What Does A Counseling Psychologist Do And How?

counseling psychologist

Counseling psychologists assist people to deal with the challenges preventing them from living a peaceful life. Irrespective of age group and social status, they enable people to handle emotional,  social, academic, interpersonal, career, developmental, and health issues. Counseling psychologists specifically work on matters that can affect people and their mental calmness. What does a counseling psychologist do? Well, Counselling psychologists practice on the basis of counseling psychology, a subfield of applied psychology.

What is Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychology is an area that not only encompasses research and associated works regarding the counseling process, supervision, and training method but also involves instruction relating to career growth, prevention of some mental illness, and overall cognitive health. Counseling psychologists are ready to resolve issues associated with the counseling process and result.

In simple words, counseling psychology covers a broad domain of professional psychology. It specifically works on the emotional, social, and physical health difficulties that can hamper a person's overall growth. It deals with the emotional stresses and even more serious problems with which an individual may battle throughout his life as an individual, or as a part of a family, or an organization. 

Psychologists and historians acknowledge that counseling psychology has a long history. Sigmund Freud began his private practice around in the year 1886, dealing with his patients with both counseling and therapy. Lightner Witmer started his first psychological clinics a little time later, in 1896.

What does a counseling psychologist do

 Counseling psychologists help people in terms of emotional and mental health and try to relieve them from distress and crises. They provide assessment, diagnosis, and remedy of more severe psychological indications and guides the patients to find out the most suitable pattern of treatment.

Counseling psychologists can carry a private practice or work in a hospital. Business firms may employ counseling psychologists for consultation services. Public health sectors also assign counseling psychologists to supervise the coordination of the services. They are appointed as counselors, teachers, supervisors in school, college, and university as well.

Many counseling psychologists engage themselves in mental health camps, family help campaigns, and rehabilitation centers.

Difference between a clinical psychologist and counseling psychologist 

Both clinical and counseling psychologists are not eligible to prescribe medication, but these individuals can deliver highly professional treatment for people in need of mental health care.

Clinical psychologists deal with more serious or severe mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, paranoia, and chronic depression and many complicated disorders. On the contrary, counseling psychologists work with normal patients having limited serious psychological problems. Their work concentrates on emotional, social, and physical issues that originate from particular life stresses or more serious issues related to academy, work, or family environment. 

So the activities of counseling psychologists help to promote multiculturalism and contribute a more holistic approach to education. Counseling psychologists must have a Ph.D. degree in counseling psychology; on the other hand, clinical psychologists have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

Like any other counseling process, counseling psychology works on the basis of some theory

Psychoanalytic Theory, developed by Sigmund Freud, endorses the idea that the subconscious mind manipulates human actions. A psychoanalytic therapy session includes dream analysis,  association, resistance analysis, and transference analysis. 

Person-Centred Therapy is a form of psychotherapy, developed by Carl Rogers, who operates on the hypothesis that every person has the ability to implement his full potential. It includes self-actualization, empathy, and an absolute positive view. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy thinks that human problems arise from defective patterns of thinking. The counseling process encompasses the challenge of mechanical thinking and negative emotions. It motivates the person to uncover logic in their pattern of thinking.

The Family Systems Model views all human troubles and disputes from a family perspective.

Counseling psychologists usually focus on

•    Positive traits that can strengthen the emotional health of an individual. 
•    Environmental and behavioral influence that can hamper the growth of a person. (the cultural, gender and lifestyle issues that shape people’s outlook and create hamper taboos ).
•    Issues on variousness and social justice.
•    Taking a decision regarding career and job, and monitoring the overall growth of one's career.
•    Relationship problems comprising of marital and family complications.
•    Learning and skill deficits.
•    Stress management.
•    Coping with the managerial structure of a company.
•    Coping with physical disabilities, illness or injury.
•    Personal or social compromise that affects a person's life.
•    Improvement of one’s identity.
•    Constant anxieties commonly associated with the exploitative behavior of overpowering people.
•    Individual, family, and group counseling.
•    Crisis, disaster, and trauma management.
•    Revising the relationships and interpersonal issues that are proven hazardous.
•    Adjustment and the behavioural problem of students.
•    Some  learning disorders
•    Providing strength to overcome the disease, chronic conditions, or injuries that hamper mental peace.
•    Grief or suicidal thoughts 
•    Mild  Psychological disorders

Counseling psychologists help clients to cope up with stress, teach techniques dealing with anxiety along with better listening and communicating skills.

How to become A Counseling Psychologist

A counseling psychologist requires a bachelor’s degree, then a master’s and PhD from an authorized counseling psychology program. I take four to six years to get a doctorate in counseling psychology. A counseling psychologist’s training encompasses a one-year internship under a licensed practitioner. All psychologists must ha a license provided by the state in which they will practice.

The prospect of counseling psychologists

The job prospects for counseling psychologists are very bright. The anticipated growth is about 14 percent through the year 2026. Now, counseling psychology paves the way to more sectors of human employment services like rehabilitation counseling substance abuse, forensic, and sports psychology.

Their work procedures include

•    Searching techniques for the diagnosis of certain psychological ailments,
•    arranging workshops that can educate the public about mental health,  family, relationship, and workplace issues.
•    consulting with organizations,
•    training programs,
•    test formation and confirmation,
•    finding methods and methodologies for scientific researches.

To Sum Up

Counseling psychology enables people in attaining control over their feelings. It concentrates on individuals suffering from different emotional, behavioral, and social problems. A counseling psychologist works to assist people with emotional and mental health issues and to improve positive feelings and reduce stressful l emotions. Hope the discussion gives an answer to your question What do counseling psychologists do.

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