Adolescence issues

Adolescence issues

Tired that your child does not listen to you and tries to show that you do not know what their generation up to?

Is your child talk’s maturely and is fed up from the Gyan you give them.

Now it’s no longer UNDER your control

Here are the tips by Dr. Neha Mehta (My Fit Brain)

Parents, this age is the time when child think that you are not up to their mark, you will not understand their issues or discussing them with you will be of no use.

As your thinking is old and this generation is moving fast.

It was said that in adolescence age (11-17years) your child fire you from your job as their parents. You need to improve yourself, mould yourself according to them.try to be their age as their friends, so that they interview you and keep you back as their consultant.

Maintaining distance at this age will bring difference for life time between you and your child. During this age discussion topics include: Sex education, Personality issues among friends, knowledge about fashion, how to be different and attractive and need for love (problems).

“Nobody is better guide to children than their parent”. This is what you know.

Let them follow this too not forcefully but happily.

Feel free to consult counsellor for problems.

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