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What Makes A Family Strong? 5 Traits Essential To A Strong and Happy Family

Spending time together is one of the greatest gifts families can give to each other. This not only strengthens quality time and builds family bonds, but also provides security for all in the family.

Ruchika Chhabra Happiness 25 Mar 2020
What Makes A Family Strong? 5 Traits Essential To A Strong and Happy Family
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Strong families provide a secure and safe place for children and thus they get the confidence to explore the world and learn new things. Thus they very confidently better deal with the failures and challenges with the support of the family members. Spending time together is one of the greatest gifts families can give to each other.

This not only strengthens quality time and builds family bonds, but also provides security for all in the family. Children not only learn important social skills but also they get self-confidence by enjoying activities together. Strong families also make stronger parent-child communication, improve educational performance, and teach children how they can become a good friend.

Key points

  1. Strong families create a safe and secure environment for children.
  2. Strong families have predictability,  good communication, and strong relationships with others outside the family.
  3. Taking care of yourself is an important part of growing a strong family.

Traits to make a family strong:

family joining hands

1. Commitment

Commitment is a very important attribute to make a family strong. This is particularly very important for co-families because they give high priority to their relationships. It means to put the family first and help the family members to become what they want to be. By committing they also help the family members to reach their potential.

2. Warmth, care, and positive attention

To make a strong family it is important to be caring, warm, and affectionate with the children. Positive attention is also very important because this helps to show joy and interest in your children and shows your children that you're available at the time of their need.

The following are the tips for creating warmth, care, and positive attention

  1. Look for opportunities to tell your children how much you love them and you are proud of them.
  2. While talking to your children you should smile and look into their eyes.
  3. Show physical affection while you can.
  4. Look for opportunities to encourage and praise people in your family when they do something good.
  5. Make opportunities to do the things that you all enjoy. 

3. Communication

Communication not only about good things but also about bad things is also very important to make a family strong. This makes a safe place for children to share difficult feelings like shame, confusion, and also strengthens their relationship with the family members.

The following are the tips to increase communication in the family:

  1. Encourage family members to talk to each other and listen so that everyone can get an opportunity to express their feelings.
  2. Have meals together as often as possible so that you can share the events happening in your life at this time.
  3. You should encourage your children to express their thoughts and feelings so that they can ask for what they need.
  4. Learn to negotiate and compromise when problems occur, so everyone should participate in what they want. 
  5. Pay attention to your nonverbal communication such as smiles, physical affection, and eye contact that can be also used to make a strong family.

4. Predictable environments

A predictable environment is very important for your children that can help them to know what to expect each day - and what is expected of them too. This type of environment is very important when your children go through developmental changes such as your child is settling in a new school.

  1. You should create a family routine such as who should do what, when, and in what order - that can help the family members to make time with individual children. 
  2. You should emphasize your family values such as love, respect, acceptance, support for each other that helps the family members to know what is important to your family.

5. Connection to others

Connections with friends, neighbourhood, and community are very important for children that helps them to develop a strong sense of themselves. 

The following are the tips to  connect your family with others:

  1. Encourage your children to spend time with their grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. You should call, video call, or email If they live far away.
  2. Join a local community group or sports club that gives your children a chance to know new people and get community members to work together.
  3. You should invite grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, or family friends to school or sporting events that are important for your child such as an awards ceremony.

Final Words:

Finally, I can say that children are affected by your activities and thus they learn from these. For example, they learn communication from your talking way and also they learn important skills from when you teach them how to solve the problems calmly. It is also very important that you should support the interest of the children such as attending their soccer games, reading a book series they love.

Life is always a better learning experience and when your family shares these learning experiences together, it strengthens your relationships. 

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