Does Couples' Counseling work?

Does couple counseling work?

Couples' counseling works for the improvement of the harsh relationship between two individuals by resolving disputes. Most relationships weaken at some point in time, developing disability to function correctly. There are several apparent reasons for this, including 

• insecurity

• third party interference

• aggressiveness

• ego

• jealousy

• selfishness 

• outrage 

• ailment 

• communication gap

• many more

But before analyzing the topic, does couples counseling work, we must know the answers to the questions.


• Do you want to save your relationship? Sometimes, people take counseling to validate their apathy and complaints. They don't exactly want to fix their marriage. 


• Is there any turmoil due to the abuse in your relationship? If it is so, your struggle to protect a relationship is worthless as you are trying to withstand the criminal activity. Abusers aren't disappointed in their marriage; they grant your home front as a stage to show muscle power. They are timid people who experience negligence due to their incapability everywhere.

• Does this treaty fulfill your necessities? If the efforts to save your marriage suggests that you have-waste more years suppressing each and everything of your life, it is stressful. You must take a sincere approach, whether you or your partner can get the right and appropriate things from your relationship.


 Moreover, changes in situations involving financial or physical state can have a considerable impact on an individual's behavior and actions in a marriage. With the severe modernization in many parts of the world and the fabrication of nuclear families, the tendency is towards certified couples counselors.


Couples counseling is precisely required. 


• If the partners often condemn each other.


• If one has the instinct to overpower another.


• If hatred and hostility grow in the relationship.


• If communication is weak in the relationship.


• If infidelity exists in a relationship.


If you realize that most of these assertions are part of your relationship, you are suffering from a relationship problem. But it does not imply that break up is inevitable in your life. It may suggest that you have to try hard to secure a peaceful relationship. Here, a marriage counselor can enable you to remain on this track.


How does a marriage counselor work?


Marriage counseling primarily highlights, particularly on communication. The most practiced method is active listening, accepted by the late Carl Rogers and Virginia Satir. Recently, a technique called "Cinematic Immersion" has been developed by Warren Farrell. The two methods try to help couples realize a policy to create a stable domain for each spouse to communicate and appreciate feelings. The most effective treatment is "emotionally-focused couples therapy (EFT)" invented by Dr. Sue Johnson. Research exhibits that this therapy is long-lasting and beneficial for numerous kinds of people. Couples counseling process involving Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT)tends to be almost 75 percent favorable, according to the research. The specific research has encompassed high-stress couples like military couples, senior citizens, parents with individual children, and couples with infertility problems. The outcome is quite positive and significant among them though they belong to different cultural groups.


How can we assess the efficacy of marriage counseling?

 We can measure the effectiveness by using a specific questionnaire named the Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS). Counselors adopted this measure since 1976 and attained a high success rate in comparison to those from the past decades. The significant and positive consequence is the reduction of complaints between the two spouses. The positive results invariably tend to continue for the next consecutive years.


But couples who exist in an abusive relationship ( physical or emotional abuse) should not expect any progress in treatment until the vicious attitude ends. Especially for them, the counselor recommends distinct therapy to work on self-development or to maintain mental calm. EFT also introduces more secure bonding for couples. As the process of separation is opposite to the ethics of EFT, the counselors often refrain from using it on the couples who are on the verge of divorce. 


 Does couples counseling work to attain positive results 

• Positive effects generally come when the partners have a willingness to understand some fundamental skills and become more conscious and emotionally accessible as well to each other.


• A second significant factor of triumphant couples is the enhanced capacity to avoid considering each other as the opposition. They tend to unite as a team member, helping each other to enhance universal happiness.


• Thirdly, the enhancement to feel empathy for the spouse is a crucial part of the task in EFT. Each person needs to develop forgiveness for the other forgetting the emotional traumas.

• Lastly, the essential condition for marriage counseling is the eagerness of each person to overcome the difficulties and bring about favorable changes in their lives. Many people come to the counselor therapy with a list of complaints and wish that the therapist would validate their grievances and then work to improve the attitude of the other individual. But it would help if you remembered that counselors could settle nothing until both people are willing to improve some elements of their perspective. 


To sum up


1. Couples who can get a favorable outcome from Marriage Counselling


• Younger couples with mild emotion

• Couples with a flexible mind 

• Non-sexist couples

• Couples who still have affection among them

• Couples who greet marriage counseling for a modification in their complicated existences

• Couples who are willing to look at their weaknesses


2. Which Couples can't earn anything from Marriage Counselling


  • Couples who took more than reasonable time to explore professional help regarding couple counseling  

  • Married people who are least eager to follow the advice that could protect the marriage.

  • One of the partners has an addiction to alcohol, specific drug, or pornography.

If you think that your relationship is facing confusion, it is wiser not to wait. Seek assistance as soon as possible. Plan to allot money and time for this therapy. The longer you stay in turmoil, the harder it will be to give your relationship another try. Quickly find a skilled couples counselor if the disturbing indications appear in your alliance. I hope the discussion fulfills your search for a particular question, "does couple counseling work"?

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