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Factors Of Grief Counselling

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Neha Mehta General 16 Jul 2021

My Fit Brain, an online counselling website, works to assist people to cope up with grief following the death of loved ones or an incident of losing something like a precious relationship or a job. Such incidents trigger feelings of extreme disappointment in the brain and heart of people who go through the same.

Grief Counsellors at My Fit Brain understand that there is a wide range of feelings associated with grief and people express grief differently. While some can’t stop weeping after such incidents, others may just laugh strangely. Moreover, it is quite common, for the people suffering from grief, to withdraw from their social life like family, friends, and daily routine. This is where we come to give our non-judgemental and unconditional support to make such people come out of the grief and to restart their normal life once again. So, after understanding What is Grief Counselling, take a look at Why Grief Counselling.

Why Grief Counselling? || Factors of Grief Counselling

The psychology experts of My Fit Brain find some of the factors through which we know when and why grief counselling is needed. The mishappenings in life cause grief. So, put a glance on the major factors of grief.

  • The grief may be attributed to several factors like:
  • Death of a person close to your heart
  • A miscarriage
  • Job Loss
  • Retirement
  • Financial instability
  • A break-up
  • Death of a Pet
  • Loss of Health
  • Inability to fulfill a long-cherished dream
  • Serious illness of a loved one
  • The grief caused by incidents like above and the alike need gradual healing. Grief healing is a process and can’t be forced upon someone to make them change in one day. Such a person needs immense support that reassures them that there exists a life beyond such an incident.

Grief Process in Stages

My Fit Brain experts see the grief process in the following stages:

Denial i.e. person refuses to believe that such an incident can happen in his life.

Anger i.e. He /she gets extremely angry after realizing that such an incident has actually happened

Depression i.e. Gradually such a person starts suffering from depression caused by the death of a loved one or other similarly disheartening incidents
After these stages, only a grief counsellor can come to the rescue of persons suffering from grief. rong>Psychologists at My Fit Brain provide expert counselling for grief and make the patients accept the real-life situations gradually. They reinstate their will to live life happily and to move on with their life as it was before the incident.

The grief therapy is customized as per the feelings of the person suffering from grief. The symptoms observed in such person’s behavior generally include the following:

  • Extreme sadness
  • Constant mourning
  • Anger
  • Bitterness
  • Feeling of emptiness
  • Taking Life as meaningless
  • Avoidance or cut-off from social life
  • Lack of interest in pursuing dreams or plans
  • Benefits of Grief Counselling || My Fit Brain

This all makes grief a complicated issue where only experts like >My Fit Brain can help in making one return to his normal life. The benefits of grief counselling and after that a person to do the following tasks after grief counselling. 

  • Acceptance of the reality of the loss of something or someone precious
  • Adjusting to living life without the deceased
  • Working through pain and leading a normal life
  • Developing restoration oriented activities
  • Connecting with friends and family
  • Adapting to life after the incident of loss
  • So if you or your dear ones are suffering from extreme grief, then, book an appointment with My Fit Brain experts today and give life a second chance to live life in a better way.

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