When to Consult Child Counselor?

When to Consult Child Counselor?

Gifted kids sometimes have problems that require the help of a counselor. Such children can be a mystery to parents and consult parenting handbooks isn't always productive. Because it won't cover issues related specifically to such children, delayed development and intense emotional sensitivity.

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When to Seek Professional Help

Every child gets sad and angry, so seeing signs of sadness and anger in a child doesn't necessarily mean it's time to look for a counselor. However, if those signs last for more than three weeks, it might be a good idea to seek professional help. Remember, too, that those signs would be changes in your child's normal behavior.

If you have an introverted child, he may not be very outgoing. He might even appear to be somewhat withdrawn. However, since introverts often like to spend time alone, appearing to be withdrawn is not necessarily a sign of depression. What you want to look for is a change in normal behavior.

See Kids might have other issues they need help with besides depression.

They may be perfectionists and their attempts to do perfect work can lead to anxiety. Perfectionism itself is not necessarily a problem, but when it affects a child's ability to function, it is a problem. They may also have a hard time making friends or interacting with other kids. Some kids are happy with one or two close friends and those friends need not be their classmates.

Again, if interpersonal interactions are a source of stress and anxiety for your child, then it might be a good time to seek professional help.​​

Getting the Right Diagnosis

Too few mental health professionals get any training specific to gifted children. That means that they are no more likely to understand the special needs of gifted children than anyone else in the general public. They are also just as likely to have the same misconceptions about gifted kids as others. And if they don't understand gifted kids, then they may see traits of giftedness as problems that need to be corrected.

To get the right kind of help, we need the right diagnosis. A gifted child who is misdiagnosed with some disorder may end up being given drugs for a disorder he doesn't have.

The Importance of Finding the Right Counselor

Finding the right therapist is as difficult as finding the right person to test a gifted child. It may be more practical to find a therapist who is also qualified to administer tests.

And if the person who will be counseling your child is also the one who tested him, that person already has a rapport with your child and some insight into his behavior. Avoid travelling to visit counselor as it will not improve your kid rather making him tired.

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