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Now-a-days internet is becoming a helpline for every problem and thereby occupied every home, every pocket with a smile.

Psychology is a part of science which deals with knowing the mind and behavior of a person. Internet has given counseling a new platform to connect with people guide them and to ventilate their feelings.

Counseling is an art to guide an individual on the right path suitable for him/her. In other words it’s a provision of professional assistance and guidance given by a counselor to the client to resolve personal or psychological problems. Counseling sessions take usually 40-45 minutes to explore talk about the stressful and emotional feelings of the client and internet give an opportunity to interact with people through online platforms. The great things about online counseling is that you can see a counselor, booked them seek solution and that so, from the comfort of your home or office.


MY FIT BRAIN INDIA, a leading platform providing online psychological counseling services with the team of 40+ therapists available a click away at 24×7 for your service. We are here with a vision of making “HELP” available to the people in need regardless of race, gender, age, size, physical appearance and location.


MY FIT BRAIN, online psychological counseling providers are not apprehensive about your identity rather we are here to help you as a personality. Our therapists are least concerned about your name, occupation and location. Moreover, we are available for your ventilation and improvement. Hence, building a better individual with confidence.


There are many platforms running online which are there to help you which provide free services too, but are just for business. MY FIT BRAIN has a mission to give holistic mental satisfaction in every possible way.

“Reena, mother of 10 years old Aarav consulted our platform for aggressive behavior of his kid with complaints of Aarav being irritable, clingy, eating less and destructive. Our Child Counselor not only took Behaviour Therapy Sessions, even gives parental counseling to the parents sharing tips which they can apply at home. Our Child Nutritionist also guided them they ways to make food nutrition for school kid.”

MY FIT BRAIN, has team of therapist is not only Counselor or Psychiatrist, we have 40+ different specialty like Speech Therapist, Parent Coach, Special Educator, Relationship Counselor to provide care by exploring every corner of personality.



MY FIT BRAIN, leading online psychological counseling providers are facilitating their clients by providing services via Chat, Voice, and Skype. You can communicate in the way you are comfortable with. Such as voice session is better for one who is not able to express their difficulty in words, or hesitates to getting in face-to-face contact with their therapist. The absence of face to face contact can also prompt clients to communicate more openly without concerns of race, gender, age, size, physical appearance. Actually, online counseling may lead to a higher level of truth and validity of in case of self disclosure. This way offers a level of anonymity in better way.

Counseling is an effective face to face communication.


Our Skype are specially designed for the people who are sitting in a remote area and wish to talk and express verbal and non verbal gesture in better way.


With increase in mobile usage Chats are the other option of communication adolescence fields. There are people who express their feeling writing well rather than talking, specially the introvert personalities. We provide chat session through Whatsapp and Skype as per convenience of the appointment holder.

If you feel you need any kind of help, feel free to consult our Counselors/ Psychologists at . They will help you mentally as well as emotionally.


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Meet Our Therapists

Dr Abhishek Chugh

Dr Abhishek Chugh

Psychiatrist, Neuro Psychiatri

Available For
Chat Voice CallVideo (Skype) Call

Counseling Starts From
1200 / 30 Minutes

Dr Ved Mahla

Dr Ved Mahla

Psychiatrist, Counselor

Available For
Voice CallVideo (Skype) Call

Counseling Starts From
3000 / 30 Minutes

Nishtha Dhull

Nishtha Dhull

Happiness Coach, Counselor, Ch

Available For
Chat Video (Skype) CallVoice CallConsultation (Clinic)

Counseling Starts From
1000 / 30 Minutes

Pooja Aggarwal

Pooja Aggarwal

Relationship Counselor, Work S

Available For
Voice CallVideo (Skype) Call

Counseling Starts From
700 / 30 Minutes

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