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Can Psychologists Read Minds? Check the Common Misconceptions About Psychology

Can Psychologists Read Minds Misconceptions About Psychology

Dr. Neha Mehta Psychotherapy 22 Jan 2022
Common Misconceptions About Psychology
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Various myths keep on floating in our minds when the topic of psychology is popped out by someone in the room of discussion. This has become a burning topic of discussion in recent times only. Before the advent of technology, this concept was not prevalent. We will have to deal with this topic in the best way possible. Even if we wish to seek guidance from a higher authority, we should never hesitate. A psychologist is an expert in his domain and will take no time to tell you the root cause of your anxiety, extreme behavioral changes, or any other changes. For these changes in nature and behavior, many treatments like Online Counselling, different types of therapies are available to make the person feel much better.

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the study of mind and cognitive behavior and almost everything that revolves around these two, be it any adverse problem or any minor ailment. Understanding the psychology of a person can be a daunting task and it comes with experience. The human brain is competent and tries to send signals to our body the signal to fight in every situation to reach excellence in everything we do. A child’s psychology will be different from a grown-up fully mature person. A child’s mind is mischievous and not cunning. He/she would make excuses of body pain or headache to be exempted from taking an important test at school. An expert eye can tell whether they are really facing a problem or it is fake. Here the study of psychology steps in as a blessing in disguise. A grown-up person may be actually tensed by his daily working hours or due to any problems in his relationships. The exact problem can be solved by proper investigation only but psychology tells us the root cause of abnormal behavior, anxiety, depression, instances of delirium, sense of confusion, being lost in a crowd, and what not? We can take care of ourselves if we look upon our physical and mental health likewise and never frown upon someone who is suffering from any psychological ailments.

Who Are Psychologists?

Psychologists are the ones who study psychology and the human mind, mental state, behavior, thinking pattern, cognitive behavior by observing, analyzing, interpreting, and researching. They try to understand how humans react to certain situations and their environment and how certain habits or issues can affect them. They help individuals to have a healthy mind and have good mental health. They are not only related to therapy but also have a wide range of fields included in them. Many people misinterpret a psychologist to be a therapist and one who can read minds. But it is not so. In the section below we will be telling you about some of the most common misconceptions related to psychology and psychologists. So, let's dig in!


Misconceptions About Psychology

Now when you know what exactly psychology is and who are psychologists. We will now tell you about some of the misconceptions related to psychology. There are many misconceptions related to psychology and psychologists. Here are a few of them. 

1. Psychologists Can Read The Minds of Others

This is one of the most common misconceptions people have related to psychologists. Every Time they visit a psychologist or meet them the first question they ask is "You are a psychologist, tell me what I am thinking?" It is very inappropriate to say that psychologists can read minds. They observe your behavior, what reply you give to certain questions, how to talk, and your thinking pattern. They can analyze your issue and suggest solutions. Further, they can predict that if you continue a certain habit or behavior or style then what can be the consequences of it in near future. Yes, after treating you for a long time, they can predict how you may react to certain situations but they can't read minds.

2. Psychology is Far Different From What Real Science Is

It is another misconception people have related to psychology. For them, psychology is nowhere near what real science is. According to them, science is invention and finding solutions. But, the scope of science is not limited to inventions. It is far more than that. It includes research, finding solutions, analysis, observation, and many more. Psychology includes all this in itself. It includes research, human behavior study, analysis of the data, finding solutions, and concluding the issues. So, psychology is real science.

3. People Studying Psychology Can Only Become Therapists

"If you are a psychologist, you must be giving therapies!". This is another misconception people have about psychology and psychology. Even this is one of the common questions asked to a psychologist. If anyone is studying psychology, they ought to become a therapist. Psychology is not only about therapy or counseling. Its scope is very wide and becoming a therapist just covers up the small part. Someone studying psychology has a lot of options open to them. There are many different career options available to choose from like working in hospitals, conducting research, going into academics, studying behavior, treating people, and many more.

Studying Psychology

4. Psychology Only Employs The Use of Common Sense

Now there is another kind of misconception about psychology that is psychology only employs the law of common sense. In simple words, psychology is having common sense. Only if it is that easy! Psychology is far more than having common sense. It is about analyzing how a person is feeling, thinking, studying their actions, behavior, and mindset. It studies your problem, how you can react in certain situations, observe your body language, response, actions and predict your further actions and what your habits and style can lead you to in the future. It is more than that of just having common sense. Psychologists suggest solutions and help you out in overcoming your situations.

5. If You Have a Mental Illness, Then Only You Can Visit a Psychologist

"You are visiting a psychologist, do you have a mental issue?" This is another most common misconception. If you are visiting a psychologist then you must be having a mental illness. But, this is not true. It is a misconception people hold on to their minds. This has also become a taboo in society which prevents people from seeking help even though they are not having mental problems. Both physically and mentally fit and healthy people can visit a psychologist. If you need an objective viewpoint for your life, if you are stuck in an issue, if you want to strengthen your relationship with others, or even if you want to choose the correct career you can visit a psychologist.

6. One Who Has Suffered in Their Life Becomes a Psychologist

Another in the chain of misconception related to psychology is that people who had suffered in their life, later on, take up the role of a psychologist to help other people out. Though many people who have suffered take up the role of a psychologist to help others who are in need, it is not necessarily true. Anyone who has an interest in studying human behavior, emotion, and thinking patterns also takes up psychology. Also, people who want to help others from overcoming their trauma or other issues and can empathize with them take up psychology.

Becomes a Psychologist

7. You Can See Your Family Instead of a Psychologist

Though family and friends are close and dear ones with whom you can openly speak of your issue and mind and take their help it is a misconception that seeing a psychologist is similar to seeing your family or friends. Family and friends provide you with a subjective point of view from their experience and their viewpoint, giving solutions based on their perspective. Whereas a psychologist will give you an objective viewpoint, separating their personal feelings and understanding it from an unbiased viewpoint and thus will give you a solution that is good from all perspectives, unbiased and objective. And consulting a psychologists actually teaches you how to stop worrying and start living.

8. Studying Psychology is Tough And Difficult

Yet another misconception related to psychology is that studying psychology is very tough and difficult. Anything in this world is not easy. You take any course of your life, you have to work hard in all of them and give your best. Studying psychology is not difficult as it seems to be. If you are interested in learning about the human mind, behavior, actions, thinking patterns, and wish to help out individuals and society, psychology is not that difficult. Having an interest in the subject you study won't make it difficult to study. Unless you are least interested in psychology it is not that hard.

Psychology is Tough And Difficult


Whenever the question of psychology lurks around the corner, we should sit still and ask questions from ourselves, spend some time away from the world, and find a way out by focussing on what went wrong in the past few days that potentially changed the dynamics of your mental health. Believe in yourself first, external forces come and go, people come and go. None of that matters,  retrospection is the best method to know what is going on in our minds. If we are smart enough to implement this, we can get rid of our problems and also control what goes in and what comes out of us. Our productivity will increase and the person who was on verge of becoming a liability will become an asset in no time.

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