Commitment To Diet Starts With Mind | Child Nutrition

Anubhuti Dewan
Child Nutrition

28 Nov 2020
Commitment To Diet Starts With Mind | Child Nutrition

When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no “I’ll start tomorrow. “Tomorrow is a Disease”. Achieving success is any diet program that takes more than just following nutritional information. It requires getting into the right state of mind. All of our actions are governed by our thoughts. If it is true that our thoughts create reality, then it is imperative to create an environment that will support a successful meal plan.

Commitment to Diet Starts with Mind

With the below-mentioned points let’s help you to create a strong positive foundation that will help you achieve your Mental Health and Fitness Goals this Year. You must try to stay committed to your diet. If you start your fitness journey with half-hearted then you will not get the desired results. 

Clear your mind

To truly be successful in your diet resolutions this year, you must clear your mind of all media information and hype. This means not believing everything you hear from so-called health and nutrition experts on TV and radio and in magazines and books. Forget all the other diets that you’ve tried, and remember that this plan isn’t anything like those diets – it’s a program that will help in growing you as a person and will improve your overall health be it Physical or Mental health. 

Believe in what you are doing

You must believe in yourself!! Only you can change your habits. You can feel great and you can change the state of your health and weight. Forget all those times you tried different diets. This is a new day and a new approach. This time it’s about overall health.

When you begin to make any lifestyle change, you will encounter people who will try to sabotage your healthy habits to make themselves feel better. You know the people I am talking about – the ones who say, “Oh, one won’t kill you” or “Eating like that is no way to live”. Truly believing in your new way of life and what you are doing for yourself, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Eliminate negative thinking

You need to free yourself from any negative thinking. If you’ve thought before, what’s the use? I’ll only gain it back anyway,” Stop right there. Those negative thoughts are those that the “old you” would have had, not the new, Healthier you. From this point on, replace each negative thought with a positive one. The second you find yourself thinking, “I know I’m going to fail,” tell yourself, “I know I can successfully change my eating habits and my life.” If you repeat this statement at least five times a day, or simply use it to replace any negative thinking, we guarantee that you will begin to feel more positive and confident about your efforts to adopt a new lifestyle. After eliminating negative thinking with positive ones, you will feel energetic and confident and if you feel confident, then without a doubt, you will achieve all your goals. 

Commit yourself to doing the work

Think about your biggest accomplishment to date. What did it take for you to achieve that goal? Months of overtime making yourself eligible for a job promotion? Countless hours of helping your child learn a new skill? Years of practice to become successful at a sport or a hobby? Accomplishment requires a great deal of work, commitment, and dedication. Achieving your health and lifestyle goals will require work. But as you know from experience, the results are worth it. Without being committed to your goals, you can’t achieve anything. 

Set your goals and positive affirmations

Before you start the food and lifestyle changes, choose three affirmations, which essentially are statements that will help you feel your best. Repeat these statements a minimum of five times per day – not out loud, so that the next person thinks you’ve lost it, but to yourself. These statements will make you feel so good; you’ll be motivated to stick with your new eating habits. Imagine how great you’d feel if you said affirmations like these to yourself throughout the day; “I am a confident, disciplined person and can achieve anything I want.” “Eating fresh, wholesome food makes me look and feel great.” “I love my life, and every day of it is a blessing.”

What about sleep?

Your sleeping pattern should be good, you are taking care of your diet, doing good exercise, but what about the sleep. You must take a proper sleep of 6-7 hours!

Make yourself stress-free

Make yourself stress-free, you will easily achieve your goals. Stress and anxiety are always hurdles to achieve a healthy life. 

Build support

Find family members or friends who will support your weight loss efforts. Making lifestyle changes can feel easier when you have others you can talk to and rely on for support. You might have co-workers or neighbors with similar goals and together you can share healthy recipes and plan group exercises. Your family and friends are your biggest supporters. Always remember, all foods are fit. You don’t need to hate food or feel guilty after eating your favorite food. You just don’t starve or stuff yourself. Eat mindfully. You must feel how food is going inside your body. Feel the taste! Eat slowly. Eat-in silence. Eat only when you are hungry. Only mindful eating will not help you to lose that extra kg. Exercise is a must for everyone. Get your body moving. Exercise helps not only to be in shape, but also makes us stress-free. Exercise is not a punishment. So don’t leave on tomorrow. Every day is a new day and you must always try to start it with a bang! Don’t eat while watching television or while using a cell phone. If our mind gets distracted while eating food, we might eat more than needed. Therefore, persistence, consistency, and a strong will are needed to achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

Never hate your body. It is God’s gift to you and you should strive to make it healthy and keep it in good condition.


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