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Do not let your Stress Cross Limit | Depression Treatment

It is very much important to accept that you are suffering from stress. If you are stressed and it is paining you seek help at My Fit Brain. You can consult our Psychologist online or by booking an appointment. Secondly, try to find the reasons why you are going through such problems. Depression is a state of mental inability to enjoy the present; affecting badly the daily life

What is Depression?


In the present era social economic and mental situations led us in stress. Expectation toward people, our needs, motives, role confusion and love problems affect us in numerous ways. There is hardly any person who doesn’t go through a stressful situation in life. You may find people giving you advice like “Don’t think much”, “Keep away from stress”, “and Leave things to god” but it is really difficult to analyse the situation from the sufferer’s eyes. But the exact problem starts when the stress doesn’t affect only one part of our life instead of making you weak as your personality affecting lifestyle and daily activities.

How Do You Know You are Stressed?

  • Feeling sad always.
  • Keeping yourself away from people or living alone.
  • Not able to sleep or sleeping more.
  • Not like food or having more food.
  • Constant weight loss.
  • Feeling yourself alone, helpless and unsuccessful.
  • Not able to set goals.
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling difficulty in concentration.
  • Feeling useless; unsuccessful and feeling your life waste.
  •  Negative thoughts.
  • Loss of interest in life.
  • Mood Swings
  • Being violent without any reasons.

Who gets affected?

Depression can affect anyone irrespective of age, sex, caste and creed. Kids, youngster, old age, low socioeconomic status and rich man. Anybody can be affected. You cannot find any person in this world; who doesn’t have problems in his/her life. Most of our problems are basically due to the lazy lifestyle we are adopting the dependence on social media, electronic gadgets, junk food and decrease sociality.
Children are stressed because of studies as their parents want them to perform better. Parents are stressed because in this world of competition they want to have a better future for their kids. Youngster is stressed due to unemployment, career issues, old people are stressed due to loneliness and fear of death. Ladies are stressed due to household responsibilities and workload. Males are stressed due to money burden and social status.
According o the recent researches India is among the top 10 continue suffering from stressed individuals. Here, every 6th person is depressed.
Issues in Accepting
The major problem is that people are unwilling to accept that they are stressed. May be due to the social status and the taboos attached that being stressed mean you are insane. This is the only reason the problem increases and converts into anxiety and suicidal wishes. If it a normal stress situation. You yourself can fight with it by following these tips.

  • Spend some me-time. It is always advice able to take some time for yourself by doing the activities you like, such as dance, music and talking to your friends in your busy schedules.
  • Set goals in life. Be disciplined and set small goals as that you don’t feel bad. If you will not able you achieve the big one.
  • Accept your mistakes and try to work on yourself to improve yourself.
  • Spend more times with family members be either its kid or elderly. They all need your love and support.
  • Always practice happiness. Make a schedule to spend at least 5 min in a day laughing.
  • Understanding every person go through problems in life only courage is important to deal with them.

 It is important to stress yourself to perform better in life. But being depressed for the same cause mental disability. So, it’s better to visit doctor and psychologist for the quick and right help at My Fit Brain.


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