How to become an Environmental Psychologist in India 2021

Environmental Psychologists

Environmental psychology is an area of psychology that studies the effects of the environment or surroundings on humans.

This study focuses on how individuals change the environment, and how their behaviours and experiences.

By studying human responses to the environment to manipulate how people's feelings, thoughts can be changed by it. In addition, they use their skills to create a more enjoyable environment for all.

Perhaps, The focus is also on solving environmental problems in the direction of increasing the well-being of people in the context of society.

They research why some people choose to recycle, that motivates them to adopt environmentally positive behaviours, and why certain environments make people happy and productive.


Why do we need environmental psychologists?


Our Environment or surrounding makes us feel safe, while a bad one can make us feel tight or upset.

The purpose of an environmental psychologist is to determine what factors in an environment can be changed to change a person's perception of their environment and how changes can be made.

They make recommendations to change the environment to encourage a particular behaviour.

What are the education requirements to become an environmental psychologist?

They begin by obtaining a four-year undergraduate degree in a psychological or related subject area. 

You may also consider pursuing an M.A in psychology that is a two-year program. Those with a master's degree may receive the job, but for optimum career advancement opportunities, a doctoral degree is required.

So you can complete a doctorate degree in psychology because this opens up many more career advancement opportunities. More and more employers are searching for candidates holding Ph.D. Or Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D). This is a 2-4 year program.

environmental psychologists in India

What do environmental psychologists do? 
The responsibilities depend on their work, but the following are the common tasks that an environmental psychologist do:

  • Reviewing literature and data sets from multiple disciplines
  • They use research methods, measurements, and data analysis to design studies documenting people's interactions with one aspect of the environment
  • They make a report on how the environment affects human behaviour either individually or as a population.
  • They make a report on how human behaviour can affect the environment.
  • They determine human behaviour using statistical tools.
  • They present the findings to policymakers and the general public about the environmental study.


Where does an environmental psychologist work?

Environmental psychologists often find employment in a number of different areas. 

They work for consulting firms, where they provide their expertise to government agencies and industry.

They also work for schools, nursing homes, retirement homes, prisons, and other communities.

Some people work in architecture, landscape architecture, planning, or design areas to expand their skills.

Some who complete a doctoral degree work at colleges and universities


What is the salary of an environmental psychologist?

According to a report, the average psychologist salary in India is ₹402,658. 

But the salary of an environmental psychologist depends on the educational level, specialty area, and years of experience.



Finally, I can say that environmental psychologists deal with issues such as how environmental stress affects performance, which restores an environment, and how people process information in different types of environments. 

They study how the environment can have unintentional effects on people. 

They look at environmental outcomes and social and physical environments to determine ideal settings for different populations as they are aware of their daily lives.

They can study and analyze the data. They then pass their findings to those who make decisions and set policy within a company or organization.

They examine how people work with and respond to the world around them.
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