Does Your Kid Reply Back Bluntly? | Child Psychologist

Nisha Ravishankar
Child Behaviour

28 Nov 2020
Does Your Kid Reply Back Bluntly? | Child Psychologist

Mrs. Neha, a banker by profession visited us for the problem of her daughter Kritika, who always shouts back on her mother for asking about completing homework. It was fine when Kritika was only doing it at home, but one day she shouted the same way on her mother related to keeping her books back in her bag in front of relatives. Mrs.Neha firstly went aggressive and felt like beating her. But she doesn’t want to create a scene in front of relatives. So, she kept silent and decided to seek help. You can also consult our Child Psychologist at

Tips to Behave Properly of Your Kids | Why Your Kids Reply Back Blunty?

This is not the scene only with Neha almost every mother is going through the same issues because kids these days are not taking a movement before misbehaving. So if you want your kids to behave properly follow the tips:

  • It’s OK to discipline them. If we keep on ignoring the bad behavior it will increase. Don’t give so much love on bad behavior that they take it as appreciation. Don’t fear them by saying that “I’ll call your father, if you do it again”, better you yourself punish them. Punishment should be according to the behavior done. Be like a potter. You can hurt your kids for making them better individuals for the future.
  • Be their friend. It is very much important to know why your kids doing this behavior. Is he/she is going through a problem? You are the best well-wisher for your kid don’t directly punish or beat them. Try to find a solution with love first. Ask for an explanation and try to tell them the right way of behaving.
  • Keep distance from the internet; almost in every house, the problem is related to the overuse of phones and playing games because parents want their kids to study, eat and sleep on time but kids don’t. Many of the kids spent, most of the time after coming from school on the internet. It is always advice able to keep a proper routine of using mobile phones. At bedtime keep your electronic gadgets away.
  • You yourself need to be disciplined kids always follow what their parents do. So, if you want your kids to be disciplined you yourself need to practice it first. For that think twice before replying to someone in the family. If your kids reply bluntly to you. You keep yourself calm.
  • Give time out to your kids. Time outs are great for young children and it will help them to self-analysis their behavior for example: If he has the frequent habit of hitting a dog you can say “It’s not OK to hit. If you hit again then you will get a time out.” Time out can be not giving time to watch T.V. and deleting the playtime.
  • Make strict rules for your kids. Tell them not to say ad words to anyone in the house otherwise the punishment will be more serious.
  • Teach your kids to respect. Replying to elders in a rude way, it is disrespecting them. So, teach them to respect them by replying politely even if they don’t like to do work.
  • Be consistent in rules made for your kids. If the mother made a rule about studies father shouldn’t become lenient related to study. Everyone should behave for the fulfillment of rule and betterment of kids.
  • Tell them instead. If your child replied to you in the wrong way it’s better to tell them. How to say the same thing in a polite way.

In case you feel his behavior is becoming aggressive to visit one child psychologist nearby and get the behavior corrected. You can consult our Child Psychologist or Child Counselor online or by booking an appointment at

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