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Does your child not feel like studying?

Are you worried about your children, not studying? So, to resolve this problem. Let us first know what are the reasons behind children not feeling like studying.

Rutuja Joshi Child Behaviour 27 Mar 2022
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Are you worried about your children, not studying? And want to know how to make them focus on their studies. Then there's no need to worry about anything. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss what are the reasons behind your child not feeling like studying and a few tips to effectively teach my kid at home. Most parents always keep on complaining that their children do not study and do not show their interest in studies. Does your child not feel like studying? So, to resolve this problem. Let us first know what are the reasons behind children not feeling like studying and how to deal with a child not interested in studies.

Reasons Behind Children's Not Feeling Like Studying

To make your child feel like studying firstly you need to understand why your child is not interested in studies and research the reasons behind them not feeling like studying you should not force your children to study rather understand them or if you think you need professional expertise then take help of child counseling but never pressurize or bog your kids down. so, let us know a few of these reasons

1. Lack of Awareness Of The Significance of Education

The main reason behind children's not feeling like studying is due to the lack of awareness of the significance of education. It is parents' and teachers' responsibility to make children understand the significance of education in one's life. Children who are not aware of the significance of education often hold a very casual approach to studies. To help them you need to understand first why my child is not interested in studies.

2. Unavailability of Proper Environment

Environment plays a very major role when it comes to studying. And these may be the reason behind your children being disinterested in studies. One of the biggest reasons your kid does not feel like studying is environmental states, maybe there's a lot of disturbance at your home which distracting your child's mind from studies So, being a responsible parent it is your responsibility to provide a proper environment to your children

3. The Process of Learning May be Inappropriate

There's maybe a possibility that your children are interested in studies but he/she is not interested in the process.  Sometimes, the learning process becomes very unexciting, boring for children and that may be the cause behind them, not studying. Every teacher has a different way of teaching things. If the process of teaching involves a lot of memorization then it may make children feel disinterested in learning. So, to make children interested in studies we should keep on experimenting with new and interesting ways to make them learn. Rather than asking how many hours should my child study, figure out how your kid can study through innovative ways. You can also take the help of professional parenting counseling to understand your kid better and help them at home effectively.

4. Imbalance in Health

You should not force your children to study and understand that another main reason behind children, not feeling like studying may be due to the imbalance in mental and physical health. Mental and physical health plays a very important role when it comes to the performance of students in their academics. We need to understand that mental health without physical health is incomplete. For example - Your Child is fit mentally but when it comes to physical health he/she often stays ill and due to this he/she is not able to go to school and hence, it negatively affects academic performance. In order to know how to deal with a child not interested in studies, you need to understand that physical health is very important for the positive development of your child.


5. Lack of Involvement of Parents

Many parents keep on saying their children score well and constantly just ask why does my child not study but do not get involved in their studies. Which is a completely wrong way. Being a parent it is your responsibility to help your children out in their studies. Children face a lot of difficulties when they study all alone. And there's maybe a possibility due to the lack of support they may feel be motivated and end up losing interest in studies.  So, being a parent it is your responsibility to keep on asking your children about their studies and help them out whenever they are facing any difficulty.

Tips to Make Your Child Feel Like Studying

1. Try to Make Studies Enjoyable

To make your children feel like studying you should focus on making studies enjoyable. As children do things that they enjoy. You should ask them to study with the help of different day-to-day examples of cartoons, etc. When you try to teach them things with the help of examples related to them they will listen to them with the utmost attention and also remember it for a quite long time. You can also teach them to draw mind maps or charts. Start adding creative things to make them feel interested in their studies. This way they will start enjoying studies rather than taking it as a burden and make sure that you should not force your children to study. So, try to make studies enjoyable in the best way possible.


2. Start Sitting With Them While Studying

A responsible parent is the one who always sits with their children while they are studying and not just keeps asking why my child is interested in studies. Just like we accompany them in eating, celebrating, etc. we should also accompany them in their learning time. It is one of the most vital tips to effectively teach my kid at home as there's a possibility that your child is facing difficulties in studying alone and this may also be the reason behind the disinterest of your children in studies. So, you should always take time out of your busy schedule and sit with your children. Help them if they face any problems, motivate them that they can do it. This will help them to study properly and with a good mindset. If your child still feels anxious during exams then talk to them and let them know that grades or marks don't matter, only their hard work and honesty matter.

3. Check Your Children's Interests

To make your child interested in studies. You should focus on knowing their interests. The idea of learning varies from person to person. There's a possibility that your child has a problem with the process of learning and not learning. He/ she is finding it boring or uneasy. So, you should try to figure out an area of interest. For example - if your child loves animals or is good at listening to stories. Then you should start relating things to their area of interest. This will help your child to stay focused and concentrated on their studies. And they will no longer find it boring and uneasy.


4. Try to Encourage Them And Increase Their Curiosity

Children are always curious about things they like. So, you should focus on increasing their curiosity about studies. Being a good parent, it is your responsibility to harness their curiosity, motivate them, encourage them and provide them with the right direction. You should teach your children to find answers on their own. This will help them to know the topics independently.  You can even encourage them by asking different questions to them and making them try new things besides studying like art therapy and different exercises to keep them healthy and creative holistically. This will increase their curiosity about studies. And hence, they will get interested in their studies.

5. Try to Avoid Distractions

We all are nowadays being so addicted to our mobile phones, tv, etc. The first and the last thing we do while waking up is to check the phone. And children are also being so much addition to gadgets like mobile phones, video games, etc. And due to these distractions, children are disinterested in studying. You should always make sure that their screen time shot is limited. You can set timings for using such gadgets and they should not be allowed to use them other than the specified timings. This will help them to stay away from distractions and will be able to focus on their studies. 


So, here in this article, we have got to know about what are the reasons behind your children not being interested in studies and a few tips that will help you to get this problem resolved and answer your question that why does my child not study. I hope this information helps you. If you still face any difficulty feel free to consult a psychologist. You can even consult a psychologist online. There are so many online counseling platforms and one of these platforms is My fit brain. There are so many good psychologists practicing on this platform.

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