Child's Challenging Behaviors

Child's Challenging Behaviors

Guiding and Discipling young children is a complex business that takes skill and focused effort. It’s even more complicated when you have other kid of different age who all need to be handled differently at same-times.

There are some tip by Dr. Neha Mehta
  • No matter what-stay calm! Yelling, Shouting, Beating is just a behavior that you will show and trust me, It’s not going to change anything, better be calm and see results! With time! Child will start analyzing your silence.
  • Most of the struggles you face with your child are about power. In teenage, child is just starting to figure out that he has some power to test that the first victim. Don’t conflict with some equal powers. If he is fine, you be low. 60-40 is always the criteria.
  • Most importantly- remember that whenever you embark on a new strategy designed to change your child’s behaviors it is likely that things will get worse before they get better. As they say “THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH” and once your new relationship with your child is firmly established, you will see that both you and your child are fully capable of being the best.
  • You should always accept the fact that your fear for your kid behavior is always your own experiences or incompatibilities in past.
  • With the time, your kid will know it, be strong on changing yourself also.

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