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Become Psychologist Without NEET: Best Career in Psychology

Did you appear for the NEET exam and were unable to score high. We will tell you about such a field where you can treat people and become a doctor without clearing NEET.

Dr. Neha Mehta General 23 Jan 2022
Become Psychologist Without NEET
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Did you appear for the NEET exam and were unable to score high. Don't worry, you can still enter the medical field and treat people. The medical field is very wide and there are fields where you don't have to clear the NEET exam to become a doctor. If you are interested in knowing about the human mind, thought process, emotion, and body language then you have reached the correct place.

We will tell you about such a field where you can treat people and become a doctor without clearing NEET and do psychology without NEET. Scored less in NEET and yet want to treat people? Here is what you can study.

What is Psychology? Who is psychologist

Psychology is the science of human behavior. It is impossible to understand this science without an open mind and broad perspective in general or otherwise. This question lurks in every corner of the room that why psychology is important in today’s scenario?. Were humans not living nicely without this science?. Why are we discussing topics like mental health and depression? Last but not least why are we considering psychological behavior in the diagnosis of diseases? 

Psychologists or Psychology Professions are doctors who study mental behavior and try to judge the nature of a person by reading his/her mind Rather than judging directly, they organize well-planned sessions and have a proper plan and there are also a lot of benefits of seeing a psychologist. They can tell the real problem person is facing through mind-reading. Overall, a lot of patience is required for this job. We should respect psychologists as they are able to diagnose the problems even when the doctors are not able to find the root cause medically.

What do Psychologists do?

Many people think about what a psychologist does, here we will tell you about it. Now, when you know what psychology is and who are psychologists, it is important to let you know what their work is and know careers in psychology.

1. Conduct Therapy Sessions

Most psychologists start conducting therapy sessions for the treatment of many mental health issues like depression. There are many online counseling sessions available that provide relief to many people who are suffering and struggling all alone. Psychologists even help tips to balance your work & personal life and make you a better person by giving appropriate therapy.

2. Study Human Mind and Behavior

Another work that psychologists do is to study the human mind and behavior. If you are interested in understanding how anyone feels, how they behave, their body language then psychology is the best subject you can study. 

3. Treat Many Mental Health Issues

Psychologists work towards treating many mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and other disorders. It also helps children in their proper development and overcomes any issue through medication and counseling. 

4. Conduct Research

Another important thing that psychologists do is conduct research and evaluate the results. Many students after completing their studies move towards research and study about the human brain and how it coordinates with human behavior.

Conduct Research

5. Lecture The Budding Students

The psychologist even enters the field of academics and lectures the budding psychologist about the course. They conduct research and also publish books for students to read and study.

6. Helps in Rehabilitation

Psychologists also work to help patients rehabilitate. In most cases, patients who are addicted to alcohol or patients who have suffered from brain damage are unable to get back to their normal life. Here the psychologist works to rehabilitate such patients by suggesting them medication and therapy sessions like counselling and psychotherapy sessions.

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How to Become a Psychologist if You Have Not Cleared NEET?

1. Complete 10+2 

Well, it's time to bust the myth that you require to take the NEET exam for becoming a psychologist. Also, clear this myth that psychologists and psychiatrists are the same. Many people don’t know that a 10+2 passed person can actually get enrolled in a Psychology course directly. Take admission in bachelors of science (psychology). It is as simple as that. Increase your awareness.

2. B.Sc in Psychology or Psychology Honors 

Have you heard of a Bachelor of Science and a psychologist career? People generally pursue this course if they already have science as a stream in 10+2. It is a three-year-long course at the undergraduate level that teaches the aspects of human nature and brain functions from childhood to old age from one scenario to another. It basically teaches how different people would react differently in various situations. The job opportunities are many and a good option to do psychology without Neet.

3. M.Sc in Psychology 

M.Sc. is generally done after B.sc. When a student does M.sc. in Psychology, then he has to focus on the research part more and theoretical knowledge is enhanced. They have to publish papers based on the science behind the brain, behavior, and psychological processes. The duration of the course is about two years. It is mandatory for the student to be from a science background. He/she has to pay fees ranging from 30,000 to 1 lakh yearly and a good career psychologist.

