Looking back across several inspirational Top Role Models in India

Top Role Models In India

In the darkest hours, motivating role models keep life going in the right direction. A focus and a career path, developing skills and characters, role models are crucial. Starting with parents and teachers at a young age, icons and heroic real-life models remain lifelong. According to age, interests and lifestyles, will it be Abdul Kalam or Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa or Mary Kom, Stephen Hawking or JK Rowling who rules the consciousness? Top Role Models in India may be numerous in terms of past and present but avoid getting lost in the crowd. Choose the person or two who represent the challenges and dreams that come closest to personal aspirations. Success and achievements are comparative terms. Even if Mount Everest is not conquered, there exist many shorter peaks that are attractive too!

A digital media-filled world

What about those who refuse to be numbed by media-driven celebrities? It is hard not to come under the all-conquering influence of the media that is everywhere. Not only the television and the newspaper but the smartphones and tablets are ringing all day with new messages, videos and chat shows. Nowadays, when every individual figure in social media accounts, they are all minor celebrities with images and videos of themselves floating around the world.

Worshipping the precious past

Age-old Indian culture introduces a great list of heroes with supernatural powers. Among many others, the mythology and tradition of Rama and sage Vishwamitra form the foundation of existence. In more recent times, the Father of the Nation, Gandhi, and the Nehru family brought strength and stability to India. Earlier, the great freedom fighters like Subash Chandra Bose got rid of the alien presence and allowed the Indian spirit to breathe free. Spiritual leaders like Buddha and Mahavira hold pride of place for opening up new avenues of thought.

Being alive to the dynamic present

While the past forms the bedrock of Indian existence as a sum total of all the personalities, ideas and philosophies in the oldest world civilization, times are changing. Instead of idling and appreciating past achievements, it is time to journey forth in search of new challenges. The old way of life has ended with some jobs becoming obsolete, new professions like the media and the digital universe have opened up mighty avenues. Study and work, growing up and success are judged differently now. Everything has become faster and better. Avoid getting stuck in the past but fight the present-day battles as if there exists no tomorrow.

The youngest achievers of them all

Most find excuses for failures like the absence of opportunities, money or infrastructure! It is hard to believe that success came so early for some of the greatest achievers. The world has speeded up with the 21st-century technological advancement. Get ready to reach coveted destinations early. 

In women’s wrestling, Sakshi Malik at 24 won the bronze medal in the Olympics. Anuja Chauhan in advertising and Nikhil Joseph in product design are exceptional. Shaili Chopra, Ritesh Malik and Kaveri Lalchand similarly realized their dreams with determination and the strength of convictions. Top Role Models in India illustrate that anything is possible at a young age as proved by many start-ups with clever ideas.

Twentieth-century Indian Great Achievers

Rabindranath Tagore

Winner of the 1913 Nobel Prize for Literature, he was a Bengali writer, philosopher and artist. He not only writes novels, drama and poems but also composed songs and music. Known as Gurudev, he established the Visvabharati University where teachers and students followed a traditional Gurukul system and lived close to nature.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

An accomplished scientist through hard work and dedication, he belonged to a simple family. He pioneered the Indian space program to mighty success. Students of science particularly adore him. 

Sachin Tendulkar

An amazing cricket champion, yet humble and gentle on and off the field! His career is a long story of broken records and new records being set up. When his cricket career was done, he continued to serve in the Rajya Sabha.

Ratan Tata

Due to him, Tata Group became a renowned international business company. Leadership roles in industries came and fame as a concerned philanthropist.

Some women achievers of the present

Mithali Raj

Renowned in batting in cricket, she featured in the BBC 100 women list in 2017. She is the highest run-scorer in international cricket for women.

Kiran Bedi

The first woman to join the Indian Police Service, she worked there for 35 years.

Indian women achievers from the past

Vijayalakshmi Pandit

She served as president of the Indian National Congress twice. She was the first woman to hold a cabinet post. Governor of Maharashtra and Ambassador to Russia, she was a rare powerful personality.

Sucheta Kripalani

A great freedom fighter, she worked closely with Gandhi. In 1963, she was the first woman to become Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister.

Justice Anna Chandy

The first woman to get a law degree in Kerala, she helped women fight for their rights. The first female judge in India, she worked for 9 years as the first woman judge in a high court.

Sarojini Naidu

The ‘Nightingale of India’ participated in the freedom struggle and became the first woman president of the Indian National Congress. She held the position of Governor of Uttar Pradesh later. Her famous literary works are THE GOLDEN THRESHOLD and THE BIRD OF TIME.

International celebrities

Looking through a wide-angle lens beyond the mountains and oceans that border India, learn some global lessons! Malala Yousafai and Dalai Lama, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are some names that charm with their different approaches, religion, business and education. Achieving celebrity status came after profound achievements, though not in every case.

Yet, the fact remains that Top Role Models in India are important and necessary. Among the hundreds of icons of the past and the present, a few mentioned above serve as reminders that achievers show the way. Without role models, it will be difficult to focus and find the way. Teachers apply universally and parents were the first teachers. Teaching is the mother of all professions. Remember favourite icons and celebrities amidst the nightmares that come and go. 




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