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6 Tips to Balance Your Work & Personal life by a Psychologist

Here are the 6 Tips by a Psychologist on how to balance your Work & Professional life.

Dr. Neha Mehta General 30 Oct 2020
How to Balance Your Work & Personal Life.
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Amid the Complexities of the 21st-century world and the pandemic, life is going on. Family life and professional duties remain strained, and the struggles continue. Life appears to be a stressful battle but we can make it a less terrifying scenario.

A question asked down the ages in every society whether it’s traditional or modern, how to successfully Balance Work & Personal Life. Family duties and professional assignments combined can be daunting. In India, unlike most men who give almost all their attention to the office, women often manage fronts of the home and the workplace too.

Like circus jugglers, there seems no end to the duties and harassments with a moment of rest. Considering urban tensions, pollution, long commutes daily and office politics, it sometimes becomes too much.Getting the mind to relax is difficult but not impossible. You must enjoy Games, hobbies, social media friends, gossip and parties. Yoga and Meditation can be a game-changer.

As a Consulting Clinical Psychologist, suggests six tips to reduce the friction between working and personal life. but before jumping into the 6 tips to manage work and personal life, you must be aware of what it is.

What is Work-life balance:

You are working in a company, you will be entangled between your work and personal life. If you take the Burden of your office at home then it’s going to be difficult to spent quality time with family. Therefore, It would be better to keep your office work till the office, because if we mix the personal and professional life, then there is no way to avoid problems caused by it.

However, I am not going to tell, resign from your job; to manage your personal life. But you can make office hours even more productive so your mind calms down. First, let’s discuss some points to improve your work life.

Boss talking to their employees

1. Take the boss's words positively:

Professionals everywhere whether in the government or private sector have differences with them. When the boss speaks harsh words, it seems temporary that the world has come to an end. Don't get disturbed or hassled.

What happens to your respect if such a scene takes place right in front of colleagues? Rather than the words of your boss, it is crucial to consider their intentions. Maybe the purpose is useful, and taking the terms would be better for everybody concerned with the business. Never blame the office environment for your weak performance and suffering health problems. Perhaps, you are not alone, the majority of employees have such complaints.

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an employee doing his work passionately - standing near building window and watching outside

2. Be Punctual for work but don't overdo duties:

Lots of research has been done on work ethics, duties and responsibilities. Achievement always gets their due reward. Some people try to neglect work and give excuses for not performing. On the other hand, some try to do more than they are supposed to do. 

For example, arriving in the workplace before time and leaving after everybody else, shows excessive attention to duties. While it is essential to be punctual and to fulfil the work entrusted relatively and responsibly, you must avoid excessive work. Carry out the duties and maintain a professional approach. If emergencies require additional work officially done, you will receive payment for that. 

However, you keep in mind that this kind of professional approach will not benefit you, eat healthy food, stay fit, spend time with family, and sleep well.

A happy emyploee taking a break drinking coffee

3. Enjoy occasional leaves rather than piling them up:

The culture of accumulating leave with the intention of the extended holidays is old, perhaps in the future, you will make a way to happiness. Some may think that sickness may require leave, not at all. Only work and more work will result in serious tensions of the mind and a suffering body. You need to take leave and do the things you like in the present. You need to enjoy life and find occasions to get rid of tension and frustrations. Whether it is a movie or picnic, lunch at a favourite eating place or shopping, make sure that you get to enjoy the moments.

an office employee talking to her friend in office hours - sharing personal life issues

4. Don't share personal life in office settings:

Opinions may be fair in the office but be careful and don't express emotions and anger. Don't become a victim. Like a wall that separates family life and office duties, avoid mixing up both. Work officially at the workplace according to the terms and agreements in the appointment letter. A company's code of conduct and dress code are parts of every workplace. Don't reveal family secrets and avoid gossip concerning the family.

Loose talk about personal life and family matters will lead to embarrassing situations and invite small talk.

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a cup of coffee on table in office break

5. Take short breaks frequently during office work:

It is agreed universally that long stretches of office work can be exhausting. You need to take short breaks and find ways to relieve stress. To reduce the tensions of sitting at the desk all day long, take frequent breaks maybe once every 25 minutes.

Our team at MyFitBrain uses this technique to relieve the stress of 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of a short break, known as the Pomodoro technique. Plus there are many tomato extensions you can add in your browser.

Sounds great? haha Yes, it a great way. So the question might be; How do most workers spend those short 5 minute breaks? Well, you can spend them on Drinking coffee or a short walk, perhaps some go for smoking.

a mother doing office work while her daughter is playing alone

6. Don't carry the office burdens home:

An essential criterion in balancing home and office work is to avoid mixing them up! While you should not bring personal lives into the office, refrain from carrying home the office burdens.

Naturally, work involves stresses like meeting deadlines. Though much depends upon the nature of work, it is true that all jobs require hard work and racing against time. Everybody feels that work should be lighter, and payments should be higher.

When you leave the office after work, let the work remain in the office. Don't shift the office work to the home. Everybody wants to create a happy family environment. The danger is that those office complications may enter the home and spoil the family spirit.


Finally, You must accept that there is a big difference between Personal and Professional life. Regarding work, try to be punctual and finish work according to deadlines but avoid overdoing work. If you arrive early and leave late, nobody will appreciate the excessive interest.

Regarding leave, try to enjoy life with some break and avoid piling up leave to take a grand vacation that may never happen. Instead, concentrate on the immediate present and live life meaningfully. Don't carry your personal life into the office domain. Not everybody may be sympathetic, and some may be spiteful and jealous too.

You need to take care of the mind along with the body. Short breaks will energize you. And de-stress you with physical activities now and then throughout the working hours.

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