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Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis) Problem in Kids - How to Stop Bedwetting

Bedwetting is a common problem for many children. In this article, we will learn how to stop bedwetting and understand child issue.

Shruti Poladi Child Behaviour 29 Jul 2022
How to Stop Bedwetting
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Does your child wet the bed especially when it is night? Has your child suddenly started bedwetting? Do you want to know how to cure bedwetting? 

Many children suffer from bedwetting. Even children of 10 to 12 years can suffer from bedwetting. There are cases when adults are found bedwetting. Bedwetting can happen with anyone and anytime. In this article, we will learn how to stop bedwetting. First, let's know about bedwetting.

What is Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis)?

Bedwetting is the condition when a child especially wet the bed. It is also called Enuresis. It is urination while sleeping but that is too involuntary, that is, the person is unaware that they are urinating. When bedwetting happens at night, it is called Nocturnal Enuresis. 

Bedwetting problem in kids may be because of an underlying disease which causes it but many times it is not due to this but due to stress and anxiety in children. Adult bedwetting problem can occur because of alcohol intoxication. To cure bedwetting you should first dig in deep to know why it is happening.

Reasons for Bedwetting

There are many reasons behind bedwetting. To cure the bedwetting problem in kids you need to know why it is happening. You should know that there is always a reason behind bedwetting. Either it is a medical condition or emotional stress or some other reason. Some of the reasons behind bedwetting are: 

1. Medical Conditions

Medical Conditions

Medical conditions like diabetes, weak urinary bladder, small urinary bladder, etc can contribute to bedwetting. In diabetes, the person had to go for urine again and again. Small urinary bladder and weak urinary bladder are unable to hold urine and hence can cause bedwetting. There are other medical conditions as well like hormonal imbalance that can lead to bedwetting. It can be treated with proper check-ups, medications, and professional guidance. It is usually the reason behind adult bedwetting problem.

2. Emotional Stress or Anxiety

Sometimes bedwetting does not happen because of some underlying medical issues but due to some emotional stress or anxiety. Sometimes your child may be suffering from some emotional trauma about which you are unaware and this can lead to a fear in his mind which causes bedwetting. For example, if your child goes to school or goes to the playground alone there he may get bullied by someone and this makes him fearful and he bedwets at night. Here you should understand your child and support him.

3. Disruption in a Child's Routine

Disruption in a Child's Routine

Another reason for bedwetting can be disruption in the child's routine. Enrollment into a new school, change in the sleeping schedule, or change in eating and playing routine can cause disruption in the fixed timetable of a child. The urination routine of the child causes him to bedwet. Usually, after a routine is set for the child the basic nature calls also occur according to that routine and hence disruption in the routine can disrupt the urination routine.

How to Stop Bedwetting

Many people wonder how to cure bedwetting and end up scolding their children thinking that it is their irresponsible behavior. However, it is not a child's fault. There are different reasons. After you find the reason you should work on treating those reasons to cure bedwetting. Here, we give some tips to cure bedwetting.

1. Try to Know The Reason Behind Bedwetting

The first tips to cure bedwetting is to know the reason behind bedwetting. In the above section, we have explained a few of the reasons why especially children do bedwet. It may be some underlying medical conditions or some emotional stress or anxiety which have led to bedwet. Knowing the reason is very important because it will help you cure the issue more easily. Do not start screaming at the child but first, try to look at what may be the reason. Scolding the child will hurt him more and increase his fear.

2. Don't Share The Problem With Anyone

Don't Share The Problem With Anyone

Do not share the problem of your child with everyone if you think he or she will explain to the kid or make them understand that bedwetting is not a good habit. This does not help. Yes, you can share and ask for advice but talk to the kid on your own. Try to talk to your child on your own patiently and ask about it. Don't get agitated if he is not speaking as he is scared too. Try to strengthen your relationship with your kid so that he shares things with you.

3. Try to Follow a Schedule

Another tips to cure bedwetting is to follow a fixed schedule for your child. Set a time for waking up and for bedtime. Mera your child goes to the washroom before he goes to sleep. Set an alarm at night at a fixed time when you go to your child and take him for urination. For example, set an alarm at 12:00 a.m. or 1 a.m. and make sure that you get up and take your child for urination. If a child follows the schedule remember to reward him by taking him outside or showing your love, etc.

4. Try to Stop Shaming or Blaming The Child if it Happens

Do not shame or blame your child for bedwetting. You should never scold your child for it because it is not their fault if in your house someone else like an elder brother or someone else makes fun of the child. Make sure that you stop this because when the child grows up or even when he is small it will hear him deeply. Do not shame or blame or let others shame or blame the child for bedwetting. It will only hurt him and make him more fearful.

5. Love And Support Your Child

Love And Support Your Child

Bedwetting can be cured when along with other remedies you give your child an abundance of love and support. You need to build a very strong relationship with your child by giving him all your support and love. You should not scold him or the rash because of bedwetting but gently try to talk to him and assure him that you are not angry. You can seek parenting counselling to know how to handle and understand your child better. This will build trust with the new in your child and your child will openly share everything may also be the reason why he bedwets.

6. Refer to Doctors or Counsellors if Necessary

If the above remedies are not working or you find that it can be a medical issue that is the reason, consult a doctor. If your child is fear stricken because of some emotional trauma then take the help of a counsellor. You can show your child to a therapist or even take him for child counselling sessions. Seeking the help of a counsellor or a doctor will help you to cure the bedwetting problems and also free your child from other medical issues or emotional trauma.


Bedwetting is a common problem many children face and have struggled to get rid of it. Teenagers and adults can also develop this habit of bedwetting suddenly because of similar reasons. Many children are unable to walk up when they need to go for urination at night. This happens because their brain does not act immediately after receiving signals or receive the signals late. In such cases, children should be taken for motor skill development to make the body parts work in alignment. Bedwetting can happen to anyone. It is just that you should support the person and work towards eliminating the reasons.


1. Can Bedwetting be long-term?

Usually, Bedwetting is not long-term and goes away as a child grows up. However, it can be treated and goes after the reason for the same is treated.

2. Can adults also suffer from Bedwetting?

Yes, adults can also suffer from it. It may be because of hormonal or medical issues.

3. What does Bedwetting indicate?

Bedwetting can indicate that your child is either having stress or other medical issues. It can indicate that the child may be fearing something.

4. At what age bedwetting is normal for children?

Children up to 3 yrs normally wet the bed. It is normal for children up to 5 years to do bedwetting. Even till 5.5 years, it is considered normal but after that, you need to look into it.

5. Can bedwetting happen all of a sudden?

Yes, bedwetting can happen all of sudden but there are some reasons behind which should be looked upon and addressed.

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