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How to Find Marriage Counseling Experts

A beautiful bride, handsome groom decorated banquets, rose garlands, those happy faces and butterflies in the stomach Day is what comes in our mind when we think of MARRIAGE. Marriage is a bond of commitment between usually a male and a female for living life as ONE, But always it doesn't go the way we planned.

It said that marriages are made in HEAVEN, but the ego clashes, family misunderstanding and lack of support turns it into HELL.

Marital disharmony is not only the scene of today’s generation, times back too people used to give and take advice on how to make marriage successful. It’s a social ritual which makes yours and your family image from better to worse in no time. Those questions like how, when, why related to your marriage issues by your social circle take you in deep long depression.

Marital disharmony issues can be between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, husband and wife, extramarital affairs, work scheduling by daughter in law, being irresponsible, working lady, cases of alcoholism or other abuse, disrespect at home, dowry and ego clashes etc. Times ago, an elder knowledgeable person in the families used to sit together over a cup of tea and discuss issues with the list of compromises between both the parties and everybody settles to the same. But these days, with a low level of patience among individuals nobody wants to share their personal things to the society. Hence, comes to the need for professional help. You can connect to our Marriage Counselor by booking an appointment at

Therapists at MY FIT BRAIN works to make a relationship viable by deleting the negatives in both sides and building a harmonious relationship. Marriage Counseling never aimed at separation or divorce. We always wish both the partners to understand and support each other in the heavenly bond of marriage.


It is a couple of counselling designed to help couples {married or not} to understand, resolve and improve their relationships.

It is a session 110 minutes between both parties, where 30 minutes of individual time given to both the partners to express themselves from their point of view. Each person has his/her ideas, values, opinion and personal history, into a relationship and always don’t match the partner. Hence it is a short term therapy starts with individual sessions first and then a family get together.


Professional Marriage Counselor is a licensed therapist who talks with a specific focus by treating individual’s personality first, progressing to make both clients compatibility. A bad relationship can create problems in the job, work; can lead to serious psychological problems depression, anxiety and phobia.

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Marriage Counseling helps you to overcome typical issues like:

  • Cultural Clashes
  • Finance
  • Sexual Difficulties
  • Conflict about Child Parenting
  • Infertility
  • Anger & Possessiveness
  • Infidelity/ExtraMarital
  • Substance Abuse
  • Same-Sex Relationship Issues

Marriage counselling also helps with domestic violence cases with contracting to police and crises centre.


This therapy brings couple together in points the negatives by communicating openly. Confidentiality is maintained to the peak by counselling centres as the sessions can lead to cold fights, yelling or arguments between the two.

These sessions can also be done online at with the trained relationship counsellor as a mediator between.


Yes! Counselling is always about finding way you can book an online session at to improve yet it is challenging if only one partner tries to patch up But willingness to work always yields results.


Divorce is not as easy as it sounds. It gives you immense mental and financial stress. Support systems are not always available after separation, making it difficult to cope up alone. Being a single mother/father is always difficult rear a child. Even thinking of a second marriage is a burden. Divorce Counseling will help you to come out from the dreadful relation you ended and give you mental stability to provide a fresh beginning to live.

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