Fear Faced By Each And Every One In Their Life While Growing

Sejal Davey

28 Nov 2020
Fear At Different Life Stages

Most Commom Fears Faced Mostly Across The Age By Almost Everyone

What is fear? Anything which makes you scared of is fear. Fear can be of anything. The intensity and severity of fear differs from person to person and situation. For the child his fear might be very severe and the same fear for an grown up will be something silly. What a grown up must be having a fear of might just be unreasonable for an adult. So it differs from age to age and person to person. Two kids of same age might not have same kind and level of fear. For one it might be life threatening and for other kid it would just mean nothing.

When a child is born; the child has no fear at that time. But the new mother would be having fear for child. The fear of handling her new born child. Fear of not hurting her child even by mistake. If the child is born with some complications then the fear of losing her child increases. Once the child is few months old; the fear of mother's reduces seeing everything is fine with her baby and she adopts to new life.  Now the child experiences its fear for first time in his or her life. A child might have fear of height when he is being lifted up and down by adult. A child might have fear when he or she doesn't see mother around for sometimes. A child when he or she take its first step has fear of falling down. A child when is on swings has fear of speed and height if he or she is swung higher. Child fear separation anxiety when he or she goes to school for first time on their first day. Fear of being away from parents.

Once the child starts his or her school life the face of fear changes. They get adjusted to new environment of school in few weeks by slowly overcoming their fear of separation from their parents and completely new set fears sets in. Fear of new faces around them. Fear of being scolded if they have seen their teachers scolding other students in classroom.  Fear of being hurt by other classmates if they any aggressive child in classroom. Fear of their toys being taken away.  Fear of doing any new activity which they have never done before.  Fear of performing on stage during Annual day celebration of school. This are the common fears faced by children when they are in their nursery.  Once they move to primary school along almost same set of fears they add other fears. Main fear of studies. Fear of scoring low mark.  Fear of being laughed at by friends.  Fear of parents mocking at them. Fear of not been heard. Fear of being threatened by teachers and parents. Fear of not getting things because of low marks. Fear of complaints from school. Fear of being punished often. This kind of fears are common in primary school going children.  

Once the child is in middle school they by now would have overcome their old fears. Very few might have few old fears which they would be carrying further.  Since they would have reached to their adolescent age they will encounter new set of fears which they won't have felt earlier. Fear of how they are looking.  Fear of getting pimples on faces in girls. Fear of putting on weight. Fear of having lean body in boys. Fear of being teased. Fear of losing your friend.  Fear of breakup if you are in relationship. Fear of parents finding about your relationship.  Fear of getting caught while copying.  Fear of being thrown out of school if caught. Fear of how to score high in exams. Fear failing in board's exams.  Fear of not getting admission.  Fear of not getting desired group in 11th grade.  Fear of being separated from friends because of your group selection.

Being an adult when we read all this kinds of fear we feel like what are the kids and teens and adolescents are talking about. All this fears are very silly and are based on small tiny issues. We feel this because we have faced and have overcome those fear while passing through all ages. Likewise even children will pass through it as they will grow up.  If children are facing number of fears then adults are no where left behind. As an adult we have our on fears. Live practical fears of live. Fear of losing job. Fear of how to face boss. Fear of not completing assigned tasks and duties. Fear of not getting good life partner.  Fear of not able to get good salary.  Fear of being left behind compared to friends achievement.  Fear of having health issues.  Fear of starting and rearing family in good environment.  Fear of failing to be good partner. Fear of getting exposed if have done something wrong.  Fear of losing aged parents.  Fear of losing partner. Fear of lose in business.  Fear of getting older and dependent. Fear of survival. Fear of how the end will be of your life.

As you read each and every phase of life there are different kinds of fear. Most commonly faced fears by humans while growing. Some overcome and move on and some carry it throughout their life and are forced to live stressful life. Because often fears are the major cause of mental illness as this fears creates anxiety and depression in humans. Everyone should prepare themselves to face their face and walk forward in their life in any situation then their chances of getting any kind of mental illness are less which are very less likely in current scenario. People panic and become so restless when they get feared. Instead of panicking one should face it and find the solution to overcome their fear. No one in there in this world who doesn't have fear in them; they just know the art of hiding it from outside world.

So be strong and get ready to face your fear and keep moving forward in your life.

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