Can Not Help Falling in Love Indicates A World of Good

Neha Mehta

23 Jan 2021
can not help falling in love

Like a river flowing down to the sea! Elvis Presley was probably right about love. Shall we compare the sweet nectar of love to the mighty forces of nature? Awesome love and all the romantic literature and creative works? Online dating sites and movies and music convince of its supreme power.

In the words of Shakespeare, love is a mystery and a disease. A lighthearted approach to the follies of love does convince us that it is uncertain. Whims and fancies, fuss, and the mesmeric sum up the immense love possibilities. If you can do so much with money, imagine the love possibilities! You better say, 'Can't help falling in love.'

In quest of wholesome love

Don't we grow up surrounded by love's cocoon? Beginning with parents and siblings at home on to a set of warm and friendly teachers in educational institutions. Tender memories remain lifelong and hopefully get more intense with time. The best workplaces have workers bound by fraternal feelings of cooperation and productivity.

Somewhere along the way and rather early, perhaps in the teens or early twenties, comes a romantic attraction. Whether it may be called a close bonding or chemistry, something happens that results in a tug of war, or shall we call it string-pulling?

Two hearts seem to become instead close. Very traditional societies may frown upon such interaction, but love relationships often succeed. Live-in relationships are rather common among developed nations, and same-sex connections are also allowed in some countries.

An intimacy resulting from 'can't help falling in love.'

Love is purity, innocence, fullness, bliss, and fulfillment. If an attempt is made to define love's intimacy, it is an amalgamation of physical, emotional, and spiritual bonding. Commitment to one another appears definite for the moment. One cannot tell the future but hope for the best.

Yet, early love reflects stress, strangely enough. Anxiety results from an experience that may thrill, but it is new, unfamiliar, and strange. The rich experience may need an outlet in writing and poetry, song and dance, music, and painting. Dopamine and cortisol are responsible, according to research. Take it in your stride and enjoy the moment. Channelize that profound love energy usefully in what interests you might find a new one, perhaps like friends and hobbies.

Indicators of the love emotion

How do you know that love has conquered amidst the overwhelming emotions?

  1. Elevating confidence makes you feel on top of the world
  2. You constantly lose yourself in thoughts of that other person
  3. He or she appears an ideal partner to spend eternity with.
  4. The person seems an embodiment of all the finest virtues
  5. You wish that the universe was happy
  6. You cannot contemplate life in the absence of that super personality
  7. Maybe you wish to copy some of the good qualities
  8. Imitating the dress and traits does happen in many cases
  9. The two hearts seem to beat together
  10. Valentine's Day and similar occasions

Gifts symbolize thoughts and feelings, and that is why birthdays and weddings are so special. What will you gift that lover to express what lies deep in the heart adequately? Shall we learn a lesson or two from celebrities and their epic expressions? Not everybody can gift a car or an aircraft, but even token gifts bought in the neighborhood shop carry sweet messages.

Judging from appearances is what all of us are guilty of. The best gifts though not expensive nowadays would be masks and sanitizers that serve a specific purpose. Gifts that lie uselessly around the house and gather dust have not served their function. Displayed on the wall, the art objects and photo enlargements do make a lot of sense in comparison.

The elevating power of love

Though we find defects with love intimacies like possessiveness, envy, and hatred, the uplifting power dominates. Can'/t help to fall in love? Whatever is loved is lifted out of the realm of the ordinary. The person and even the toy or country, race, or religion we love is considered far superior to the rest though not in a negative sense.

The harmonizing power of love being immense, whatever is loved, appears in a radiant glow as if surrounded by a halo. Down the centuries, as reflected in legend and folklore, literature, and the arts, love has been worshipped with deities associated with it. Shall we not carry on that noble tradition?

A single, mutual love that lasts forever?

a beautiful girl sleeping on flowers

Research and psychology report that humans are keen to find love. Finally, finding a partner and the act of procreation for the survival of the race is at stake. Because of the increasing numbers of separation and divorce, doubts may arise.

If love was all that ideal, does it make sense to fall in and out of love several times? Many examples exist of both kinds of love. Among the divorcees are icons in the fast lane as well as couples that celebrated golden jubilees and beyond. Which would you rather be? A butterfly that visits many a flower?

Why is it called 'falling' in love?

Being 'in love' does seem to be a more positive affirmation of the emotion loved the world over. 'Falling' does carry a negative sense. While love raises you to new heights, a weakening is also sometimes felt. Wars and bloodshed have occurred for the sake of love. The destruction does represent a failure of some sort. So, love can be a harsh passion when the demands are not met.

Arranged marriages are safer in that sense with the approval of both sets of parents. The hot blood and youthful passion, combined with a short temper, can result in things going drastically wrong. Honor killings have regularly happened as a result of loving the wrong person. Each culture, religion and tribe, community, and country has its code that lays down stipulations regarding the accepted customs.

Still can't help falling in love? Don't forget that you are one among millions struggling to find a way through the romantic forest. Consider the positive sides of love and let caring grow stronger forever.

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