Does Counseling Work? A Big Question In Front Of You!

Does Counseling Work

Summary: Many patients may think does counseling work. People are recovering from many types of depression and getting into the normal way of life after treatment.
People who do not have problems in life and have not taken the help of counselors would think, `Does counseling work? ` Some problems and bad incidents are trapped inside the mind and may take ugly turns in the future. It is necessary to release all the tensions once to get rid of the fear factor. Therapy does not work as we think.
The counselor takes the conversation in a way that all the trapped memories are tapped out. Mainly therapy is to treat the root cause of any wound in the memory. Once the symptoms are diagnosed, the patient is given supporting drugs to come out of fear or other feelings. It takes some time to come out of the symptoms and get rid of it.
A common man cannot understand what counseling is doing or how it is working. But the person undergoing depression or any other mental illness would realize that he is slowly coming out of the problem. Some people feel uncomfortable to trust and tell all their vague memories to a completely unknown person. But there are examples where people have come out of depression or any other mental problem and are leading a happy life.
Treatment For Depression

The therapist is not sure about the treatment and its effects until everything is solved. Each patient is different, and the intensity of the problem will be completely different. The counselor has to get deep into the problem and find out the unique treatment method.
Some people may just get into the treatment to raise their esteem. In this stressful world, a person has undergone some problems and wants to forget it for some reason. The counselors are trained, educated, and have enough experience to find out the problems and give the necessary treatment. Each patient seeks treatment for:

  • Their health
  • Symptoms of depression
  • Family background stress
  •  Work Stress
  • Personal history

The therapist must study the patient thoroughly to know the background, symptoms, and any other physical problems. Once they recognize the problem, the treatment would be easier. The symptoms of a person getting stressed for not getting success would be completely different from a person fighting for his divorce.
As the counselor gets emotionally close to the patient, he can treat him well with his words of confidence. The process of treatment becomes easier when the patient co-operates with the therapist.

Get Closer Emotionally

In almost all cases, the patient does not disclose anything until he feels comfortable. The counselor has to spend some time getting closer emotionally. Once the patient reveals the symptoms, the therapist catches the goals for therapy.
The counselor has to spend some sessions to learn more about the patient from his behavior, thoughts, and patterns of actions. All these observations indicate some problem which has to be treated.
Sometimes the patient does not like to discuss a particular topic. He may try to dodge it each time the therapist tries to discuss it. It may be the root cause of the problem of the patient.
The counselor has to concentrate in this field for a long time to get the patient out of fear or any other feeling about any particular topic. Does counseling work is the doubt that the patient always has in his mind?

Questionnaires To Know The Improvements

Once the symptoms start getting manageable or even decreasing, this signifies that the therapy is working. Anxiety issues start getting suppressed gradually, and they do not interfere in daily activities as frequently as earlier. To summarize, the patient feels less anxious, lesser frequency of panic attacks, and more hours of sleep or quality of sleep improves.
The counselors use a questionnaire to know the improvements or assess the condition of the patient. These questionnaires of each session are compared to know about the level of improvement. Some patients track the symptoms themselves and can know about their improvement after meeting the therapist.
Problems Of Depressed Person

The anxiety levels each day can be noted. The number of panic attacks and how long they last and how much it disturbs the patient can be noted. These records would help the therapist a lot to know about the condition of the patient daily.
When the mind was disturbed and concerned, incidents are noted to know more about the patient`s mental conditions. The overall effect is noted than concentrating on the day to day changes. The person in depression may have some problems like:

  • Getting up from sleep many times
  • Less ability to socialize
  • Cannot stay isolated
  • Less ability in doing daily chores like showering and eating

Once the patient is out of depression, the daily chores become more regular, and they can also show more noticeable changes in their behavior. The insight of the patient would be improved a lot. They can understand themselves, and they behave well than before the therapy started.

Many sessions Of treatment

The patient should be able to set better boundaries by trusting himself. Decisions should be taken without taking any other`s reassurance. He should be able to prioritize the demands and needs in a much-balanced way. Even after the session, the patient should observe and know more about their improvement.
A counselor has to put his heart and soul to get the necessary confidence in the patient. It may take several sessions of conversations and observations to know more about the patient and his behavior. The treatment may take a few more sessions. During the treatment, the patient starts recovering and gaining confidence with his behavior showing more changes.
The people surrounding the patient also can find numerous changes in the behavior of the patient. Everyone will wonder if counseling works at the beginning of the sessions and feel very relieved after the patient shows signs of improvement. Does counseling work is a question asked by every patient before getting into the treatment? The therapists put more efforts and tailor the treatment for every patient to get success.
Until there is progress, everyone thinks does counseling works. My Fit Brain helps people recover from depression with the help of expert therapists.

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