Best Ways To Stop A Panic Attack And Deal With It

A panic attack is a sudden trigger of intense fear and anxiety. Here are some of the best ways to Stop a Panic Attack and Deal with it.

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Best Ways to Stop a Panic Attack and Deal with it

Do you frequently have panic attacks? Is there anyone in your family who has had panic attacks? Panic attacks are not very natural but who knows when you may experience a panic attack. But what is a panic attack? Let's know about it. A panic attack is a sudden trigger of intense fear and anxiety. The thing to notice is that fear or anxiety is not caused due to any danger or dreadful situation. It gives you a feeling of choking, having a heart attack and an even more dangerous feeling that is of dying. Panic and anxiety attacks are very frightful, so the anxiety disorders counselling is also necessary when condition gets out of control. It is seen that when problems come on the way then you may face panic attacks but if there are frequent panic attacks that are unexpected, then you should know the best ways to stop a panic attack.

Causes of a Panic Attack

Causes of a Panic Attack

There is no certain cause of the panic attack, no one can state what panic attack causes, but some factors contribute to the cause of the panic attack. These factors are:

1. Stress

Stress has become a major part of our life. Many stressful situations like loss of loved ones, illness or intense pressure may in longer duration develop panic attacks.

2. Genes

Genes make us what we are. Family history of panic attacks is a major cause of why one may face panic attacks. It can be hereditary and if your ancestral generations have had panic attacks it is likely to get passed down to you.

3. Traumatic Events

Many children face panic attacks which may be due to childhood physical or mental abuse faced by them. This may also be the reason why many adults even have panic attacks. Sexual assaults or serious accidents can lead you to encounter panic attacks. Sudden situations which remind one of a traumatic experience can be one of the panic attack causes.

4. Life Changes

Major shifts in life result in the occurrence of panic attacks. Divorce, abortions, change in lifestyle caused many changes in human life. This also led to changes in the emotions and behaviour of humans. This may be one of the causes of facing panic attacks.

5. Temperament

No person is similar, everyone has their temperament. Many people are sensitive and prone to negative emotions. Pessimistic people put themselves into stressful situations and are prone to be low and depressed. Sensitive people become more stressed and may find themselves more prone to panic attacks.

6. Substance Use

Extensive use of drugs or caffeine, even extensive smoking can lead to an increase in the risk of a panic attack. The use of various substances, drugs, alcohol, caffeine changes chemical composition in the body which may cause panic attacks. 

Since no cause is known. It cannot be identified why one faces panic attacks. These factors can be panic attack causes and also increase the risk of developing panic attacks. 

Sign That You Are Having a Panic Attack

Sign that you are having a panic attack

Panic attacks are very sudden, and no one knows when you may face a panic attack or how to stop a panic attack. You may have a panic attack anytime and anywhere, no matter where you are, enjoying dinner with your family, in a gathering, while shopping, even when you are sleeping.

There are many variations you can even have in panic attacks but it is usually seen that the level and the panic attack symptoms can reach their peak within minutes. You may encounter only a few panic attacks during your entire life or even none but the case can be the opposite. You may face frequent panic attacks also. Some of the panic attack symptoms or signs of a panic attacks are : 

  1. Intense sweating
  2. Shaking or trembling
  3. Pounding heart rate
  4. Having a sense of danger
  5. Fear of losing control
  6. Tightness in throat
  7. Loss of breath
  8. Hot flashes
  9. Chills Nausea
  10. Headache Abdominal cramps
  11. Chest pain
  12. Dizziness or faintness
  13. Numbness Detachment Anxiety

One of the worst things about a panic attack is that it brings with it fear. The fear that you may encounter another panic attack. It also leads you to avoid many situations where you may have a panic attack or anxiety attack and many people don't know  how to stop an anxiety attack.

How to Stop a Panic Attack?

How to stop a panic attack

What to do when you have a panic attack? Are there any ways to stop a panic attack? Here we will answer these questions of how to stop a panic attack. We will tell you what to do when you have a panic attack.

