Do I Need Counseling? A Query That Concerns Too Many Minds

Neha Mehta

23 Jan 2021
Do i need counseling

Summary: Psychological problems relating to personal and professional life are rather common. When you feel the need for counseling or somebody suggests it, take careful note. It might be an excellent idea to seek an appointment.

Relationships and communication, along with management and money, make up the foundation of human existence. We should be adding time and labor, but they are perhaps understood. After education and training, marriage, and family life, along with service, takes up almost all the living years. Disruptions to the normal rhythm of life will come and go because of the 21st-century complexities. Emotional upheavals and mental conditions are rather widespread. Though hard to believe, 20% of Americans face mental health conditions. Only 40% of them seek help. About 45% of Australia experiences some mental state. The answer to the question: Do I need counseling is often YES, far more than commonly thought.

Coping with stressful changes

Parenting problems or family struggles, breakups and bereavement, disturbed marriages, and legal issues are situations that require careful handling. Depression and anxiety could very well follow if you are unable to cope. It might not be changed at all but the challenges of the job amidst hectic competition. The early years of climbing the professional ladder are full of heartbreaks. Why am I not getting promotions faster or better sales figures? When it comes to the spouse, jealousies prevail. Who is prettier or more handsome? The best car and biggest home, cute figures, and manly bodies! The virtual scene online has only created worse situations with the world at the doorstep.

Changing companies or transfers professionally and even homes and spouses could cause emotional and mental upheavals. You need to be able to cope and wait, sometimes for ages for the good things of life to reach you. Consider shopping where you pay more in a hurry. Take it easy, slow down with relaxation techniques, and give up the rat race. Enough is enough. You don’t need the moon in order to survive well. Remember those who have little or nothing at all.

Counseling sessions along with medications

In an increasingly DIY world, it is common to check symptoms online and buy the medicines indicated. What is being missed out is the frank talk with a physician. The process is similar to purchasing factory-made shoes rather than handmade ones. The personal element is missing, and the satisfaction is less. More and more, life is getting systematic and robotic with machine encounters all day long. We need the solace and the empathy behind the warm human counseling. Medications would work better with a friendly hand and a touch of intimacy.

Act before stresses or relationships get worse

Do I need counseling? Try to find the answer through some further online research, perhaps or intense introspection. Decide upon action soon. Do not procrastinate. Like dental or heart problems that will only worsen with time if untreated, the mind requires attention. Think carefully and try to understand your situation better. If you cannot decide, talk it over with somebody close or a counselor to express apprehensions. It always will be time and money well spent. Conversely, what could be the negative consequences of not seeking help? Mental health could get worse and require hospitalization. Academic and professional work could suffer. Weakening and disrupted relationships could result in misinterpretation and suicide.   

Benefits of therapy

Avoid desperation. Many hope against hope that things will work out sooner or later. Keeping secrets is not a good idea because you will have something to hide. Let the ideal life resemble an open book. Rather than breakneck speed action alone, let life reflect too in an intellectual moment. Slowing down is better in many senses with a relaxing vacation in remote resorts annually, perhaps with the family.

  • What are the life goals and priorities?
  • Just like sharing joys, speaking out anxieties and fears would help alleviate the distress.
  • Understanding the self is the highest aim and the need of the hour amidst problems.
  • Counseling situations enable communication of essential emotional, and touchy matters.
  • Meaningful relationships stand a better chance amidst counseling sessions.
  • Lighting up the dark highways of life is often achieved through therapy.
  • Thoughts and feelings benefit from different viewpoints.

Can you identify with any of the below-mentioned conditions?

A sea of hopelessness

The absence of motivation and guiding light for the future can be traumatic. Perhaps it is a failed interview or traffic penalty that prompted such hopeless feelings. Small things sometimes result in big upsets and avoid amplifying matters. A tiff with the spouse is rather standard and happens in every home. If such thoughts are very severe, consider counseling before it gets worse.

Feeling overcome by seemingly mega issues

If too many problems are bothering you with no time to rest, you better seek help. Overstressed minds and bodies need urgent attention.

Exhaustion and low energy

Excessive depression could lead to physical depletion. Unravel the causes and solutions with a trained counselor.

Retiring into a private space

Getting distressed in social or professional company and wishing to be alone signals personal problems. It is good to have a moment to yourself, but don’t let that become habitual. Expressing the pent up emotions or anxiety to a therapist would help find solutions.

Positive Advantages of Counseling

Get more confident and know yourself better

Getting confused and lost, withdrawn, and pessimistic happens to everybody. Take it in your stride or consult somebody who will guide along the path like a traffic cop. Become more independent and learn personal life complexities better. Therapists are patient listeners.

Counselors help find the path to success

Like a private tutor, counselors bring you confidence and clear up those little mix-ups that lie in the path. Clarify what you wish to achieve and get help to set the goals along rational lines.

Boost relationships and appreciate them better

Trust and security are essential in a steady relationship. An adept counselor helps you achieve and strengthen them and throws light upon the best way forward. Whatever the relationship, maybe, learn a few confidential details about maintaining good relations.

Enjoy better mental and physical health

Research indicates a close connection between mind and body. Emotional health, being in good condition, would ensure a balance of mind and body. A positive approach handles a crisis better.

Losing interest, fear of people and places, anger, and rage are all adverse circumstances. In such situations, you know the answer to the question: Do I need counseling?

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