than Major depressive disorder (MDD) and is a form of depression. It is generally a mental disorder that affects the cognitive skills of the person i.e. how he feels, how he thinks, how he pursues something all of these are affected with Atypical Depression. 

People with Atypical Depression experience a loss of interest in the things they love previously and find difficulty in performing daily chores. They may have some hopeless or suicidal thoughts sometimes which in turn affects their emotional as well as physical balance. 

Signs of Atypical Depression: 

Signs of Atypical Depression

Symptoms of patients with Atypical Depression can vary from person to person. The symptom of Atypical Depression is similar to that of MDD that includes: 

  1. Mixed feelings of sadness or hopelessness sometimes 
  2. Anxiety, Stress, and frequent irritability 
  3. Too much or too little sleeping tendency 
  4. Loss of interest in activities that you were once interested in 
  5. Lack of concentration power, making decisions and remembering things
  6. Low energy levels or fatigue 
  7. Suicidal thoughts and talks 

The patient may also have some atypical symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder, such as: 

  1. Mood swings i.e. mood temporarily lifting up or brightens in response to positive events or good news 
  2. A noticeable weight gain 
  3. Increase in appetite 
  4. Heaviness in the arms and legs 
  5. Body aches and headaches 
  6. Urge to Sleep for extended periods of time during the day or night
  7. Negative response everything happening around and scared to perceive criticism or rejection 

Causes of Atypical Depression: 

Similar to MDD, the exact cause of Atypical Depression is unknown but here are some reasons which worsen the condition or symptoms and increases the risk of having Atypical Depression: 

  1. Past traumatic experiences, such as any sort of physical abuse, loss of a loved one, or getting a divorce. 
  2. Alcohol and drug abuse history 
  3. Critical physical illness diagnosed which left you in pain
  4. Atypical depression can also be caused due to heredity.

If the person is having a history of depression, stress, MDD then he/she may be more likely to develop Atypical Depression. It may be caused due to imbalances in hormones which are feel-good hormones such as Endorphins- the happiness hormone, Dopamine- the satisfaction hormone, Oxytocin- which is linked to relationships and helps us to build bonds with other human beings. An imbalance in the level of these hormones can lead to stress. 

Diagnosis of Atypical Depression: 

The need of the hour is that you may need to book an appointment for the best psychologist around you and visit your doctor at the scheduled time. Your psychologist can conduct some tests on you like- Thyroid test, CBC, or any probable one to let them examine is any physical health issue that is triggering the depression level inside your brain?

If this is so, then you need to first treat it and meanwhile, you'll feel good. In the otherwise case, your psychologist will examine and observe your symptoms and start the treatment accordingly. Your psychologist may also have a psychological evaluation of you to look for signs of MDD with atypical features. They may ask some questions from you about your: 

  1. Symptoms 
  2. Personal life 
  3. past experiences 
  4. Current medications 
  5. Personal or family history 

Treatment of Atypical Depression: 

Treatment of Atypical Depression

Treatment varies from person to person in the case of Atypical Depression, Which includes: 

1. Medication

Patients with Atypical Depression are often treated with antidepressant medications. Your lifestyle adjustments also help you out in reducing symptoms. Patients who have a severe condition of MDD may need to stay in the hospital for treatment because of their suicidal thoughts. 

2. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)

It is the most frequent antidepressant medicine prescribed. This antidepressant work by inhibiting the breakdown of serotonin in the brain, resulting in higher amounts of this neurotransmitter. Serotonin is a brain chemical that is responsible for mood change and mood swings. It also helps you to improve your mood and produce healthy sleeping patterns. 

3. Psychotherapy or Talk Therapy

It can also be cured with psychotherapy which includes talk therapy. It includes talking about your condition and let the therapist decide your treatment plan. Talk therapy allows you to: 

  1. Express your feelings openly 
  2. Recognize negative thoughts in your mind and replace them with healthy and positives thoughts 
  3. Problem-solving techniques 

4. Lifestyle changes

Medications along with lifestyle changes work like a magic wand in the case of patients with MDD symptoms. The only thing you need to do is: 

  1. Avoid drugs and alcohol 
  2. Exercise at least three times per week 
  3. Get enough sleep 
  4. Implement relaxation techniques, Like deep breathing and meditation, etc.

 5. Live with reality

While you're undergoing treatment of Atypical Depression and it may take an undefined time depending upon your symptoms and condition, you can indulge yourself in many useful activities such as: 

  1. Practice book reading 
  2. Practice time-management 
  3. Participate in stress-buster activities such as meditation, yoga, etc.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people 
  5. Share your feelings with a trusted friend.

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