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Online Counselling Session

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Online Counselling Session

Most of the people at some point in life may look for an online counseling session. A Mental Health Counselor is always the best choice rather than taking advice from a friend. Counseling covers many aspects of life from relationships to breakups, bullying to career it has all. 

No doubt, a professional counselor can help you out by saving time, money, and may result in improving your life. There is a huge difference in asking for advice to a friend and a professional counselor. It is not only their special training but also the ability to get involved emotionally with anyone. 

It’s true that successful mental health counseling demands commitment. Before diving into how online counseling sessions work, let’s see how counseling is defined wisely by oxford dictionary. According to the Oxford dictionary, “counseling means the provision of professional help and guide in resolving psychological issues.” 

When we go for counselling session, then the session can be defined as a kind or relationship or contract between the two bodies, i.e. the counselor and client.

Concept of Counseling sessions:

A counselor creates an environment where they try to build trust and confidence with clients. They help clients to focus on their feelings and experience a positive change in life keeping all the sessions confidential.

Confidentiality is an important aspect of counseling sessions.

Every interaction between the counselor and client is kept confidential. No one can even get to know what goes into the room and what not, but it’s a fact that once you meet a professional counselor in India for sessions; You will have good results and the psychological health will get better.

The counseling sessions in India can showcase the bond of trust and confidentiality, however, if found that something is bad or contains risk for your or someone’s life, at that point counselors are involved in respective authorities. 

A good counselor motivates his clients and encourages them to express their feelings even before they take any action. 

 It’s obvious that after long research, training, and professional development to gain knowledge of a variety of therapies, is the time when an individual truly becomes a counselor in India. 

Counselors can refer you to another therapist if they find symptoms that can be cured by prescribing medicines along with therapy. 

Things That A Counselor Avoids in Sessions:

A good counselor always understands the client so they don’t draw their own bad experience in front of them. Counseling sessions can never be conducted when the counselor is judgemental in case the same situation arises between different clients. 
Let’s discuss 5 points that a counselor must avoid:
They never break the confidentiality of counseling sessions.
They know their boundaries very well.
They never provide directionless decisions 
They just do not give the advice to get to the root of problems.
They don’t believe everything.

They never break the confidentiality of counseling sessions:
A therapist is legally binding so he/she never breaks the confidentiality of counseling sessions. Even a counselor in India will even don’t agree with the fact that you are consulted by him. And, they don’t reveal any personal information such as contacts, name, demographics, out of the counseling session. All kinds of therapeutic material stays private and classified.

However, there is a legal exception to this, and our online therapists always debrief their client counterparts about it before starting treatment. 
All the key points that make the therapist break the confidentiality of the session given below:
Disclosure, or speculation of child abuse
Disclosure, or speculation of elder abuse
Disclosure, or speculation of dependent adult abuse
Concerns that let therapist speculate potential risk of suicide
Concerns that let therapist speculate potential risk of homicide
Last but not least, when a client is directed by the legal court to testify themself or while submitting progress notes.
Confidentiality ensures a safe and supportive environment for clients to feel comfortable disclosing their thoughts and feelings in front of counselors. That means clients can share what’s on their minds knowing that India’s best therapist must protect those details.

They know their boundaries very well:

It’s true that effective therapy requires strong, reliable, and professional boundaries. These boundaries are physical and emotional limits. As a client people often share their intimate details in the counseling sessions. But these details are an important part of counseling however, it doesn’t mean that the client is allowed whatever he wants to speak. It is an undoubtedly vulnerable process, and that’s why limits and guidelines are so essential to follow. 

No doubt that boundaries serve to protect the client as they honor and respect the client’s autonomy, aim to mitigate the risk of emotional harm, and eliminate dual relationships. 
Some common therapeutic boundaries that include setting:
The precise start and end time for each session.
They Limit discussion on personal information
They have expectations related to terminating therapy
They have rules for missed appointments and payments
There are guidelines related to touch

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