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Beating Your Kid, Good or Bad?

Beating your kids for hygiene issues is big No I always keep on saying him,
‘Did you wash your hands, Wear slippers while going to washroom?’
These things give constant depression to parents wear slippers in bathroom.
Read the tips given by Dr. Neha Mehta Includes:
According to her “It is important to teach kids good habit from the age of 3. In the later ages, they did not follow us and ultimately we go angry on them.”
Beating your kids for hygiene issues is big No No! Follow these tips to inculcate cleanliness in nature. Click Here At My Fit Brain

A). Child below 8 years old
1) Parents are the Idols: -
Mother Spend maximum time with kids. He learns maximum things from mothers. Try to be the example for them:
Do yourself the same Way, do you want to teach them!!
2) Give Time: -
Habits take time so you should give time to them& let them understand the importance of cleanliness for their body too.
3) Try to make work playful: -
For example - if a mother plans for cloth washing, she can give task of collecting dirty clothes and throwing clothes in washing machine from distance. Give reward to child too like his fav. Snack in the evening. Complete work and play too.
4)Don’t put cleanliness in category of work: -
Cleanliness is not a work. It is your responsibility to clean the house inculcate it into your nature.
Don’t give heavy work otherwise he will feel that mom always give work to me which is difficult. I can’t do all this! He will give monotonous answer’ no’ next time then.
B) Child Between 9 to 13 years old
Make your child In charge of his own work: In this age child enter into responsibility phase where he wants importance .
1)Make Routine: - Take a day Out like Sunday, “we all will clean our rooms and whose ever do it well, He / She will get food of their choice.”
2) Let them choose: - Don’t only instruct related to cleanliness. If you want to build a good relation, teach them the use of various articles related to cleaning .
3) Donate your old things (toys / clothes):
Encourage your child to donate their unused things to the needy ones, then only let them buy new ones. In this way, he learns how to take care of new ones.
C) Age 13 +
In this age, child enter the phase of adolescence and is highly difficult to let him understand that cleanliness is not what mummy needs. It is what the need of individual.
1)Give Inspiration: -
Inspiration shouldn’t be comparison (that is what child hates most). Try to follow things first yourself.
2) Keep Patience: -
Don’t put much expectation give them time to understand it.
These are just simple tips to help you but don’t put yourself in stress that your child does not follow you. In case of any help counsult our Child Counselor online or book an appointment at My Fit Brain


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