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Effective Communication Tips for Speakers & Listeners

Effective Communication is just a heading in curriculum vitae. So till we start looking for employment, the word “communication” really does not mean much to us.  In the meanwhile, we have grown up fighting with siblings, friends, and family without even an iota of understanding

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Effective Communiation
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You must have noticed that whenever more than one person is talking on the same topic at the same time, then there is no special effect of communication there, at that time no one can understand the matter well. That is why it is said that whenever there is talk going on about some serious matter, then at one time a person should be a speaker and the rest all listeners.

Now I am Going to Tell You About the Importance of Effective Communication.

Importance of Effective Communication

Importance of Effective Communication

  • Effective Communication has many faces; in fact, everything we say and do is an attempt to communicate something to someone. In the story of Mahabharata, Abhimanyu listens and understands the Chakravyuha while he was still in his mother’s womb. Expect mothers to sing, talk, or play music for the babies in the womb. Scientists are baffled by the fact that newborns babble and gurgle is different from that of another depending on the language of the parents they are born to. 
  • Scientists believe that it is because the child picks up the first few aspects of language while they are in the womb. This communication that begins even before the individual is born, connects him/her to the external world in many ways. For many of us, Effective Communication is just a heading in curriculum vitae. So till we start looking for employment, the word communication does not mean much to us. 
  • So what exactly is communication? For many people, it means conveying a message either by speaking or writing. However, communication is not complete till the message conveyed is received by the receiver (for whom it is intended) in a way it was intended. So the involvement of the listener is equally important in the process of Effective communication. 
  • The other important aspect of communication is that it can be both verbal and non-verbal. Let’s take a look at what we need to bear in mind for effective/good communication, from the point of view of the speaker, as well as from that of the listener.

Tips for Effective Communication for Speakers

Tips for Effective Communication for Speakers

In this context, I am referring to a speaker, a writer, or anyone who is conveying a message. Speaking or writing is one of the toughest things to do. 

  • The ideas, images, thoughts, emotions, or information needs to take the form of language, a sentence, and a few words. This is a very subtle process and usually, we do not pay much attention to this. For most of us articulating our thoughts is a huge challenge because words do not always match our thoughts. This sometimes leads to misunderstandings. So how do we overcome this? What can we do to improve our speaking skills?
  • Stop and listen!!! Yes, you heard it right. Speaking is a skill that can be improved by hearing what others have to say, This requires a lot of patience and focus, however, it’s a skill that can be developed. Think before you say something, but first listen to the other side before thinking. If you are not sure that you understood what was said, ask them to repeat politely. Eg: Sorry, I didn't quite follow what you said, or Correct me if I am wrong.. but is this what you said (Use paraphrasing). 
  • Make sure you understand the intent of what is being said. Having a wide vocabulary always comes in handy. Try and improve vocabulary by reading and using new words in your communication. Use body language correctly. Unspoken words/ expressions are as important as the spoken word in a conversation. Make sure you are sending out the right message through your gestures. Imagine someone saying I am happy with a straight face and a look of scorn on their face. What would you make of it? 
  • Body language speaks volumes of what is going in the speaker’s mind that is not said in words. Intonation/pitch carry concealed messages, which we often do not intend to give or realize we are giving. It is not what you say, but how you say is a familiar statement. Recent research by the University of Southern California has confirmed that different voice tones have an impact on our relationships
  • The tone we use can affect our relationship positively or negatively. As an experiment, try and focus on the tone of your voice when you are speaking, and also the tone of someone close to you when they are speaking; see how the tone acts on your emotions. Try and use positive language as much as possible. Language is a very powerful tool and if used correctly can inspire, motivate, give solace, give strength and comfort, and can work magic on a relationship. 
  • The use of positive language can improve communication and reduce conflict. Next time when someone asks you how you are, try saying I am well/I am good/I am fantastic, versus not too bad Try and avoid negative words as much as possible. You can soften the blow of bad news by using positive language. Eg: This statement is wrong can be rephrased as please recheck the statement. Say, I don’t think it is a good idea, instead, it is a bad idea.
  • People react better to positive-sounding words. The use of modifiers can reduce the impact and thereby the reaction of the listener. Instead of saying there is a problem you may add a modifier slight/ small to reduce the impact. Instead of giving a suggestion, use negative questioning to get alternatives from the listener. Eg: we should do this is a suggestion; instead, try Couldn’t we do this?

