Emotion Management in Men and Women

Anujaa Navaratnaa

28 Nov 2020
Emotion Management in Men and Women

So, we have a men’s day too! Thanks to the internet and social media, this isn’t a secret anymore. Most of the literate classes are now aware of it.

Why do men need a special day, they are anyway happy and also do not believe in celebrations? We, women, are the ones who have the emotional needs of    being pampered and loved and accepted and wanted… and… what not that one can think of! Then why men’s day?

  Oh! So, now they want a special day too! As it is they dominate almost all of 365 days!!

Most women have echoed these sentiments. Even if in a jest, it still says something about the way we look at men. Our culture and traditional customs and habits have always kept men on a pedestal. They are the rein-holders in most families. With responsibility comes authority – hence, the authority shifted on to them.

If we look at the traditional roles, men are expected to be the providers by hunting; while women are expected to be providers through nurturing. Hunting and nurturing are two different responsibilities, requiring using different types of energies. The effect of these shows in our physical, mental, and emotional make-up.

Women tend to neglect themselves as they are busy nurturing others. Men tend to get tired as they are busy providing others. While both the genders are givers, why is it that there seems to be a huge difference in the way they and handle various life situations?

If men and women take a little more effort into getting the right insights into our respective roles and why we are the way we are, it takes very little to know each other better and appreciate each other. So, how about we women trying to understand our men by:

1) Looking for win-win solutions

2) Collaboration instead of competition

3) Empathizing with those of the other genders

Do try this out and see your troubled relationships changing like how! If you feel you are also getting troubled in managing your emotions in day to day life feel free to connect our online Emotion Management Therapies by our expert team of psychologists.

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