Depression due to Office Stress

Pooja Aggarwal

28 Nov 2020
Depression due to Office Stress

Are you dealing with office stress? 

Are you feeling depressed due to Office Stress?  If yes, then, you have come to the right place at the right time. My Fit Brain team will help you fight Depression due to office stress by online counseling of all your workplace-related problems. We all are familiar with office-related stress. It piles up when you have awful days, the days when nothing goes right. Office stress can happen for any reason that creates a feeling of tension in your mind. But if this little devil is not cured well in time, then, it leads to Depression due to office stress.

Reasons for Depression Due to Office Stress

The reasons for depression due to problems at the workplace are contributed to several factors, external or internal. Such reasons may include any of the following:

  • Miscommunication

  • Inability to gel well with colleagues

  • Inability to cope up with deadlines

  • The extreme workload at the office

  • Work shifts at odd hours

  • Any illness

  • Physical or Sexual Assault by boss or colleague

  • Inability to leave the job due to financial problems

  • Unable to find a new job when the present one sucks

  • Having a misfit job i.e. other than your dream job

  • Having a job with ethical discomfort

  • Imbalance between office and personal life

  • The guilt of being a working mother when you have a small baby at home

  • Unreasonable demands from office management

  • Unclear instructions from the employer and the blame of project failure on employees

Symptoms of Depression Due to Office

If you are facing any of the above problems and have the following symptoms, then, My Fit Brain team advises you an immediate counseling for Depression due to office stress.

The symptoms are given below:

  • Giving up on performing well at the workplace

  • Withdrawal from any social activity at the workplace

  • Lack in enthusiasm towards finishing work

  • Decrease in problem-solving attitude

  • Decrease in work efficiency

  • Frustration of office work even when you are at home

  • Unwillingness to go to office

  • Low self-esteem

  • Inability to communicate well with colleagues due to low self-confidence

Treatment of Depression Due to Office Work

If you want to win over depression due to office, then, it is high time that you shall contact My Fit Brain Therapists for online counseling to fight depression due to job. My Fit Brain provides a convenient and 100% confidential counseling for people who are suffering from depression due to their office stress. You can easily connect with our therapists online through Skype voice chat where you can talk about your office problems privately from your home. Online Therapists at My Fit Brain want to support you in facing issues like -anxiety-d and depression due to office problems. It is rightly said that the office is the second home as we spend most of the time of our lives at our workplace apart from our primary home. So sometimes people around trigger you to sadness intentionally at the workplace so as to compete well with you. But if you are depressed, you will fall prey to such people. Thus, seeking support for depression due to the workplace is a big step in the achievement of your life’s dreams. If you are happy at your workplace, then only you can lead a happy life at home.

 Contact My Fit Brain team today and let us help you in fighting Depression due to office stress. Please Contact My Fit Brain by visiting our   website or you are free to email us at [email protected] and let us help you in fighting Depression due to office stress.

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