The tips are: 

  1. Recognize that you are having a panic attack
  2. Close your eyes 
  3. Do deep breathing 
  4. Identify reality and feel sensations 
  5. Focus on any object
  6. Do some muscle relaxation techniques
  7. Imagine a happy moment or remember a happy place 
  8. Do some light exercises
  9. Repeat positive phrases in your mind like 'this will pass'. 
  10. Smell lavender
  11. Take medicines 
  12. Shift your focus

Complications of Panic Attack

If panic attacks are not treated it may affect various aspects of our life. Panic attacks lead to the constant fear that might result in deterioration of the quality of their lives, hence it is necessary to get panic attack treatment on time.

Treating panic attack

Some of the complications are:

  1. Development of phobia
  2. Development of certain medical conditions
  3. Avoiding certain situations
  4. Anxiety or depression
  5. Fear of life
  6. Misuse of alcohol
  7. Problems in private and professional life
  8. Having suicidal thoughts

Best Ways to Stop a Panic Attack

What to do when you have a panic attack? Do you feel anxious? Is there any way to control it? Here we will answer these questions. Treating panic attacks is very essential. We will tell you here what to do when you have a panic attack and how to treat it. The tips are: 

1. Recognize That You Are Having a Panic Attack

One of the most basic steps in stopping or treating a panic attack is to recognize that you are having a panic attack. Most of the time people are unable to recognize whether they are having a panic attack or not. Because of this confusion or unrecognition, panic attacks are not treated on time and can lead to complications. Hence, it is very important to know whether it is a panic attack or not.

2. Do Some Muscle Relaxation Techniques

Muscle relaxation is another crucial way to stop a panic attack. In a Panic attack, the muscles get stiff and hence can cause dizziness, numbness, nausea, etc. Doing some muscle relaxation techniques helps in blood flow and relaxes the body. It prevents or avoids dizziness, nausea, numbness, chills, etc.

3. Relive the Happy Moments

Happy moments bring a positive vibe or aura. Reliving happy moments or memories helps in relaxing the body. It brings you back from detachment and anxiety. Stress and traumatic events are the main causes of panic attacks. Remembering the good time reduces stress and the risk of a panic attack.

4. Have Faith in Yourself

Faith is the biggest that helps in preventing or stopping panic attacks. Believing in the phrase "this shall pass" or "I am fine" helps in building positivity. Self-assurance and belief make everything come possible and hence one should always have faith that they can recover from panic attacks.

5. Take Medicines

Medicines are very necessary for a person having frequent panic attacks. Without medicines, treating panic attacks can become difficult. Along with changing lifestyle, doing exercises, taking medicines on time and regularly is very important. Missing doses will not yield beneficial results.

6. Doing Exercises and Deep Breathing

Best Ways to Stop a Panic Attack

Exercises are very beneficial for having a healthy body and a healthy mind can be prevented by doing exercises and yoga. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to stop a panic attacks. It calms us down and reduces the risk of the frequent occurrence of panic attacks. It is one of the best  panic attack treatment you can do even at home.

7. Psychotherapy

One of the best ways to deal with panic attacks is psychotherapy. Talking to a counsellor helps us to express our feelings better. It helps them to identify what triggers a panic attack and help us change our behaviour and reactions to the triggers. When we react differently to the triggers automatically the occurrence of panic attacks reduces.

8. Cut Substance Use

The use of substances increases the occurrence of panic attacks and hence cutting off on drugs alcohol or caffeine results in lowering the occurrence of panic attacks.

9. Manage Stress

Managing stress can be very problematic but it is not impossible. It may happen that we cannot avoid stress but at least we can try to lower down our stress and keep it in balance. Most of the time the reason for panic attacks is stress hence keeping stress at bay helps in managing panic attacks even better.


Panic attacks are very terrifying. One cannot predict when you may encounter a panic attack. Hence, treating it and consulting doctors is the best ways to stop a panic attack. keeping a check on it and doing exercises and yoga regularly keeps you calm and keeps your mind at peace. Hence, don't take panic attacks casually, even if you encounter them once, identify the triggers and if there are none try to seek medications or consult a doctor.


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