Some Facts And Details About What is A Nuclear Family

What is the nuclear family

Bronislaw Malinowski, considered a social anthropology researcher, termed the word "nuclear family" in 1920. Malinowski's invention had enlisted the name in the dictionary.

What is the nuclear family according to the oxford dictionary?

A family that is consisted of two to three heads would be considered as a nuclear family. It can be a family of husband, wife, the kid(s), single-parent family, etc. so, an in-depth analysis of the subject has vivid ways of understanding, including its advantages and disadvantages.

What are the Nuclear family advantages?


Few people live together and bear the expenses of food, electricity, space, health, schooling, etc. So these are the main advantages. There are some other positive aspects of these kinship groups (nuclear family synonym).

Responsibility – while two or three people live in a house, the family's requirement would come down to a minimum level. The tasks of the family can be divided and done quickly. The nuclear family has fewer hazards in respect of conducting responsibilities. There are fewer people to cater to, and thus there are fewer problems.

Cost – the second point is deeply related to the first one. The daily needs' expense would be less and attached to it, electricity bill, education, house rent or buying, etc. would decrease to a specific range. The cost-saving helps to make profound plans.

By considering the nuclear family's advantages, these two main aspects provide a less stressed life, what a person of this era enjoys more.

Characteristics of a Nuclear Family

Features of the nuclear family:

* A male and a female get married legally and socially, and they have a kid(s) is the base of a nuclear family.
* These three or a maximum four-person would share the responsibility, values, health, education, and growth.
* The family should have unconditional love and attachment.

Social aspects of a Nuclear family

Dr. Katherine Lebow found from her social and cultural analysis that nuclear families, which had arrived in the world in 1930 in the UK, are a powerful way of social development.

Human relationships are getting complicated during jointly living. Some family members are being deprived, and some are getting more than they deserved. So, opposite thinking (separating people in little clubs) may control the familiar disparity.

In India, Mohan Bhargav described in his research on India's social transition that the concept had started around the 1970s. The teacher highlights that the modern nuclear family sociology brings growth, development, individual care, and love sharing.

Nuclear Family nomenclature

Nuclear the word had come up from nuclear or nucleus. Nuclear means "something essential." So, the meaning of the term is family consists of essential members. So this is all about to know what is a nuclear family. The term came under mass consideration in the year 1950.

Nuclear family disadvantages:

The nuclear family has propagated worldwide and even in India, where joint living was a tradition. The difficulties come along with its advantages as the darkness beneath the light.

* Some grandmothers and fathers are not getting the constant care that they need at such age.
* Nuclear families' distance between relationally bonded people decreases the emotional attachments (virtual connection can't satisfy entirely).
* Loneliness is inherent with nuclear families because they share love, friendship and responsibilities are not constant. Close ones in crisis are not supporting people. It infuses the depression.
* Cost-saving is excellent, but that creates a habit of being lazy. The need to take more responsibility to fetch additional force to earn, but fewer duties keep more time pass time and sleep more.
* In sudden need, people can't rely on their extended family members.

Now, someone may think that the nuclear family was a mistake as they choose it (it's perspective).

Nuclear family examples:

Two different biological people get married and have a kid.
Two different biological people get married and have children.
Single mom or dad live with a kid(s) (people often ask what a single-parent family is, so it is the single-parent family. Such families belong to the nuclear category).

What is a joint family?

Tagore briefed in his several articles that Indian Culture welcomes people and stays a long time as they want. It makes a co-feeling and creates commune feeling and adjustability.

The opposite of the nuclear family in a word is the joint family. The joint family has to have more numbers of family members staying in the same address. So, if you know what is nuclear family, then an understanding of the joint family is not so tough.

Generally, people of the same relation bound stays in the same space, cook in the same kitchen, eat together, who can't make individual decisions without the permission of the head of the family defines the authentic extended family. So, considering the facts in detail, the joint family is the opposite of the nuclear family.

What is an extended family?

Mother, father, son, and daughter are family, but if you want to find the blended family definition, there are more people. Like, uncle, Aunt, grandparents are all staying together. In a deep digging of what is an extended family, different cultures of different countries must be considered.

Mainly the term monogamous family had commenced in practice in Western Culture. Yet, in the Indian Culture, there is a term for extended family. Whether they have relational bonding or not can stay as a family member, if the head of the family or the majority supports it. Such members have never been estranged from the house. Relative's kids may come to another relative's house, which is rich, and the balanced person takes care of the kid's growth and every other need, was one of the examples of extended families. So, these all belong to the family.

It is essential to know what is a nuclear family. It is a modern concept with pros and cons. We must get acquainted with it faster.

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