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ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is the most common mental health disorder syndrome which can found in toddlerhood and can go till adulthood. Children with ADHD have signs of inattentiveness, impulsivity and hyperactivity which may interfere in school life and home also. To know more about ADHD Click Here


Symptoms can fluctuate from children to children, based on the intensity of symptoms but mostly personality contains the combination of hyperactivity, lack of concentration and unable to control impulsiveness.

Some of the traits are:

  • Always on the ‘GO’ and look like they have a motor driven in their body.
  • Being squirmy and often twist finger.
  • Doesn’t follow instructions leading to lack of nutrition and homework schedules.
  • Talk excessively and concentration shifts towards what other are doing.
  • Irritate others and intro others.
  • Poor sitting power, losses things, cry often.
  • Often daydreams and shifts I hobby.

ADHD comes in combination with autism many times. In one-third cases it leads to combination of Autism Spectrum Disorder that can affect language, behavior, social and learning skill of kid.

This combination is mostly seen in kids with nearly 3 years of age.


Usually every kid is naughty at peak of her age. So, it becomes difficult for parent to understand neither its ADHD or not. Hence, it’s important to seek help from a Psychologist or Pediatrician near you for assessment.

Many Psychological Tests like Cornners Scale, Vanderbilt ADHD Scales are available for diagnosis. After the confirmation only it is advisable to start treatment courses.

  • MEDICATIONS:  Treatment of ADHD can be varying from children and adults, not every person with ADHD takes the same drugs. There are 5 types of medication licensed or the treatment of ADHD:
  • Methylphenidate
  • Dexamfetamine
  • Lisdexamfetamine
  • Atomoxetine
  • Guanfacine

You should only take these medications only by the prescription of your Psychiatrist or your doctor.


 A psychologist always refers Occupational Therapy to an ADHD kids as prior treatment. Occupational Therapists are available at www.myfitbrain.in to provide therapy that will help the child to attend and learn various adapting activities. Occupational Therapists conduct an assessment and being intervention as required. Occupational Therapy often works with children to help them to develop self regulation and teach children strategies to address these challenging areas.



Behaviour Therapy helps ADHD kids to manage their hyperactivities, impulsiveness and inattentions. Behavioural Therapy can teach children skills that will benefits them as they grow up, Behavioural Therapy focuses on replacing negative habits and action with positive ones. You can get connected to our Behaviour Therapists online at www.myfitbrain.in .



Meditation and yoga are very good ways to manage your ADHD symptoms. Meditation helps to strengthen your ability to control your attention power. Yoga will help to boost your self-esteem, lower your stress and also helps in losing your weight.



ADHD can affect a student’s behavior, learning ability, emotion and relationship too. Special Education can help these students to learn and manage issues and provide encouraging support. They help to design behavioural program to address specific problems in the classroom.



Never punish an ADHD child, because their behavior are all outside their control. You should not ignore your kids or interrupt them always for a better discipline. However, providing a child suffering from ADHD positive attention is a very good investment. Forcing a child with ADHD to stay in for recess may worsen behavior problem. Parents should explain reason of doing a task in clear or positive manner. Negative language can be hurtful or can make the disruptive behavior of your child worsen.

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