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Best Career Guide on Developmental Psychologist in India 2021

Developmental Psychologist
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Developmental psychology is that branch of psychology that focuses on how people grow and change throughout life. People who work in the field of developmental psychology want to better understand how people learn and adapt to changes over time.

They not only look at the physical changes of people but also at social, emotional, and cognitive development occurring throughout life. They play an important role in understanding how people change throughout life and provide support to children and adults experiencing developmental problems.

They provide support to individuals facing developmental issues or problems at all points of life.

What Developmental Psychologists Do?

What Developmental Psychologists Do

Developmental psychologists perform various tasks depending on the particular field in which they operate. Some psychologists focus on developmentally delayed children and evaluate their developmental disabilities.

Others focus on a particular age range such as adolescence or old age and try to find ways for them to live independently.

Some of the tasks a developmental psychologist can perform include:

  1. They evaluate the children to determine whether they are developmentally disabled or not. 
  2. Investigating how language skills can be acquired.
  3. They study how moral reasoning develops in children.
  4. Finding ways to help elderly people stay independent
  5. Studying the treatment of developmental issues that are associated with the aging process

Why are developmental psychologists needed?

Developmental psychologists are able to use their knowledge of how people mature and the various factors that influence this change and development. By understanding these things, psychologists can be able to better understand the time when children and adults may need special help.

They help parents understand the potential problems that their children are facing and when their children may need some kind of help or intervention. They help us to understand how a person grows and develops at different stages in life. By understanding this we can live our lives to the fullest potential.

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How to become a developmental psychologist?

How to become a developmental psychologist

To start a career as a developmental psychologist you must be at least a graduate in psychology. It is a 4-year program. You may also consider pursuing a Master's degree in developmental psychology that is a two-year program.

You have the option of obtaining a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree or a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in developmental psychology that is a 2-4 year program.

Where do developmental psychologists work?

Where do developmental psychologists work

Developmental psychologists work in different settings

  1. Education counseling centers
  2. Survey research companies
  3. Assisted living homes
  4. Hospital and mental health facilities
  5. Homeless youth programs
  6. Psychiatric clinics
  7. Substance abuse and drug prevention clinics
  8. Private practices
  9. Nursing homes
  10. Research facilities
  11. Welfare agencies

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What skills are required for a developmental psychologist? 

Developmental psychologists work with a broad range of patients. They work with children, child's parents, and elderly people and so Excellent communication skills are required for developmental psychologists. They also need to be able to maintain a perspective of positivity and show clients that there are ways to overcome their problems.

They must also have critical thinking skills as they often work with clients who have diverse and complex needs.

What is the salary of a developmental psychologist?

According to a report, the average salary of a developmental psychologist is $ 67,985. 

But the salary of a developmental psychologist depends on the educational level, specialty area, and years of experience.


They explain child development, social and physical development, and support children who face delays in their development. They answer important psychological questions about how change occurs, and how children shape their personal development.

They also look at how social relationships affect the development of both children and adults. They also investigate and observe the things that can inhibit development processes.

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