Everything you need to know about Community Psychologist - 2023

A blog post on everything you need to know about community psychologist. This is a very simple and easy article that is aimed at beginners who want to learn more about the field of community psychology.

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Community Psychologists

Community psychology not only focuses on an individual but also describes how community issues can affect the health and well-being of individuals. It is a branch of psychology that studies how individuals relate to their communities and the mutual effects of communities on individuals.

Secondly, It integrates social, cultural, economic, and international impacts to promote positive changes and health at individual and systemic levels. Plus, focuses on solving such social problems that result in interpersonal conflicts, diminishing health, and an increase in mental health issues among the members of a community.

According to a report, community psychologists will see a 12% increase in demand by 2022. 

Community psychologists create positive social change in the following two ways:

  1. First-order change involves promoting change among individuals to prevent or fix a community problem. 
  2. Second-order change involves changing the social systems that ensure that individuals fit better into their environments. 

If you are a  psychology student looking for a job option beyond a traditional career path in psychology, you can choose the path to become a clinical psychologist.

What do community psychologists do?

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Community psychologists are involved in a variety of job duties. The day-to-day tasks that a community psychologist performs are determined by the needs of the community, and the specific area of interest of each psychologist.

The following are some things that community psychologists do:

  1. They assess individual needs and research problems within a community.
  2. They find ways to help disadvantaged or disgruntled individuals and helps them to feel more connected with their local communities.
  3. They understand social issues among minority groups.
  4. They develop, implement, and evaluate action-oriented community-based programs.
  5. They make connections between individuals and community groups.
  6. They evaluate organizations, governments, and communities to promote participation and diversity.

How to become a community psychologist?

You will usually need at least a bachelor's degree in psychology to become a community psychologist. This program typically lasts approximately four years. More advanced degrees are generally recommended after completing a bachelor's degree. You should pursue a master's degree that is approximately a two-year program.

After this, you can also consider doing a Ph.D. or PsyD which is a 2-4 year program.

(Recommendation: #1 Career Guide on Psychologists in India)

What types of skills are needed to become a community psychologist?

What types of skills are needed to become a community psychologist

Community psychologists must have the following specialized skills:

  1. To conduct community-centric psychosocial research.
  2. Assessing the psychosocial needs of individuals, organizations, groups, and residential communities.
  3. To conduct community counsel to inform public policy development
  4. To evaluate the processes of community programs that address psychosocial programs.
  5. To meditate to manage and resolve conflict.
  6. To conduct health promotion and education programs.
  7. To manage behavioral social change in individuals, groups, and communities.

What is the salary of a community psychologist?

The average national salary of jobs for a community psychologist is $ 61,000.00. The average community psychologist salary for job postings across the country is 2% higher than the average salary for all job postings. But the salary of community psychologists can differ on the basis of educational level, specialty area, and years of experience.

Community psychologists play a very important role in protecting the health and well-being of individuals and communities. They help to ensure that people are accessing the resources in order to reach their full potential. If many individuals of a community suffer from any mental illness or social problems then the overall health of the community will also suffer as a result of this.

Community psychologists are thus more needed because they focus primarily on how individuals relate to their communities and the mutual effects of communities on individuals.

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