Tips for Effective Communication for Listener/Audience

  • The listener or the audience is the other end of the spectrum of Effective communication. Listening is the ability to receive and interpret information/messages. While hearing is a physical ability, listening is a skill. We often mistake listening to be a passive activity, however, on the contrary listening requires the active participation of the listener. So how would the speaker know that you are listening? Here are some suggestions.
  • Face the speaker and maintain eye contact so the speaker can see you. This is not relevant where the speaker is not in front of you or when the conversation is over the phone. However, if you are in a face-to-face conversation, ensure that your body language can give cues to the speaker. Keep your facial expressions relevant to the conversation. Show that you are paying attention by nodding your head appropriately. Keep distractions away. Avoid important conversations while watching TV, at the dining table, or while reading your messages on the phone, etc.
  • Wait till the speaker finishes their sentence to ask any questions or express your opinion. Many a time, in close relationships we assume what the other person is going to say; we form opinions from previous experiences. This stops us from listening as we are already preparing for a reply without paying attention to what the speaker is saying. Have patience; do not allow past experiences to crowd your judgment. Let every conversation be a fresh one. This will enhance your relationships.
  • Listen to the intent, watch for subtleties of body language; perhaps what the speaker was not able to express in words were told by way of expressions. We often hear people say it doesn't mean that. Try not to hold on to words, intentions matter more than words.
  • Be present; avoid distractions. Paraphrase to make sure you understood what the speaker intended to convey. Depending on the situation and conversation, you may need to be a critical, evaluative, appreciative, sympathetic, or empathetic listener. Clear and continuous communication is a foundation pillar for healthy relationships. The good news is that effective communication is a skill that can be learned and practiced.

Some ways to be a Better Speaker and Listener:

Some ways to be a Better Speaker and Listener

Communication matters a lot in your life, many people believe that Effective communication is better than mere human speaking, it is not so, we need to listen as much as it is necessary. Some people are very smooth in speaking, but when it comes time to listen, they keep on speaking in the middle, it is not the identity of a good listener. Now I am going to tell you some ways to be a Better Speaker and Listener.

When It’s Your Turn to Speak:

  • Say What You mean: If you are a speaker, that is, if it is your turn to speak now, then firstly you will have to be clear with your own words, tell it clearly what you exactly want to say.
  • Get to the Point: Somebody has a habit of turning around, instead of doing so you came directly to the topic.
  • Be Real and Concise: First of all, you have to be as real in yourself as you are, there is no need to pretend to be cruel. What I mean to say is that if you are putting your point in front of someone, then it is not that something is on the tongue and something else on the mouth, you have to be real and at the same time you have to fully express yourself, If you say half an incomplete thing then the person in front will not understand. First of all, you have to be as real in yourself as you are, there is no need to pretend to be cruel. What I mean to say is that if you are putting your point in front of someone, then it is not that something is on the tongue and something else on the mouth, you have to be real and at the same time you have to fully express yourself, If you say half an incomplete thing then the person in front will not understand.
  • Get Your Thinking Straight: If your thinking is very backward and different, then it needs to be changed because in today's time your thinking should be straightforward and going forward.

When It’s Your turn to Listen:

  • Use your Eyes: If you are listening to someone, then the eyes should always be done by him, that is, you should always have your eyes in the eyes of the speaker so that the speaker will never feel that you are not listening to him.
  • Do it With Care: If you are a listener and are listening to someone's talk, then show him too that you are listening to his talk very carefully and with interest. If you do not listen to their talk with interest, then later you will not remember anything about what you learned on your own.

Conclusion: Lastly, I am Going to tell you that If You want to improve your Effective Communication tips of Speaker and Listener then You have to Concentrate on this. I hope You will like my Article and If You want to know more about Psychology then You can Visit My Fit Brain.

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