Behaviour Issues among Children

Dr Satyen Gyani
Child Behaviour

28 Nov 2020
Behaviour Issues Among Children

Our life as parents revolves around their children. We wish to see them happy all through their lives. But what if instead of you putting your best efforts, the child does not seem happy? What if he/she starts behaving awkwardly? What if they start acting out in every situation including the normal routine? What if they go to aggressive on little issues and defy both parents and teachers? So how can you expect yourself to stay calm in such an alarming situation and even how can we help our child to get back to his normal behavior again?

If you are finding the above questions as something similar to your situation and your kid’s behavior, then, leave the worry to us. My Fit Brain, an online portal for treatment of behavior issues among children, is right there to support you in this time of need.

Recognizing Behaviour Issues

If you are not yet sure that your child needs treatment for behavior issues, then, take a pause from your busy life and start observing your kids behaviour at home, with friends, and at school. Primarily, it is the pre-schoolers who exhibit deviant behavior. In addition, children up to the age of 15 may also experience behavioral disorders. To recognize behavior issues  in your children, you must see if the child behaves in the following manner:

  • Withdrawal from social activities
  • Throwing tantrums over little things
  • Disruptive or dangerous behavior frequently
  • Defiant behavior most of the time
  • Eating problems

 Reasons for Behaviour Problems in Children

As per the experience of behavior consultant experts at My Fit Brain, the children try regulating their behavior themselves whereas they need the help of parents to manage their impulses effectively. Reasons vary from incidents in their school or at home that deeply impact child psychology. This, in turn, gradually turns their behavior to a negative side.

The best therapy for the treatment of children with behavior issues

My Fit Brain Therapy endeavors to provide emotional counseling for behavior issues in children. We teach parents as well as children to shape their behavior positively. First, we discuss the possible causes of such behavior and then, decide the kind of child therapy needed in such a situation. The therapy is of three types: In this Program, the therapists deal with the parents without children. They teach parents the skills of an effective role play as parents. After each counseling session, parents are told to practice the acquired skills at home.

Here, parents are told to bring children along for online therapy. Therapists will ask some questions or give tasks to children and then, parents and therapists will observe what children will do in such situations. The variations between desired and undesired behavior will be noted. MFB therapists will finally teach both child and parents to turn such situations into positive ones. Gradually, in 14-15 live counseling sessions, children will get accustomed to what the right behavior is.

  • Parent Management Program
  • Child-Parent Interaction Therapy
  • Triple P  Therapy 

MFB Team has designed this therapy to promote a positive relationship between parents and their children. It is also known as the Program for Positive Parenting. With counseling of parents in this program, MFB experts equip parents with skills to manage a child’s behavior effectively.

Hence, when child tantrums grow beyond control, when your child cries inconsolably for no apparent reason or when you see no clue for behavior issues in your child, it is high time to take counseling from My Fit Brain experts. Remember it is only you who can shape up your child’s skillsets and bring a positive attitude in children. So, come for counseling for behavior issues among your child and bring the ray of hope and happiness in your child’s life again.

Please Contact My Fit Brain by visiting our website or you are free to email us at [email protected] and let us help you in fighting with behavioral problems in your child.
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