Online Financial Counselling | Stress Due To Financially Instability?

Ranveer Singh

28 Nov 2020
Online Financial Counselling

Are you feeling worried due to financial problems in your life? Let us serve you with the best online counseling for financial problems. My Fit Brain Team provides an independent financial counseling service by renowned CA Anand Jimnani.

In today’s materialistic world, it is, in fact, the money that buys happiness. Consequently, financial problems and money stress are the root cause of family stress. My Fit Brain endeavors to support you in your tough times by helping you cope up with your financial problems wisely.

Financial stress causes negative thoughts in the family members. It can be life-threatening at times because the persons having financial problems start feeling negative and keep criticizing themselves constantly for being a failure. Their inability to keep family happy leads to suicidal thoughts in their mind. Thus, it becomes extremely significant to meet a financial therapist in such a situation. My Fit Brain provides online counseling for financial problems to help people come out of such a phase of life strongly.

Why Online Counselling for Financial Problems | Causes of Financial Stress

If you have one of these from these causes of financial problems then you may need counseling for financial problems, either it is online or offline. The experts at My Fit Bain have recognized the following causes of financial problems in one’s life.

  • Unstable job
  • Improper Planning of income and expenditure
  • Excessive financial obligations like bank loans
  • Excessive borrowings from people
  • Bankruptcy
  • Insufficient savings
  • No Investments
  • Loss in Investments
  • Bad Portfolio of investments
  • Business Losses
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Unexpected loss of assets having high value
  • Increase in financial obligations like the birth of a child
  • The huge expenditure on the illness of a family member
  • Low Income and the alike.

Signs that Make Financial Counselling a Must for You

  • Difficulty in budgeting family Income and Expenditure
  • The stress of money for daughter’s marriage
  • Missing payment of utility bills
  • Missing payments of credit cards
  • Inability to spend money on even basic necessities
  • Inability to pay interest on loans
  • Legal actions by authorities for debt recovery
  • Constant Fear of losing property due to mortgage terms

Remedies Available at My Fit Brain Website

If any of the aforesaid situations seem familiar to you, then, leave the worry to My Fit Brain financial therapists. We will support you to deal with your financial problems effectively in the following manner:

  • Teaching sound financial habits
  • Advice about how to overcome debt
  • Advice on making better investments
  • Advice on tax savings
  • Advice on insurance benefits
  • Teaching effective money-making strategies
  • Educating better management of money
  • Helping in mental health improvement
  • Educating on how to gain a futuristic approach for budgeting income and expenditure
  • Telling about effective utilization of savings

Hence, financial therapists at MFB, not only improve your financial problems but also the mental stress due to such problems. If financial stress is not cured well in time, it may lead to severe depression due to financial stress, over anxiety, hypertension, and other health problems. So, buckle up and get online financial consultancy at My Fit Brain today and save your money and future too.

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