M.Sc in psychology

4. M.Phil in Psychology  

It is a post-graduate course. M.phil stands for masters of philosophy. To enroll, please go through the eligibility criteria in detail. You need to have a master’s degree and the examination mode is semester-wise and by this, you can pursue psychology without neet.

5. Ph.D. in Psychology 

A three-year program. In this 3 year program, you get to learn a total of 9 subjects. Three subjects are studied in one year. The course has only one motive to focus more on the psychology part. The course is at the doctorate level. Colleges and universities will accept you as a professor easily after having a Ph.D. degree.

6. Internships 

There are so many opportunities for students pursuing bachelor's degrees. They can get jobs at community centers, mental health care centers. Students can join full-time or can also opt for a stipend when they are an intern. So they can continue higher studies side by side. There are various correctional programs also. Now new rehabilitation centers, welfare organizations, research labs and, vocational rehabilitation offices are being set up in India which offer a plethora of opportunities.


7. Start practicing 

Well, after earning all the degrees, you will think of becoming a licensed psychologist. You should increase awareness about various healthcare programs to excel in this area. If you start practicing in the area of psychology then you will gain a lot of experience and gradually get to know about a career in psychology and more learnings.

Career Options in Psychology

Psychology is a wide field. There are many career options available in the field of psychology. You can specialize in any one of the branches of psychology and excel in it. When you study for a master's in psychology you have to choose a particular branch to specialize in and then practice it. Here we are listing the career options in psychology and online psychology jobs that will help you excel in your life.

1. Clinical Psychology

One of the branches of psychology in which you can specialize is clinical psychology. It is one of the most common branches of psychology. Clinical psychologists work in treating individuals who are suffering from any distress or mental illness. They diagnose and treat individuals in cases of abuse, mental health, trauma, and many more.

Clinical Psychology

2. Child Psychology

Child psychology is very similar to clinical psychology and child psychology works the same as any other clinical psychologist. The difference is that they specialize in assessing the children. The child analyzes if the child is having any mental illness and focuses on their cognitive and behavioral development.

3. Neuropsychology

Neuropsychology as the name suggests refers to the human brain and its relation to human cognitive and behavioral developments. The psychologists in this branch try to understand how brain illness or injury can affect human behavior and their development. The work involves helping the patients with rehabilitation and also dealing with memory loss that often occurs after any brain damage.

4. Criminal Psychology

Criminal psychology refers to the analysis, assessment, study, and diagnosis of criminal minds, their views and thought processes, the intention of action, and the reaction of criminals towards the world. They also study understanding criminal behavior. They work in rehabilitation centers, with judges and also help in treating criminals.

5. Counselling Psychology

This branch of psychology is about giving counseling or therapy sessions to patients who find themselves in emotional distress, suffering from mental trauma. They also give counseling sessions for career development, better relationships, and many more. These days online counselling sessions have become very common.

Counselling Psychology

6. Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychology as the name suggests is about cognitive development, it is one of the best careers in psychology and one of the best online psychology jobs too. It studies mental development and focuses on understanding how any individual learns, thinks, or remembers them. They deal with things like emotions, feelings, perceiving things, motivations, language learning, communication, and check whether the individual has fully developed a cognitive mind or not. 

7. Industrial Psychology

Even big organizations and industries require psychological theories for making it work. Industrial psychology is the branch that helps in the development of industries and organizations with its theories. They understand the relationship between employees and employers and look at their relationship with both boss and work environment.

8. Moving to The Research Field

Many times students studying psychology don't move under any specific field but rather move into the research field. They research different things and analyze how different incidence and different brain parts affect human behavior and body functioning. They also research how brain injury affects human cognitive functions and evaluate results.

The Research Field

9. Entering the Teaching Field

Apart from all these psychologists also move towards academics and become lecturers in universities and colleges. The letter students about psychology and even conduct research programs and published books on various psychological topics. It is adopted by those who are keen on imparting what they know to others and teaching them psychology.


Psychology is great science. More people are coming to the front and taking up this as a course. This tells that we need professionals in the present time to take care of those who are suffering from bad mental health. Their skills are put to test when even clinical diagnosis fails. All doctors are good psychologists but all psychologists are not doctors. Psychologists deal especially with the science of brain functions and their contribution is very important in the healthcare system.

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