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Surabhi Setiya
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28 Nov 2020
Boost Your Emotional Well-Being | Image Enhancement


Emotion can be defined as, “Energy in motion,” which can either be positive or negative energy. Further, it is essential to find an equilibrium between the two (positive and negative) for a satisfactory life and a balanced lifestyle. Scientifically, emotion can be defined as, “a state of mind which is associated with the functioning of the nervous system, as well as chemical changes caused by various factors such as feelings, thoughts, behavioral responses and a degree of pleasure or displeasure.”


Creativity is an abstract term, that is, creativity can mean different to different individuals. Further, creativity in accordance with this topic means, “Creativity is a coping mechanism (tool and technique) which helps an individual to change their negative emotions (thoughts) to positive emotions (thoughts).”

Furthermore, the classic meaning of creativity means “use of your imagination or unique ideas to make something innovative.”


Well-being is known as a state of being where an individual is confident, positive, and is able to cope with different situations (ups and downs) of life. In other words, well-being is having a high level of life satisfaction, healthy mental health, and a good sense of life purpose or meaning. Further, the diagram below explains how well-being is not just how we act but how we think, act as well as experience our daily life. For instance, if an individual thinks about changing his negative thoughts into positive thoughts, then he/she has to act on it by changing their behavior and experience the results of their efforts.

Types of Well-Being

Furthermore, well-being can be of five different types:

  • Emotional Well-Being
  • Physical Well-Being
  • Social Well-Being
  • Workplace Well-Being
  • Society/Community-Related Well-Being

In this article, we will be focusing on emotional well-being. Emotional well-being defines being well-equipped to practice and implement techniques as well as tools for stress-management, resilience, and optimal healthy expressions of emotions. Furthermore, individuals find it tough, feel guilty even shameful when they indulge in self-care activities such as self-time, self-pampering, and so on. Thus, they ignore their feelings and avoid self-care. This kind of negligence sometimes can cause sleep disturbances, lethargic feelings, anxiety, depression, stress, relationship conflict, pessimist behavior, low self-esteem and confidence, anxiety about the future as well as resentment about past life experiences and much more, if this kind of behavior goes on undetected.


High level of emotional well-being can benefit an individual to reduce illness, lead a high mortality life, aid faster recovery, build strong relationships, boost mood and avoid mood swings, build strong resilience trait, high self-esteem,  at ease with life’s challenges and difficulties, high life satisfaction, high performance & productivity and much more. Moreover, being emotionally healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you are happy 24/7 or 365 days a year. Instead, it means you are highly aware of your emotions and emotional levels. Further, you are well equipped to deal, handle and manage your emotional state, whether in a positive or negative situation.

Additionally, people with a healthy emotional balance can still feel stress, anger, and sadness. Moreover, they know when a problem becomes too much for them to handle and seek professional help.


Emotional stability

To feel joy, hope, faith, and enthusiasm.

Optimistic behavior:

The act of change in perspective towards life events and finding the good in each and every situation, person and event.

Supportive network and community:

A vital role which is played by understanding and non-judgemental family and friends to provide support and guidance

Being good at self- care

It will help you to be resilient and calm during stressful challenges and having an optimistic mindset towards the event’s outcome (results).

Choosing healthy behaviors

Choosing healthy behaviors over a sedentary lifestyle such as physical activity (exercise), healthy eating habits, avoiding substance abuse, risky behavior to name a few.


For some individuals, it is a conscious process, the key point is to be creative and find an activity or task which works for you. Following are few ways; one can express their creativity to boost emotional well-being. Studies have shown, individuals who have followed these creative techniques have attained healthy emotional well-being.

  • Getting up a few minutes early to drink your morning coffee in peace instead of rushing through your day.
  • Taking a walk every day to embrace your surroundings and nature.
  • Having weekly scheduled time for close friends or family.
  • Find time to be alone with your spouse (a date without gadgets and kids).
  • Regular Exercise can boost concentration, stamina, and immunity as well as reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Make time for active laziness (meditation, reading, forest walks and more)
  • Spend some time in the early morning sun and practice gratitude
  • Be healthy inside (eat healthy food and avoid toxic substances and junk food)
  • Sleep for 7-8 hours, which will help to improve your mood, bodily functions, and attention span.
  • Adopt a pet animal, as they act as the best emotional support.
  • Show kind gestures towards self and others (for instance, smile at a stranger)
  • Be aware of your emotions and reactions during the high emotional set (positive and negative situation).  
  • Express your feelings in an appropriate way which would not hurt others and yourself: think before you act/ speak

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