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Bad Effects of Web Series on Children

Web series have also entered the race in past few years. They are typically broadcast on streaming video platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and others.

Tushar Vimala Balakrishna Deaddiction 16 May 2022
Bad Effects of Web Series on Children
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We all need amusement to preserve or live a healthy life or to be stress-free, yet in recent years, our country's youth have interpreted entertainment incorrectly. We enjoy entertainment because it allows us to escape the stresses of everyday life, yet as society evolves, so do entertainment providers. Web series have also entered the race in past few years. They are typically broadcast on streaming video platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and others.

Let’s be honest here that yes we all love a good web series, be it fiction, action, romance, crime, thriller, or any other genre from the plethora of options available. But the thing is that not everything on the internet is not educational or relevant. Children and teenagers these days are way smarter than their past generations and know how to access what they want. Sure there are good shows too but what about the violent, vulgar, and overly fictional shows that represent killing, thievery and violence are cool. So in this article, we will discuss the negative effects of web series on youth and how it is detrimental to society.

Why Has the Popularity of Web Shows Exploded in Recent Years?

The daily soap operas on television have been running for years with the same predictable, trashy, and bizarre stories, while web series are modest and have fresh creative themes. It features a fascinating storyline with unusual plots and frequently depicts relatable situations. You can view them on any platform or device you want, and there are no time restrictions. In most situations, you can view each episode one after the other at your leisure. These platforms also provide multi-genre content to meet the needs of a diverse audience. Web series offers a wide range of entertainment, and the majority of them conclude with something to ponder. It can have an impact on one's psyche, way of thinking, and the psychological effects of web series are.

How Web Series Are Affecting Today’s Youth?

The web series, plotline, narrative, characters, and activities can often leave a lasting impression on the audience's mind and negative effects of television on children, that might or might not be related to reality. These online series impacts individual thinking and the conclusions are mentioned below, according to the viral study undertaken on the negative effects:

1. Time is Wasted


Children who spend too much time watching web series may lose out on important life experiences. If your child spends too much time watching television then that will impart negative effects of television on child development, such as he is wasting time that could be spent on more beneficial activities such as socializing with friends, doing homework, playing outside, and other similar activities.

2. The Case of Alcohol and Tobacco Advertising

Tobacco and alcohol are advertised directly to a large audience, including young children, on some of these shows, which is highly inappropriate. Youth that watches these online series that promote such trash addiction and strive to copy these actions to seem heroic are useless to society. There's no way to become a hero by participating in such actions.

3. Focus Deficiency

Children who spend more than 2 to 3 hours before a screen daily generally struggle to concentrate in class. Such children may also be more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). This lack of focus and decreased ability to focus spills over into other areas of life, such as sports. Crafts and other creative and mentally relaxing activities may also be avoided by the children making losing focus one of the most major negative impacts of web series o children.

4. Risks to Heart and Eye Health


Lazy eye syndrome can occur in children who watch too much television. The youngster has a blurry or decreased vision that cannot be corrected with glasses or lenses in this situation. TV addiction also fosters an unhealthy lifestyle and a lack of physical activity, which have adverse effects on the heart and brain. This can eventually lead to heart diseases and clogged arteries.

5. Changes in Emotions

Children who are exposed to shows about sex, drugs, and alcohol abuse are more likely to experience emotional changes. They may have a distorted view of reality and be psychologically manipulated because they are too young to comprehend many of these issues. It is one of the most prominent negative effects of web series on youth and some web series promote sexual content in their shows, which might encourage irresponsible sexual behavior.

6. Negative Actions

According to studies, excessive television viewing can affect brain structure and increase negative behavior, particularly violence and aggression. There is a link between watching violent web series episodes on internet TV and youth displaying aggressive behavior. This problem is more likely to affect children who watch shows with content that is improper for minors.

7. Obesity


Obesity and other health problems can emerge in children who watch excessive television and is one of the most common negative effects of television on children. When young children watch too much television in high school, it's not unusual for them to develop into teenage couch potatoes. When children do not participate in physical activities, and sports this occurs.

8. Academic Underachievement

Another one of the negative effects of media on child development is spending too much time watching television may lead to a lack of interest in other activities. It has a negative impact on pupils learning behavior and academic achievement. Because of television, kids may skip school and homework, which harms their academic performance.

What Can Parents do to Protect Their Children From These Negative Effects?

True, individuals now have a variety of options to pick from based on their interests, such as language, genre, and so on, but one should also be conscious that viewing web series affects one's thinking. This is where the parents enter the picture. Although you cannot supervise your child 24x7, there are some actions you can take to ensure your child's proper upbringing and effective parenting in terms of watching television and movies. You can ensure that your child has a healthy relationship with web series and lessen the negative impacts of web series on children, television, and you by following these tips.


  • Limit how much time your child spends in front of the television.
  • Ascertain that your children are watching decent television rather than inappropriate content alongside monitoring the effects of social media on teens as well to ensure that they are not using the internet in the wrong ways.
  • Parents should watch TV with their children to ensure that the entertainment is informative, instructive, and participatory. This can also help to strengthen the parent-child relationship.
  • Keep the TV out of the bedroom and turn it off when the show is over.
  • Assist in the development of a healthy relationship between TV time and task completion.
  • The million-dollar question is that does being a strict parent really help? It never will because you don’t need to make your feel kids comfortable with you not scared of you. Make sure that the regulations are not overly strict and unrealistic as that may lead to the child developing a bad relationship with television and you.
  • It is important to talk to children about what is best for them, and they should not be encouraged to engage in such negative behaviors and practices.


The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and are research-based. We have no intention of blaming anyone, and no one has to agree with us. This post is not meant to offend anyone; if you prefer web series to anything else, that is your personal choice, which we respect. While reading this piece, keep in mind that this is just our opinion on the negative impacts of web series on children and our youth.

However, if you agree with the content of this post, read it carefully, understand how media use can affect kids, and take the necessary actions to ensure that your children have a healthier connection with the web series. You don't need to lock up your digital devices in a box. Simply spend time with your children, teach them the realities of life that differ from those depicted in the web series, and be there for them as a parent every step of the way where they require your guidance.

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