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12 Best Ways To Deal With Depression

We are listing some of the instances that may be the cause of depression. Here are some best ways to deal with depression

Dr. Neha Mehta Depression 02 Nov 2021
12 best ways to deal with depression
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In recent times, when covid has hit the world, people were locked in their houses. They are restricted to meet their near and dear ones. This has led to increasing in isolation cases. Isolation is a major cause of suffering from depression. Depression is a medical issue or a disorder that affects your mental health. It has an effect on the way you think, the way react and the way live. It leads to a loss of interest in activities and feeling sad and miserable. But depression is curable with depression counseling but before knowing how to deal with depression, you should know what are the causes and symptoms of the same. Let's know the best ways to deal with depression.

What Can Cause Depression?

Cause of depression

There can be various causes of depression. The main agenda should be analyzing and understanding what the reason is. All of us are different and we all encounter different problems in life. The reason why one is depressed may or may not be the same for others. Here, we are listing some of the instances that may be the cause of depression. These are:

1. Personal Issues

We all encounter some of the other personal issues in life. Every day is not the same. Some conflicts and misunderstandings can take place. Sometimes we get into conflicts with our friends or family and even encounter isolation because of this. Hence, personal issues can become one cause of depression.

2. Professional Issues

When we grow and turn to adults, our responsibility and workload increase. Along with this, we face professional issues as well. Maybe due to some ci conflicts with colleagues, authorities, or even work stress can contribute to depression.

3. Abuse

Abuse can be very traumatic, be it physical, emotional, or verbal abuse. It puts the person into a state of despair and makes one feel vulnerable. It can put the person into depression. Many people who are abused in their life, tend to move into depression later. 

4. Biochemistry

The brain is a complex organ and has various chemicals present in it. The difference in some of these chemicals can give rise to the symptoms of Depression. However, this may or may not be the reason. 

5. Failures

Who does not encounter failures, everyone, you and me all must have faced failures at least once in our life. Students face failures in exams. Working beings may face failure in their work and how can we exclude the difficulties life throws at us and how to handle the depression. At times we fail in that too and this can become the cause of intense stress and also depression.

6. Death

Death and loss of loved ones or family members or friends leads to sadness and grief, which is natural. But this can lead to depression in a weak person as handling such situations is not easy. 

7. Genes

Genes can also lead to depression. Many times family history, that shows a trait of depression, may result, that the coming generation also facing it. It is thought that the effect of a single gene may not result in depression but the effect of various genes causes it.

8. Personality

Personality can be a factor when it comes to causes of depression. People with weak esteem and sensitive nature can fall into depression. Pessimistic people are also at great risk of being depressed.

Signs Of Depression

Signs of depression

How can you know whether you are depressed or not? Here are some symptoms and signs of depression that will help you recognize whether you are depressed or not. So, let us enlighten you with the signs:

1. Loss of Appetite

Normally people who are depressed tend to have a loss of appetite. They Don't even wish to have their favorite food.

2. Miserable Feeling

If you are in a state where you are feeling low, sad, unwilling, and miserable, then it may come under the sign of depression. But one thing that should be noted is that all those who are in grief or sad are not depressed. Sadness is different from depression. 

3. Lack of Sleep or Too Much Sleep

Sleeping too much or being deprived of sleep can be one of the signs & symptoms of depression in men and women both. Normally people don't sleep all day or keep themselves awake if there are no reasons for this one must consider this serious.

4. Withdrawing From Society

One of the symptoms of depression is withdrawal. People who are suffering from depression tend to socialize less and withdraw from society, even friends. 

5. Low concentration or energy

It is common that you feel low and less energized. But many times it can be a symptom of depression. If you are feeling low and are not having concentration for much a longer period then you should give this a thought. 

6. Change In Behaviour

Our behavior tells about our state a lot. People who have been diagnosed being depressed tend to have a behavior change. They become aggressive and have irritating behavior.

Best Ways To Deal With Depression - Know Here

Best ways to deal with depression

Depression is something anyone can go through or face in their life. Here are the twelve best ways to deal with depression. Be it you or an acquaintance of yours, who might be suffering from depression. These tips surely might help in how to cope with depression.

1. Switching to Writing

One of the best ways to deal with depression is writing. Many times you cannot share what is going on inside you. You can pour all your feelings into your writing. When I faced my grandma's death, I was not to cope with it and I switched to writing. It comes with relief and helps in pouring what I was unable to utter. 

2. Express Feelings

Expressing feelings is another method of dealing with depression. Even though expressing your feeling is hard but it gives the greatest relief. You can do this by sharing what you feel with someone or by jotting it down. Its main motto is to express what you feel. If you want to wallow, you must wallow all you have within you. Sometimes depression counseling also gives better results.

3. Meeting Therapist

Sometimes we are unable to speak to our family or friends. Then, what to do? Meet a therapist. Meeting a therapist is taboo in society. People think you are mad. But this is not the same. many times what we cannot speak to our loved ones we tell them and they provide the best solution to deal with it. You can always search for "therapist near me for depression" or "psychologist near me" and visit for the meeting.

4. Eating Good Food

Loss of appetite is a symptom of depression. But this is not what we should do. We must eat and eat good food. Having proper and healthy food helps to heal us better and it also freshens our mood. So you must keep eating even though you don't feel so. This is one of the most effective ways for you how to handle depression.

5. Meeting Friends

Isolation and withdrawal from society are not how you can face depression. You should move out and meet your friends and family. Talking to them and spending time with them is crucial to beat it. 

6. Boost Your Image

When we feel low, we often disgrace ourselves. We belittle ourselves and think of ourselves as waste. But this is not the case. You should boost yourself and think highly of yourself. You should praise yourself for your achievements. 

7. Talking to Family

Family is the best well-wisher God has gifted you. There is nothing you can not talk about to your family. Talking to your family may benefit you and you may feel relaxed. Taking to the family can be depression counseling which can give you a relaxed feeling.

8. Focus on Positive Things

Depression shifts your focus to negative things. Hence, it is necessary to shift and change your focus. You should talk and focus on the positivity around you. the achievements you have made in your life. How to deal with depression and how difficult it was to deal with many situations but you never gave up. So, to give up now!

9. Reward Yourself / Be Good to Yourself

It is seen that people become harsh and punish themselves. They even have suicidal thoughts. But this is not the solution and can never be. You should reward yourself for facing and striving hard to come out of it. Be good and gentle to yourself. 

10. Do What You Love To

You may feel like giving up on things you love but never do so. Do what has always interested you paint, draw, listen to music, play instruments. Do anything that was always your interest and this is how to cope with depression.

11. Stay In Present

Many times when we are sad or depressed, we tend to move in past and think about the same. The most necessary thing is that you stay in present and accept the present. You must accept and work on the present. 

12. Sleep Properly

In depression, either you sleep more or you are sleepless. You should set a proper time when you sleep and when you wake up. Having proper and regular sleep is important. Stop overthinking and get down to your bed to sleep. Changes in sleep duration and become a major cause why you are low and have less energy.


Depression can be cured and even if you are depressed today, that doesn't mean tomorrow will be the same. Every day has something new in its womb. Hence, don't let yourself lose to this period. With the best ways to deal with depression and tips stated above try to acknowledge how beautiful life is. Focus on positivity around and try to get happy even in small achievements.

Depression is not a disease, it is normal to encounter it, what you just have to do is never succumb to it.

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