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Have you ever met a personality whose mood and behaviour remains highly unstable sometimes they go very kind and sweet and other day they start fighting and complaining with people? Handling such dual personalities makes distant relationships.

What’s Bipolar Effective Disorder?

This problem is called bipolar affective disorder or manic depressive disorder. It can be clearly understood in this psychological problem, a person frequently shifts from positives to negatives as a result you will become highly lethargic sad and dull in depressive days and highly chirpy happy and fun-loving in maniac days.

Yes! Mood fluctuation is common for normal people also, but if these mood swings take two weeks or more to settle and doesn’t been affected by changes in environment or place are the symptoms of manic depressive disorder.

What’s the Reason Behind?

Disturbed neurotransmitters in the brain are the most common pathology. Heredity, a medical disorder like thyroid, high blood pressure, diabetes often comes with mood swings and if left untreated can result in Bipolar Disorder.

Secondly, addiction to alcohol and drugs can negative effects on your neurotransmitters. According to Psychologist, this problem occurs more in late adulthood (30-40 years) especially the ladies in menopausal state face extreme hormonal changes.

How to Recognize?

Although it’s a very clear line between high and low mood because sometimes it comes with mixed symptoms like,

  • Excessive Tiredness & Fatigue
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Sleeplessness
  • Less Interaction with People
  • Worthlessness
  • Not Enjoying Being in Social Circle

Episode of Bipolar Disorder make changes in your mood and sleep habits.

What’s the Treatment?

Antipsychotics medications are given to balance the mood it can be given for a longer time duration. It is always advisable to take counseling sessions along with psychotherapies such as CBT, EFT to take you back to the normal schedules of the day. There are chances of reoccurrence, so always be in touch with your Psychologist or Psychiatrist.

How can a Family Member Help?

  • Don’t even leave these people alone. Suicidal thoughts make them do anything harmful.
  • Make their lifestyle coordinator these daily activities should emerge well.
  • Emphasis on fewer intakes of coffee, tea and alcohol.
  • Sleep is very important for these patients. Make the environment suitable for sound sleep.
  • Help them to do the activity that interests them like, cooking, painting or dancing.
  • Make the house environment happy and appreciate them to make their self-esteem strong.
  • Don’t advice and guide them especially in the state of depression.
  • Develop patience in these individuals support them not to feel negative if somebody says bad to them.
  • We always concerned on Psychiatric medications. Don’t stop in between neither don’t force them to take all medications without the permission of a psychiatrist.
  • Regular exercise and medication can help them to recover well.

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