Making Rules for Children

Making Rules for Children

“Usually  parents ask me my child is rebellions it’s just because of the rules. I made for him. Trust me, these rules I just to make my child disciplined”.

My answer is always a big NO.

Rules are the ways to show that you really care for them and  their own good.

Here are the tips by Dr. Neha Mehta (My Fit Brain)

If you need any kind of help for making rules for your chlidren, consult our Counsellors or Psychologists online or by booking an appointment at or you can contact on 9050232637

The main key is “Make Rule that has sense”.

Psychologist classifies rules into late goings.

Fixed and firm rules 

Fixed rules are those on which you can never think of compromising like: rules related to health and safety, rules on family issues.

Flexible rules

Flexible rules those which can be changed according to need and time. Example going on party with friends, watching TV late night etc.


The biggest mistake we do is we didn’t tell our children why this rule “they have to follow”.

As a result they will keep nagging and start doing things at your back or even lying.

Don’t say follow it because I say so give them reasons.

Be clear of your rules and expectations and consult counsellor  for any help.

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