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Career Opportunities for Industrial-Organizational Psychologists in India - 2021

Industrial organizational Psychologists in India
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what is an industrial-organizational psychologist?

Industrial-organizational psychology is the subfield of psychology that applies psychological principles and theories in organizations. This focuses on increasing employee productivity and related issues like physical and mental well-being.

Plus, focused on acquiring theories of individual, group, and organizational behavior and applying this knowledge to solve the problems at work.if you are interested in applying psychological theories in real-world settings then you should consider industrial-organizational psychology. 

If you have a keen interest in psychology as well as computers, statistics, and engineering, then this may be the ideal field for you.

Industrial-organizational psychology has two major sides:

The first is the industrial side which focuses on how to mix the best individuals for specific job roles. Those who work in this field can assess employee characteristics and then mix them with jobs in which they can perform well.

The second is the organizational side which focuses on how organizations influence individual behavior. The behavior of people within an organization can be influenced by social norms, management style, and organizational structures.

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What do industrial-organizational psychologists do?

After knowing what is an industrial-organizational psychologist, you must be wondering what they do or what their responsibilities are.

isIndustrial and organizational psychologists mainly study the results of existing research or conduct original research. Their responsibilities are:

Industrial psychologists india

Improve Hiring Process:

Organizational psychologists are hired in large companies to improve the process they use for hiring, and retaining employees. These psychologists make new employee integration strategies for new hires to learn important job responsibilities, engage in the company's social culture, and remain productive.

Address Human Resources Issues

In some organizational and corporate settings, these psychologists are engaged with employees who are experiencing a stressful work environment or have difficulties coping with a coworker. They also help employees to improve their professional value by identifying growth opportunities that will help them to grow and provide benefits to employers.

Advice on Policy Decisions

Some organizational psychologists can also have the responsibility to provide, consult, and deliver informed consultations to company leaders. They have to also estimate the potential impact that each decision may have on employee morale, productivity, and overall satisfaction at work.

Optimize Workplace and Processes

In a business environment, these psychologists also increase the overall productivity of the organization to create value for their employer. Their work can include anything from testing various office floor plans to improve communication and team collaboration between different departments.

What are the education requirements to become an industrial and organizational psychologist?

education requirements to become organizational psychologist

Many industrial and organizational psychologists begin their careers by pursuing a bachelor's degree in general psychology. But there are very limited job opportunities for industrial and organizational psychologists with only a bachelor's degree.

They will be able to start their industrial and organizational psychology careers in entry-level positions with a master's degree. But a doctorate degree in psychology opens up many more career advancement opportunities. 

So you should do a Ph.D. or Psy.D which is a 2-4 year program.

Where do industrial/organizational psychologists work?

Industrial and organizational psychologists work in many different fields and all different types of organizations. They not only work in blue-collar organizations such as factories, and plants but also in white-collar organizations such as office buildings. Many industrial and organizational psychologists work directly for companies in HR departments and others may serve as independent consultants.

What is the salary for an industrial/organizational psychologist?

According to a report, the average industrial-organizational psychologist salary in India is ₹479,616. But the salary of an industrial/organizational psychologist differs on the basis of the educational level, specialty area, and years of experience.

Final Words:

In conclusion, I can say that industrial-organizational psychologists use psychological theories to solve problems in the workplace and improve the quality of life. They also collaborate with management to help them plan policies, training sessions and also develop a plan for the future.

They perform a variety of tasks such as evaluating companies and conducting leadership training and thus the overall goal of this field is to understand human behavior in the workplace. I hope, now you know what is an industrial psychologist. 

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