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Benefits of Morning Meditation for 1 hour - How to meditate?

In this article, we are going to know what meditation is. How to meditate? What are the benefits of doing meditation? Let us now know about what meditation is.

Inderjeet Sokhi Spiritual Healing 14 Feb 2022
Benefits of Morning Meditation for 1 hour - How to meditate?
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Do you people wonder why we used to have compulsory Mediation time in the assembly of our school? Or you were also the one who felt like it was a waste of time? If yes then I must say you just came to a very very right place. We as children always took a 5 min morning meditation session in the morning but, now it is High time to admit about meditation. So, In this article, we are going to know what meditation is. How to meditate? What are the benefits of doing meditation? Let us now know what meditation is.

What is Meditation?

Before discussing, how to meditate or how to meditate properly? It is very important to know what meditation actually means. Meditation is a kind of breathing process where you have to do in and out of breath and then calmly wander in the spiritual world. I have seen many people holding misconceptions about meditation like meditation is all about becoming a different person or even we can say it is about becoming a better person. But, it is all about healthily getting new perspectives. Meditation makes you learn to observe things without making any judgments. One should regularly meditate properly and do meditation as it has a lot of benefits and keep you healthier. Morning meditation is the best. You can also try mindfulness therapy counseling to enjoy the maximum benefits of meditation.

How to Meditate?

Now let's discuss how to meditate? Many people think that doing meditation is something hard. But, let me make it clear that the process of Meditation is way too simple if you know the proper steps of doing it. 

So, let us know how to do meditation and what are the steps of doing meditation:-

Steps to do Meditation

Step 1 -  Have a Seat

To perform the process of meditation properly, One should always make sure about one thing while having a seat i.e the place should offer them calm, quiet, and peaceful environment. While meditating your environment matters a lot. Then you have to seat keeping your legs crossed and make sure you are comfortable in that position as you have to seat in the same position for a while.


Step 2 - Close Your Eyes

Once you are done with having your seat in a peaceful environment. You have you close your eyes slowly. So, as it becomes easier for you to get wandered into the spiritual world. You should at least meditate for 5 mins in the morning.

Step 3 - Breathe In and Out

As meditation is a breathing process one needs to breathe in and out and then feel its sensation.

Step 4 - Chant words like Om on Repeat Basis

One should Chant Words like Om on a repeat basis while breathing in and out as it helps you to get wandered into the spiritual world.


Step 5 - Open Your Eyes And Observe The Environment

The fifth step of doing meditation is once you are done gently open your eyes, take a moment, and then observe your environment. You will feel kindness in your surroundings, your body will feel better than before and your thoughts, and emotions will have calmness in it.

So, this is the process of Mediation. Every one of us should meditate every day as it has a lot of benefits to our health, it makes your entire day better. If you meditate properly it helps you to live a healthier, happier, and more peaceful life than ever before. 

Benefits of Morning Meditation

Adding Meditation Time to your routine will not consume a lot of your time. You can just practice meditation for even only for 5 mins in the morning or for one hour and this one hour will bring a lot of changes in your life. Meditation also helps in stress relieving and is an essential part of mental health tips for covid - 19. So, One must dedicate at least one hour of their busy schedule to meditating as there are so many benefits of meditation. Let us now discuss a few of them that are as follows - 

1. It Increases Your Confidence And Self-esteem

If you do meditation regularly it will help you to stop thinking negatively about yourself and when you stop thinking negatively about yourself it automatically increases your confidence and self-esteem. Meditation brings a greater sense of positivity, vitality, and a lot more. Which helps one to live their life in a better way.


2. Makes Your Mood Refreshed

Meditating makes your mood refreshed and i.e why it is often said to do meditation every morning at least for one hour. Meditation brings positive emotions like joy, happiness, etc. Meditation creates a feeling of calmness, kindness, peace, and relaxation. And this feeling altogether makes your day happy and energetic.

3. Reduces Your Anxiety And Stress

Meditation is something that makes you calm and slows down your breathing and heart rate which then restores your parasympathetic nervous system which has a lot of healing effects on your body and hence reduces your anxiety and stress. And according to many types of research, it is being proved that meditation reduces your stress, and anxiety and helps you to cope with day-to-day frustrations. And the people who are suffering from mental problems like depression, increase in stress and anxiety levels are also suggested by their therapists to practice meditation.


4. It Increases Your Memory Power

According to various surveys and researchers, it is found that meditation increases your memory power. And many Aged people who are suffering from memory loss are suggested to do meditation regularly. And the group of aged people often perform meditation practices like kirtan kriya which is a form of meditation that involves both chantings of mantra and meditation. And meditation not only increases your memory power but can also partially improve memory problems in patients suffering from dementia.

5. Meditation Improves Sleep

Performing Meditation practices can help you to get over sleep problems like insomnia. In today's time, the majority of people are suffering from insomnia. Meditation makes you feel relaxed and calm which automatically creates a sense of a peaceful state and hence, your sleep will get improved.


6. Helps You to Cope With Pain

Our state of mind is directly connected to our thinking of the sensation of pain. So, meditation helps you to keep your state of mind calm and hence it helps you to control your pain. And it is also being observed that if the people practicing meditate process are suffering through any kind of pain then there's a greater possibility for them to easily cope with pain when compared to people not practicing meditation but suffering from pain. And many people also experience the feeling of pain being reduced because of meditation. 

7. Makes Your Relationships Stronger

A strong relationship is one that consists of a good bond, respect, love, concern, etc you start practicing meditation with the added sessions of relationship counseling can help you to learn all of these qualities and improve your connection with people and hence makes your relationships stronger than ever before.


8. Helps You to Get Over Addictions

Various studies have proved that Meditation helps you to get over your addictions like the habit of drinking alcohol, eating tobacco, etc. When you meditate you start understanding things like what is good for you and whatnot. And it ultimately helps you to get over your addictions.


We all should start our day with meditation and try to practice meditation every day as it provides us with a lot of benefits to our health, helps us to live a happy and peaceful life, and whatnot. You should try to meditate in the morning. Adding meditation to your daily morning routine will also help you in clearing your thoughts and in understanding how to be happy in life. Meditation is one of the best practices which gives you instant results and also benefits you in your future in life. It calms you, centers you, and combined with physical exercise can be a blessing in disguise, So, if a happy and healthy life is your heart's desire then start practicing meditation now to discover its power.

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